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  1. How was the pasta bar in the buffet? When we were last on in 2014 they had a very good selection of pastas and sauces and would make fresh pasta dishes. Give me some salad, pasta and bread and cheese and I will be a happy camper. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk They still have the pasta bar. I feel the same about pasta as you do, but unfortunately the pasta bar did not make me a happy camper. Others may feel differently, but I was very unimpressed with the offerings, especially any of the red sauces. I had a pappardelle dish at Tuscan Grill as well, and sad to report no happiness with that one either.
  2. It was $30 plus tip. There were 4 of us. The shuttle out to the port was full so it was a little squishy in that van and we had to climb into the very back. They told us 11:00 so we got downstairs at 10:50 figuring we'd be first in the van, but obviously everyone else was more eager than we were:)
  3. The windows were covered day & night. Was just a dreary place IMO. DW & I hung there 2 evenings because we really liked a singer by the name of Victor Cruz, but we both had the same thoughts about that space. DW & I are discussing jumping at a cheap getaway in Oct on MSC....$399pp for an inside. We both feel the same way: Our cruise on Equinox just didn't cure our needs and we're itching to do something else asap.
  4. If we didn't know each other back in the '80's we could certainly revive that spirited discussion once again. That topic never gets old :)
  5. Yes, Yankee fan born & raised :) Interesting about lava cake! One of my favorite desserts, but I've never seen it on Celebrity. Is it something offered only in specialty restaurants?
  6. I want to go home remembering something...anything...relating to food. An entree that "wowed" me...a special dessert...heck even a good croissant. I had a very sub par cruise on Carnival many years ago, but still remember the chocolate muffins they served in the morning. Unfortunately I brought home no food memories from this cruise and that makes me sad.
  7. Divina has its issues as well. Gosh, that pool area is the definition of 10 pounds of bologna in a 5 pound bag. As I stated earlier, however, pools & sun lounging hold no interest for me at all, so it doesn't matter to me that the area is overcrowded. I simply avoid it. Also as I previously mentioned, I feel the Equinox crew is miles above Divina's in personality, professionalism, etc. I found most of Equinox's public areas just...uncomfortable. We utilized most lounges, the library, the area on deck 7 with the globe (forgot what they called it), the solarium, etc and never found a comfortable chair that I could sit in for more than 10 minutes. The entire ensemble lounge was so dark...night & day...that I found it depressing. No outlets in any public area to plug in a laptop. I found the MDR's to be similar in quality with Equinox having an edge (no pun intended) due to overcrowding & poor service in the Divina MDR. No comparison with the buffets...Divina's far surpassed Equinox. Both ships have many very good aspects...I find those aspects on Divina more to my liking. Obviously you do as well. It doesn't mean that others think as I do. You certainly can't go wrong with Equinox
  8. I think this will be an exercise in wasted key strokes, but here goes: In my opinion you had an agenda to discredit my comments, and structured your comments accordingly. You took the time & effort to quote me, but removed my first two comments, both very positive, because (I assume) they did not fit your agenda. You decided my cruise was "ruined" when at no time did I ever infer this in my comments. Again, to fit your agenda I assume. You assumed, incorrectly, that I was a novice cruiser, when in fact I have cruised many times. In fact, I did have four (4) 8-packs of Bonine packed and they were utilized. If you've ever experienced sea sickness, you will know this is not a cure-all miracle pill. You assumed I did not understand the speed & reliability of satellite internet service. In this case, there were complete outages lasting 1-3 hours which I find unacceptable (and have not happened on previous sailings) at the prices paid for internet service. You had the audacity to instruct me on the concept of tipping, while having no idea of anything about me or whom I might (or might not) have tipped. For the record, I spent 30 years in various service industries, starting at age 12 delivering the Bergen Evening Record and I fully comprehend the concept. Even if I did not, you have no place instructing anyone in tipping unless it is solicited. Good day Sir.
  9. Am attempting to compare prices for a Divina cruise this fall. Can someone tell me about this "surfer" internet package? Can't find much info on MSC website -It appears you can't stream video with this package, but it would be fine for emails & web surfing...is this correct? Is it unlimited for the entire week? -if I purchased this package separately (not included in cruise fare) what is the cost? Thanks for the help!
  10. Just got back from Equinox. We stayed at the Hampton Inn Coconut Grove. My rate was $149 and included parking for 7 days and one way shuttle to the port which was about 15 minutes away. Hotel and staff was excellent and parking was in an underground gated garage. We to a cab back to the hotel post cruise. All in all an excellent experience and I recommend this hotel.
  11. I've been able to utilize the HDMI input on Silhouette, but just off the Equinox and both TV's in both cabins had the HDMI input disabled unfortunately.
  12. I'm sorry, but perhaps you can point out to me where I indicated my cruise was "ruined" by any or all of these random thoughts? It was, in fact, a good cruise but not a great cruise. Unless you have information not provided by Celebrity, I believe the automatic gratuities cover all staff that I interact with daily? If not, perhaps you can explain to whom we are expected to tip above & beyond the gratuities that are billed to my account daily so I can be sure to tip every employee you feel requires additional compensation? We had more reliable internet service on Silhouette before Celebrity advertised" Xcellerate". I've cruised before and understand the reliability issues....I don't recall writing that I expected service to be "really good". What I experienced was significantly worse than past cruise experiences. Please let me know when you become a small business owner and can escape for a week without needing to take care of a few clients. I don't drink alcohol, so I cannot comment on your whiskey analogy. I do drink Coke & water, however, and consider receiving tepid drinks at the prices charged to be offensive. Apparently one is entitled to their opinion as long as it coincides with your own.
  13. On the Equinox now. You can split a split...just saw someone do it. Not sure about doubling after a split. Table minimums were very high most of the cruise...$25 was the lowest I saw the first 2 days with dealers standing there at $100 & $300 tables waiting for someone to play. They've come down the last 2 days...$15 has been available and saw a $10 table for a little while last night. They've had a single deck table @ $15 occasionally, but I've stayed away as it only pays 6:5 for blackjack.
  14. We were not YC on Divina, but the pool area on Divina is definitely more crowded and more sunny than Equinox, but the pool area has no importance to me. Everyone cruises for different reasons and wants different things...exactly why there are so many lines. I found Divina & Equinox to be more similar than different with Equinox having much nicer & less crowded pool area & Divina food being much better....especially in the buffet. I also preferred the Divina's other public areas over Equinox. The crew on Equinox outshines Divina's crew by a large margin.
  15. Approaching the end & thought I'd put down a few random thoughts: -Ship is stunning as expected -Crew top-to-bottom are all friendly, personable & wonderful. Celebrity HR is doing something right when it comes to choosing employees ....something many other companies in the hospitality business seem to have difficulty with. -Haven't had a memorable meal yet...or even a memorable entree or dessert... even with 2 specialty restaurants under our belt. First time I can say that about a cruise. -With the exception of breakfast, the Ocean View Cafe is just...well...not good. -DW & I honeymooned on the Galaxy for our first cruise ever. In the buffet every morning was a man we dubbed "The Good Morning Guy"....he sang good morning all throughout the buffet and we've talked about him ever since. 19 years later he's on the Equinox and still singing good morning. Very cool. -With the amount we all pay for these beverage packages...whether or not it's included in our fare or we pay later...am I the only one that's offended when I'm served a tepid can of Coke or water? The biggest offender seems to be the OV bar, but it's happened elsewhere as well. I've changed my ordering to "cold Coke" or "cold water", but why is this even necessary? Pouring a 75 degree can of Coke into a glass of ice cubes makes for instant watered down Coke. I won't do that at home and don't expect it at these prices. -We've had difficulty finding our "zone" on this ship...quiet place to curl up with a book or a laptop...electrical outlets to plug in a laptop in public areas are non existent. We definitely miss the Hideaway from the Silhouette. -The internet is ok except when it isn't... which is half the time and seems to be whenever I try & get some work done. -Between the weather the first couple days, the missed port & motion sickness for DW & DS I was ready to move on from cruising...the last 3 days have been wonderful though. -First time in Grand Cayman as it's been cancelled 2 other times for me. Seemed like a nice port and if I get the opportunity again, I'd like to explore it more. -Probably get flamed for this, but it's how I feel: I was torn between Divina & Equinox....now having done both I should've chosen Divina. If anyone has any questions I'll be happy to answer (if I can)
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