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  1. Same in NJ. I pre-registered with the state and with a local health network, but otherwise I had to randomly check at least 3 separate websites and hope for the best. Tried for 6 weeks with no luck. But lo and behold I finally checked at the right time on the county (not state) website and got an open slot. So of course the very next day I got an invitation to make an appointment from the health network I had registered with. CVS and Rite Aid never had any slots available.
  2. Thank you for this, I was curious about this, as there was a lot of talk on the board about the PVSA but not about territorial waters. I agree, based on this map, it looks like a big problem to avoid Canada’s waters, even with a PVSA waiver.
  3. Yep, this is what I did. Booked Alaska in 2022 for the same itinerary, and almost the same dates, on the Sapphire Princess and the Nieuw Amsterdam. Plenty of time to decide.
  4. Yeah, just cancelled the May ‘21 booking. Final payment wasn’t due until February but I didn’t see the point of waiting, I needed a psychic break, rather than keep worrying about it. Even if it sails, I’m sure there will still be a number of restrictions in place that we’re not crazy about. We already have the identical sailing booked on the Nieuw Amsterdam in May ‘22 as well as a similar itinerary booked on the Sapphire Princess in May ‘22. That gives me another year to ponder HAL vs. Princess (have sailed on neither)!
  5. Absolutely not. If it was a Princess excursion and they cancelled the cruise all the prepayments like shore excursions should be refunded.
  6. Now it’s back. That was odd. I saw that two of the northbound sailings were also “unavailable” but are now back
  7. I have an existing booking on the NA for May 15, 2022 (the first Glacier Discovery Southbound in 2022) -- it's still there in my account. But I was checking on fares today to see if the price had dropped. And ta-dah, the May 15, 2022 sailing is showing as "Not Available". The rest of the season is still on the books, but not the May 15. Curious.
  8. My understanding is that the “no disembarkment quickie stop” loophole was closed. The required stop is expected to be a typical cruise ship stop. Waivers for unexpected or dangerous situations are available, but those are on a case by case basis.
  9. https://www.alaskatrain.com/destinations/whittier.html
  10. Yes sorry. It’s all a blur. The planned cruise in 2021 is actually a replacement of a cancelled Alaska cruise from this past May on Princess. Maybe the third time will be the charm in 2022. We are not regular cruisers and Have never cruised Alaska, so this has been disappointing.
  11. I do not expect - at all- to go on my May Alaska cruise. That’s why I booked the same for 2021 while the price was relatively low. I’m 90% sure the 2020 will be cancelled.
  12. It’s nice to see that the the first 100% of the FCC is refundable. So instead of giving passengers the choice of refund or FCC, without the opportunity to change their mind later, they’re just giving everybody FCC, but making it refundable. At least that’s how I read it. Which is better than last time, when there was a deadline to pick, and once you picked that was that. Devil might be in the details.
  13. So it’s . . . Free wi-fi, basically? See what the actual fares are like. I already put a deposit on a May ‘22 Alaska cruise. I suppose I could rebook and get the free wi fi if the fare stays the same. But this certainly wouldn’t drive me toward a purchase if I weren’t already booked.
  14. Thanks for posting. It was a little unclear on the website whether “have it all” fares are available for 2022, but it appears they are.
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