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  1. Vera Bradley has a lot of great options - lightweight and washable, too!
  2. Well said - AMEN, AMEN & AMEN! And to the OP - I don't blame you one bit! Enjoy your vacation, whatever that may be. Blessings to you! 🥰
  3. We were on the "collision cruise". Had no idea anything substantial had occurred until we got off the ship and saw it - whoa! Anyway, I just booked another cruise on the Glory today for 12/19/2021. CCL sent me way too good of a deal to pass up! We said we wouldn't sail in masks, but for the deal we got, we'll sail in masks and anything else they want us to! LOL! Now I just hope the testing works out - fingers crossed! The Glory is one of our faves for sure - not too large or small. This will be our 3rd trip with her. We even made friends with our head waitress and assistant waiter in the MDR. We probably won't be lucky enough for them to be back on the Glory this time, but we will certainly look for them. We also love sailing out of NOLA. For one thing it's an easy drive for us. And as you mentioned, sailing down the Mighty Mississippi is a unique experience for sure. Can't wait! Will be our first post-CV cruise!

    Vanilla Extract

    Same here! A friend sailed on the Breeze yesterday - I sent money with him to pick up some for me in Cozumel. I did notice that Los Cincos Soles is now making it available to order on their website. That good - really great - vanilla has me spoiled!!! And with the holidays upon us, I need it for baking.
  5. Glad Walgreens worked out for you. We live in a state where CVS doesn't offer rapid tests. The Walgreens locations in our area stay packed with people getting tested. Anyone know how much rapid tests cost out of pocket? Our insurance doesn't cover them. I think I read somewhere that they are $200/each? Just wondering so that we are prepared. May also consider the home test once I have some time to research the online how to videos. An unfamiliar process can be daunting! 😵
  6. How strict were they with wearing masks on board? Just curious. A friend just returned from the Breeze, and he said masks weren't enforced with the exception of the buffet and MDR. I find that hard to believe according to some other recent reviews I've read re: various CCL ships. Thank you to the OP for this thread - Dream is one of our faves!
  7. Thanks to the OP for posting your experience - very helpful to hear a first hand account! Hope everyone involved does well! I'll be following this thread, as it provides a lot of very valuable information re: NCL's current sailing protocols, especially when it comes to testing. We are considering our first NCL cruise in December - we'll see. It seems like all things COVID related change every 5 minutes these days, not just cruising! Thanks to all for posting information in this thread - JamieLogical: your info has been especially useful for me, as it helps keep things in an understandable form! 😁
  8. Thank you for actually answering my question re: your past experience with NCL. (Didn't mean to start the "testing" debate! Oh my!) We would like to give them a try some time. And since they sail out of NOLA, it's an easy drive for us. The Breakaway looks like a lovely ship! Thank you again and happy sailing!
  9. Curious if this experience is typical of NCL? We are considering sailing with NCL for the first time in December, due to their current CV protocols, mainly the ability to test at the pier since the logistics for CCL are too risky for us (only 2 days to get results back - we've moved 2 CCL cruises over to 2022/2023 because of it). And to the OP - I personally respect and appreciate you posting your experience. You have a right to be upset about it! As for that large group of rude people, as someone has already pointed out, you can't fix stupid.......and it seems to be everywhere these days. I have a coworker who just returned from an NCL Alaskan cruise, and she also said the specialty restaurant food was completely inedible. And the horrible elevator etiquette has been on every ship we've sailed on - don't even get me started! 😡
  10. This is what I've been using: https://www.carnival.com/core/requestforms/priceprotection.aspx - sorry for the delay. I've been super busy w/work! 🥵
  11. We've had several price drops on our upcoming cruises lately - all after final payment. Had one yesterday. Just fill out the CCL price protection form and submit. I usually get a response w/in an hour or so. Any price difference has been applied to the reservation as OBC.
  12. Thanks to the OP for this post. We were scheduled to be on this cruise but cancelled due to testing logistics. We ended up taking a land vacay instead, which turned out to be SO MUCH FUN!! Glad OP had an enjoyable cruise!
  13. Received our e-mails re: the 2 day testing for vaxxed earlier today. At least CCL is allowing lift and shift if you contact your PVP or TA w/in 2 weeks of receiving the email. Good luck to all regardless of what you decide to do! This new protocol is certainly NOT making things easier, but I guess CCL is doing what they feel they need to do. And if this is our only problem right now then we are all SO BLESSED! Happy cruising! 🤗
  14. And it will be interesting to see if/when these sell out and/or the price on these test go up.
  15. EXACTLY. Same here. Many assume their insurance will cover all COVID tests. I was surprised when I learned ours does not. It did in 2020 - but it changed in 2021.
  16. Thank you! Makes sense, but I didn't realize that vaccinated guests have to test twice. Oh well - point may be moot for us anyway. Even if our insurance covered the rapid tests, it's still cutting it very close for results to return, with the exception of using a home test. So frustrating! I've already looked at the CCL calendar, and our DEC 2021 cruise is also available in 2023. We've already filled our cruise slots for 2022, so we'll more than likely once again be lifting and shifting if allowed to do so with no penalty as we did with our SEP 4 2021 cruise (which I'm supposed to be packing for today! 🤬)
  17. Could someone briefly explain (W/O DEBATES!) why the vaccinated passengers only get a 2 day window instead of 3 like the unvaxxed?
  18. Sounds like a LOT of at home tests are about to be purchased! We'll more than likely cancel. Our insurance doesn't cover rapid tests. And no way can we get results back in 48 hours - much less get an appointment where we are. Thanks to the OP for this. I'll keep an eye on this thread, as well as the one about the home tests. I said a long time ago that the CDC just wants the cruising industry to go away entirely. I was laughed at. Just another step in their process.
  19. I have same questions, so following the thread. Thank you all and happy cruising!
  20. Please keep us posted if you don't mind - thank you again!!
  21. Pardon my ignorance - do such tests have expiration dates? Thank you for this information - VERY helpful! 👍
  22. Agreed. Our next cruise is set for December. Test appointments are hard to get where we live (surge state), and we've recently learned our insurance doesn't cover the rapid tests. I'm not going to hit the panic button, unless I need to once the new protocols are announced if anything changes with those. Already cancelled our 9/4 cruise strictly due to testing requirements. This situation is SO FLUID....who knows what it will be like when CCL re-evaluates later this fall.
  23. Best post of the day - or even the year! 😊 Life is short! DH and I choose to go on about our daily lives, while doing so wisely - just like we did BEFORE CV19. Yesterday is gone - tomorrow will worry about itself. Live for today and count it as a blessing! 🥰
  24. I called last week re: our SEP cruise. I actually had an agent on the line w/in about 5 minutes - very nice lady! After I explained our situation (our insurance will not cover the rapid tests - it would be out of pocket and appointments where we live are hard to come by and can only be made 2 days out), she said Carnival would honor a "one time cancellation or change over to another cruise w/o the $50 pp penalty". We had already made our final payment. We have several other CCL cruises booked, so she moved the full balance of what we had paid over to two other cruises that still had balances due (once the balance was paid on our April 2022 cruise with these move-over funds, she moved what was left over to our December 2022 cruise). The e-mails confirming all of these transactions came through while I was still on the phone with the agent. Some good friends of ours had an October 2021 cruise booked, and they were allowed a full refund w/o penalty. They really are trying to work with their customers, and they understand some people are in a bind like us due to the testing requirements - appointments, costs, etc. The agent said they are getting a lot of calls about it. I was VERY pleased with my CCL agent experience - you can tell they are really sympathetic to all of their customers during all of this. I hope this is helpful for the OP. Good luck to you!
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