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  1. One other option if you care in look into, my TA will simply hold back their OBC and send a check a couple of weeks after the end of the cruise.
  2. Thank-you for your reply. Do you happen to recall at what point prior to the cruise you were notified? And did the hotel happen to be The Apurva Kempinski?
  3. Currently booked on the Voyager from Bali to Hong Kong on Feb. 12, 2020 and have a 3-night pre-cruise land package provided by Regent so currently set to arrive on Feb 9th. We have made our own air arrangements but are considering a change which would mean we would need to arrive on Feb. 8th. Regent has advised our TA what our most likely hotel will be, but they will not commit to when we will know for sure. But when my TA inquired today about adding on another hotel day through them, somehow they were able to tell the TA there was a waiting list and the cost would be a whopping $758. I can book online at the "most-likely" hotel for less than half that cost. So can anyone share there experiences regarding the timing of the confirmation of your pre or post-hotel arrangements? And does it make any sense to have a waiting list for an extra day when they won't or can't even tell me where we will be staying?
  4. Thank-you very much for posting this link about the Houston Express. I actually took that flight many times when it was the World Airways MD-11 as I had to attend meetings in Luanda with other oil company finance folks. You really never knew what to expect. One time I had to pay $5 to the immigration "officials" to leave Angola (all dutifully reported to my company). Another time I showed up at the airport only to discover the flight to Houston had been cancelled due to a possible hurricane in Houston which went to the east but caused massive gridlock as hundreds of thousands tried to evacuate westward. I made it home two days later after racking up a $1,000 phone bill at the hotel trying to rebook myself. But it made for a good story. I have seen some cruise itineraries which actually call on Luanda but I have no idea why. We always traveled with a driver and another local in case we got involved in a car accident so that one person could always stay in the car with us. Sorry for the trip down memory lane. :)
  5. For you folks who have sailed on these types of extended journeys, how do you keep from putting on too many extra pounds? With all the food and alcohol options and temptations, and being pre-diabetic, I just don't see how I could manage effectively.
  6. In the U.S., our carrier (AT&T) offers international plans which allow us to use our phones in any foreign country we would care to visit. Of course the plans and the options vary. This charges are billed through AT&T and there is no mention of the foreign carrier. But, this does not cover us while we are on the ship. I once made that mistake as the Cellular At Sea Charges were outrageous. Fortunately AT&T took pity on me as their instructions were not very clear at the time. So my point is perhaps you could do what you need to do while onshore but ultimately your bank will have to clarify for you.
  7. No doubt you have checked to see how much it would cost to just buy the tickets on your own and take the airfare credit from Regent. We are on the Bali to Hong Kong cruise a couple of months before yours. We were able to book a great connection from Houston to Bali on EVA at a cost which was less than $50 more than the Regent credit plus the $175 deviation fee and we booked it prior to 270 days out. The flight is fully refundable for $300. We booked our return using miles. Good luck!
  8. We had a category F suite booked for an 18 day cruise on the Voyager next year. When I inquired about the cost of an additional logon, if memory serves me, it was going to cost over $500 for the voyage. So we switched to a concierge suite so we could have the multiple logons. Since we already had a pre-cruise land package, they gave us credit for the one night pre-cruise hotel stay that comes with the concierge suite so in the end, there wasn't a significant additional costs when compared to the cost of the additional logon.
  9. Sorry for this granular question, but I am borderline diabetic. Can anyone tell me if RSSC (Voyager) stock diet tonic (to go with my Vodka) of their ships? We have not sailed with them in several years and it was not a concern back then.
  10. Currently considering moving to a Category E cabin on the Voyager. The only port side cabins available are 900, 902 or 904 which are underneath the bridge on deck 10. Has anyone sailed in any of these cabins (or the comparable cabins on the starboard side) and can you offer any advice or comments? Thanks much.
  11. No I did not ask since I was still a month away from the early booking date.
  12. I posted a few days ago about options heading to Bali for a February 2020 cruise. I had already managed to get our return with miles so was working on the outbound trip from Houston. I ended up booking the one way with EVA for about $50 more than the Regent allowance plus deviation fee. It is by far the best connection I could find and the cancellation fee is only $300, hence my decision to go ahead and book now. Just an FYI.
  13. Lots of great information on this thread...thanks to all. Will be on the Voyager from Bali to Hong Kong next February. I have already managed to use miles to book our return flight to Houston. I can purchase a ticket from Houston to Bali for just a few dollars more than the Regent air fare credit plus a deviation fee. So is there any reason to wait for the 270 day mark to see if Regent can put me on my preferred flight.....which is EVA by the way? Does anyone know if Regent even contracts with EVA? We are booked for the land package in Bali, so if we book our own flights, I presume we just advise Regent of our flights and they will arrange transportation? And lastly, there are some very reasonable round trip business class tickets on Qatar Airways through Doha (which means we would redeposit our miles). The outbound flight is about 25% further and the return is 40% further. Having a hard time with that extra travel....put it is significantly cheaper. Has anyone gone this direction and if so what advice might you have? Thanks much!
  14. My TA spoke with a Celebrity representative this morning and they confirmed they had a separate group which handled these types of requests. However, the representative said they generally granted them only in dire cases such as a death in the family, an unexpected divorce, etc. My situation would most likely not qualify. But we visited the surgeon this afternoon and, while my wife does need surgery, he will do in on Wednesday and we should be good to go on our trip. And for what it's worth, I had a credit card which had $10,000 in trip protection until a year or two ago and then they lowered it to $1,500. But about 6 weeks ago I got around to cancelling that card and picking up another one with the $10,000 in protection.
  15. My wife broke her wrist a couple days ago and we have a cruise coming up in early January. Have not seen an orthopedic surgeon yet (hopefully tomorrow) so don't know if surgery is needed. Unfortunately, no trip insurance (appreciate no lectures). So worst case she will be facing surgery and best case she will be in a cast. Our same itinerary is available in March. Under the assumption the doctor advises against traveling, I would appreciate any first-hand experiences of Celebrity taking pity and either 1) not invoking the penalty or 2) allowing a rebooking on the same itinerary to a different date. We generally book suites, are Elite in the Captain's Club and the March cruise cost slightly more than the January cruise if those factors make a difference. Thanks for your insight.
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