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  1. Thanks for the input - very helpful. 🙂
  2. We've just returned from Glory on Sunday and loved the ship. The first thing we noticed was brand new carpet and furnishings in all of the public areas/lounges/theater. For an older ship, she is in great shape IMO. We had a balcony cabin, and the balcony could have used a deep cleaning, but I expect those areas are hard to stay on top of since they are outside and on the sea 24/7. The crew was fabulous as well. Food at buffet and in MDR seems to be a step up from our past CCL cruises. Glory is a good sized ship: not massive, but not small. Easy to find your way around once you get used to avoiding the dead ends as a result of how CCL places their dining rooms. We don't have children, so I can't speak to that aspect, but it sure looked like the kids on our cruise were having a blast. We've never tried NCL, but plan to do so in the not too distant future. Both embarkation and debarkation in NOLA was SO easy and smooth! Shows in the theater were also very good. Have fun whatever you decide!
  3. We just returned from Glory yesterday. Our luggage arrived at our cabin around 4:30, even though we had the priority tag on it. (On our previous CCL cruise, our luggage arrived shortly after we boarded, around noon.) Our neighbors in the cabin next to us were also priority, and their luggage arrived shortly after noon for this cruise. We were getting nervous about ours, but were relieved when it arrived - at least it arrived! :) Thanks for the FTTF/# of P&D cruisers info in your post. I had never considered that factor, but it certainly makes perfect sense.
  4. Wow. So disappointing to see this turn into such a negative topic. I doubt that's what the OP had in mind. As I've stated previously, I'm thankful for anything CCL wants to give me, such as these "gifts" in my cabin. Yes - I realize we are paying for them somehow, but it's the thought that counts in my book. We sail with other lines as well, and have never received any such "gifts" or trinkets in our cabin for being Platinum level members. My guess is that passengers who complain about such things to the point that CCL discontinues this practice will be the very first to complain when CCL does stop leaving such items in our cabins. I think I'll just unsubscribe from this one. No offense intended....negativity just isn't for me. I wish all of you blessings and happy sailing! And we ARE blessed to be able to cruise!
  5. Sorry - Should have been more specific. Vista.....we are on our way back home from Glory today, so my mind is a little tired! 🙂
  6. Considering booking a spa stateroom. Specifically what does it give you access to? Any details are appreciated - thanks in advance!
  7. We are thankful for the gifts. We are platinum on two other cruise lines (in addition to CCL), and I promise you we’ve never received gifts from them. Yes - CCL is cutting costs, but so are the other lines. Just another sign of the times. But we cruise on as it’s what we absolutely love to do! Life is too short not to do what you love! Be thankful that you can cruise.
  8. A very close friend of ours recently sailed with CCL, and he is on a very strict low sodium diet....currently on heart and kidney transplant list. He said CCL was VERY accommodating, and he had no trouble getting the food he needed. I think he contacted CCL ahead of time and also talked to the wait staff and maitre d' upon boarding. He was very pleased. Best of luck!
  9. Is it an easy walk from the pier or do most take a cab to Del Mar Latino Beach Club? Looks like a good place for the price for sure.
  10. According to their website, the only options now are All Inclusive ($63) and you can add the Fun Pass option to use the water toys. When we’ve visited PB in the past, they had the $3 entrance fee and the option to PAYG, as the OP mentioned. That option isn’t available on the web site, so would we just pay when we get there? The AI option can be reserved in advance. This really is a great property. Great staff and grounds are immaculate!
  11. It was the maximum strength. That’s all I buy. Bugs just love me! They won’t touch my husband. Guess he’s not sweet enough! LOL!
  12. The first time we went to Roatan we went to a resort and spent a little time laying in loungers on the beach. Before the end of the day I immediately noticed red bites all over my legs - but they weren’t itching. BTW, my legs were covered in bug spray as bugs seem to love me! By that evening the bites were barely noticeable. However, exactly one week later, I woke up in the middle of the night with the worst intense itching on my legs. It was those same bites! It’s like they had incubated under the skin and then came to life - it was awful! We are visiting Mahogany Bay in a few weeks. We would like to spend some time on the beach in the area reserved for cruisers, but I’m having second thoughts as I remember the bites from last time. I may just have to get the strongest repellent I can find and go for it. Yuck.
  13. We arrived right at 12:45 PM. Of course we were also expecting to bypass the lines with our priority embarkation status as we've done in the past, but since RCCL has done away with it, that didn't happen. Hindsight we would have arrived much earlier. We sail often out of Galveston, and when we've arrived earlier in the past with Carnival, it was super easy. We also have priority embarkation with them. I suggest getting to LOTS early or after 1:30 PM. That's about the time I noticed that the line was no longer extending out the door. The whole priority embarkation issue with RCCL is just a matter of principle for us. If you say you're going to do it, then honor it. As for boarding times being enforced, I haven't noticed RCCL having assigned boarding times like Carnival does. I do know that Carnival enforces theirs; at least that's what I've noticed in Galveston. I do appreciate the Galveston security staff going over the luggage VERY thoroughly at the x-ray machines. My husband noticed it, too. If there was any question at all about a bag, they were hand checking it.
  14. Just returned from LOTS on 8/25. 32nd cruise; 7th on RCCL; 3rd on LOTS. Embarkation was a nightmare for us as we waited in the security line for one hour, and it was very hot, even inside the terminal. When we arrived we were extremely disappointed to learn that Platinum and Emerald level passengers are no longer given priority embarkation until AFTER the security line, at which point it didn't really matter. Only Diamond/Diamond+/Pinnacle Club/Suite passengers receive priority embarkation upon arriving at the terminal. (I only saw 5 people go through that priority line while we were waiting.) The terminal staff indicated this began in January 2019. I asked the onboard Loyalty Ambassador about it, and she said it had been in place for about six weeks, and it was a fleet wide policy now. We are also Platinum on 2 other lines, so this will only encourage us to sail with them even more, as they still honor the priority embarkation. This is a huge perk for us. Enough about that..... Pros: Food/service in the MDR was very good. Beef tenderloin was amazing! Windjammer food is definitely improved since our last sailing. Don't miss the ice cream in WJ each night! Crew/staff are great! Captain James was out and about mingling with passengers on a regular basis - nice to see. Cabin steward was fabulous! Eagles cover band was amazing - saw both shows! The In The Air and Saturday Night Fever shows are both good - really enjoyed them even though we had seen them twice before. Cabin was extremely quiet, even with a lot of kids on board. A/C in cabin worked very well - a plus in August! Solarium pool area has lots of shaded areas to sit (although the music is way too loud!). Get to Solarium early on sea days for best choice of seats. Olive or Twist is always a great quiet lounge to use day or night. This is one of the ships that allows you to go to the front bow of the ship, conditions permitting (deck 4) - really neat view. Cafe Promenade is really handy for cookies/fruit/pastries if you don't want to fight the crowds in WJ. Ship is easy to navigate. Debarkation was much improved since our last two sailings on LOTS - we did self assist and were in our car by 8:00 AM. I will say it seems more and more people are doing self assist. My husband made the same observation. Cons: Ship is in very bad need of a deep cleaning throughout. Window sills in Windjammer area were full of old food and dirt; same for pool area. We tried to avoid public restrooms, but used them on occasion - they smelled of urine at all times. I asked for a robe, and it was in shreds. Carpeting in our hallway was very worn and stained - steward said it was being replaced in 2020. I've already addressed embarkation above - our biggest disappointment for sure. Overall we definitely had a relaxing vacation, as we stayed on board the whole cruise. We have been to these ports several times, so we just enjoyed the quite by the pool. The pros definitely outweigh the cons. Hope this brief review is helpful!
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