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  1. I know!!!! Oh, I hope all of the crew members are doing well. We've even been fortunate enough to have some of the same wait staff on different cruises.....and they always remember us!
  2. I haven't read every post in this thread, but thanks to the OP for promoting positivity! I've said over and over if you're on these boards and are able to cruise, no matter how often or how little, you are blessed! And that's just one of your many blessings - did you get up this morning? Do you have food available to you? Fresh water? Indoor plumbing? Your home? Good health for you? Good health for your family? Your faith? I could go on and on..... Count your blessings and you can't help but be positive - too blessed to be stressed! My husband received his 2nd dose yesterday; I'll get min
  3. Love it, OP - thank you for posting! 🥰 Yes - things are starting to happen......everywhere but in the US.😥
  4. We've sailed Oosterdam twice, but it's been a few years ago. Loved her! Could someone tell me if they have removed the indoor theater where movies were shown? After doing a little research, I'm under the impression that the movie room has been removed. Looking to go back to AK in 2022, and Oosterdam is a strong possibility on our short list (HAL, PCL & RCCL - price is big factor). Movie room wouldn't be a deciding factor by any means, but I'm curious. We like the size of the Oosterdam - mid-sized, which makes for a more pleasant experience. We also enjoyed the Crow's Nest area on se
  5. Started looking through pics via the review link above. OMG! This ship is GORGEOUS!
  6. Excellent info so far!! I tried Googling for pics of obstructed balcony cabins, but didn't find much. I'll try again. As for the Solarium area, isn't that a "pay for use" area?
  7. Looking at Quantum for a SEP 2022 Alaskan cruise. This would be our 6th cruise to AK (have done 2 Celebrity, 2 PCL & 1 HAL to AK). We love PCL for AK, but the 2022 prices are much higher. After a little research, for Quantum it looks like the only way to see outside while sailing on sea days is on deck five, on the outside deck. i.e., no interior lounge area to sit in with windows all around, like on our PCL (Skywalkers) and HAL (Crow's Nest) AK cruises. Is that correct? And just how obstructed are the obstructed balcony cabins? Also, any honest opinions re: the interior cabins with
  8. Agreed! We truly hope vaccines are a requirement to sail. I don't see how the lines can NOT require it - I would think it would be far to risky. Just my $0.02.
  9. We are booked for the same cruise, but I think chances are slim that it sails. Just being realistic. Fingers crossed that our December 2021 is a go - we'll see. I have a spreadsheet to keep track of all of our cruises that have been booked, cancelled, rebooked, cancelled...... and it's a challenge to keep up! But my husband just got the first of his 2 vaccine doses less than an hour ago. I get my first one next week, so we'll both be ready should vaccines be a requirement. 😷 (Love your user name! 😋)
  10. We did a family Thanksgiving cruise 3 years ago. Had a blast! As others have pointed out, there are a LOT of kids during a holiday week. We didn't really have any problems from that aspect, as we don't hang out in areas like the pool during crowded sea days. The CD announced that there were 1200+ kids on our cruise that week. Yikes! Have fun whatever you decide! And be THANKFUL that you can cruise!
  11. Thanks to the OP for this. I had not checked the PCL page today. This round of cancellations includes our May 23 cruise, but I'm fine with it honestly. We didn't want to sail under mask and other restrictions. Our final payment was due tomorrow, so good timing for us to that end I guess. We will probably just go the refund route. I'm tired of rebooking only to have it cancelled. Same song, different verse.
  12. Thank you to those of you who answered my question. I just wanted to make sure I had not missed an announcement from PCL re: Alaskan cruises leaving out of Seattle. And yes I agree - the writing is on the wall for those cruises as well.
  13. Can someone clarify - I thought that Princess has only cancelled the cruises to/from Vancouver thus far for 2021? We are scheduled to sail out of Seattle May 23. Honestly, I do hope it's cancelled. I do not want to sail right now with being required to wear a mask and all of the other restrictions.
  14. Agreed. And where we live the COVID cases dropped big time over the past week simply due to one thing: WINTER STORMS - or make that TWO things. People couldn't get anywhere to be tested.
  15. Yes - I'm getting on average 2-3 a day. Some are offers to be applied to new bookings; others are "your cruise needs your attention" to get me to make a payment on cruises that are 10 months and 22 months away. But I'm getting absolutely nothing from PCL re: my May cruise.
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