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  1. He's always loved the sharks group. Sailed in that age range about 3 times. They give them a decent amount of direction while still giving them some freedom to choose their activities. We've sailed last week of August a few times & there's usually a decent number of kids still. Less than in July, but still pretty full camps. That's still summer break here in NY.
  2. They do use age at embarkation. My son had a birthday onboard & they still had him listed at his "starting age". It didn't change his camp group on this particular trip either way (he turned 10 & the sharks are 9-11). You can ask onboard to move your child up to the next group. If there is enough room, they will usually accommodate. My daughter was moved up at her request a couple months before her birthday. The counselors told us they will usually do it if they can, but on some summer & spring break cruises sometimes they can't because there are so many kids the camps
  3. Help! I literally know nothing about Venice currently! We will be ending our cruise in Venice this coming August. We're staying 1 night post cruise. The catch is that we have a 7am flight home 😳 We should be off the ship early so we'll have a full day to explore. I think given the super early flight the next morning it makes sense to be convenient to the airport to reduce the ugly hour we have to head out. Any hotel recommendations? I've seen on here that ability to handle luggage is a factor. We're all young & able to manage our luggage & foot travel.
  4. I've had mixed experiences. On the Horizon in April we had no problems with made to order. They were happily doing it for everyone. Just got off the Victory a couple weeks ago & while in line to get my son a hotdog I heard them turning down several people asking for no cheese, no mayo, etc. I didn't even bother trying to order. Disappointing because I really like the deli just minus one ingredient.
  5. We used the butter on the tables in the MDR for our bread on our cruise earlier this month. No complaints 🤷 We also lean towards margarine & most often the "butter" spray in our house so maybe that's why we weren't phased? I don't know, but it tasted just fine to us!
  6. Actually there are military guardsmen in in Penn Station (& other areas) all the time. Not to say NYC = Belize at all. Just sayin' I'm sure to tourists in NYC it can be jarring. To the OP, we loved Roatan & Belize! Highly recommend cave tubing in Belize- we used Cave Tubing.BZ. They were excellent! In Roatan we used Victor Bodden to see the monkey house. LOVED the sloth! Then we went to the beach. Too many vendors for my taste but otherwise a nice enough beach. Our driver stayed close by keeping an eye out. Never felt particularly unsafe. Just use caution & do your res
  7. Just got off Victory. We were only a party of 3, but we went 3/4 nights to MDR around 6:30-7 & never waited more than 5 minutes, if at all. Our prior cruise we were a party of 4 on Horizon. We used the app to request a table in the same 6:30-7. The wait time from request to ready was never more than 15 minutes.
  8. We did once. We had booked as 3 for memorial day weekend. By the time my SO decided he wanted to attend, there were no 4 person cabins or 2 persons close enough to meet the rules for my kids ages. So we switched weeks to a couple weeks earlier & paid the $150 penalty. Then of course, wouldn't you know, 2 days later an important event for my daughter popped up for the new booked date. We called to change dates again & asked to waive the fee & explained the situation figuring it couldn't hurt to ask. Carnival agreed noting it was a one time courtesy & stating we had t
  9. I believe only in certain rooms like suites. I didn't have one in 2016.
  10. I believe it may have a bit to do with the phone. On the Vista my boyfriend had an iPhone8 & I had an S8 & my daughter had the J9. He got notifications, we didn't. Our last cruise on Horizon they had iPhone 8s, I have the S9 & we all got notifications.
  11. Definitely Conquest. I've never sailed her but I have sailed Sensation. I've also been on the Freedom & Valor (Conquest sisters so same feel for you) & I'd pick them any day over Sensation.
  12. I went on several 3-5 day cruises in my early 20s. They were party cruises for sure. But that's because I was like 23 & seeking out the party. During the day they felt like the 8 day cruises in my 30s are. I doubt the passengers not seeking out a party really noticed much different at night. I've been on cruises from 3 days up to 8. The only time I ever noticed a party vibe that disrupted other passengers was a 6 day with a large travel group on board that imbibed way to much & got physical too often. The brig was full. Such behavior was never seen on my shorter cruises.
  13. I've been on 11 Carnival cruises. I've been to the steakhouse once on Vista. I booked as a special treat for my boyfriend. Idon't eat red meat. I got the chicken. He likes a good steakhouse & enjoyed his meal. Yes, it was worth it in my opinion because we had a lovely night. The chicken was good too. "Worth it" is up to the individual. Give it a shot & decide for yourselves!
  14. 20 days until our quickie Victory 334 until Legend Med cruise
  15. We were on the Horizon in April for my son's actual 10th birthday. We booked a meal at Cucina (& had a cake delivered from cherry on top to our room after dinner). After dinner, they brought him out a little cup of whipped cream with a candle in it & sang Happy Birthday in Italian. Oh the great cost to Carnival for that cup of whipped cream! It still made his day! My point is even when you are on the date celebrating something, they aren't dedicating big company dollars. Celebrate together. The waiters will sing over your already free dessert & maybe pop in a couple can
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