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  1. except on that show its usually dragging the people in this case the guy was about to be run thru the side of the gangway! by the CADILLAC of scooters! 😡 I gotta say though Royal C does a great job with their handicapped people in catering to their needs. They are always looking to help out in the buffet areas, making sure to carry plates and helping you to get a table and drinks and all. Another thing is they have made sure to standardize their accomodations as much as possible so that although some rooms are larger than others all their accessible rooms have wide doors and big enough at least to get a wheel chair or scooter into. Although some hallways and the way fire doors are situated make it hard and you have to back in on the Rhapsody to certain rooms like the one we had and it was a junior suite. I ogt in there forwards a couple times to prove a point but it wasn't worth the hassle - much easier for my wife to pull past the door and me go in and prop open the door so she could back in. OR if one of us was by ourselves just as best we could pull past and push the door open while backing in enough to let the scooter push on it while we backed in. The steward did give us that door stop so if we could maneuver it with a cane we could usually get the door propped open enough with that to get in. there's a trick to everything! 😎
  2. yea there wasn't anything I could do the tiller had the lever type throttle where the right side pulls down towards you and the left side foes forward away so when he sort of carefully thought he was grabbing the forward tiller handle he accidentally caught the throttle just barely and man that was all it took! kind of like watching ridiculousness when a guy on a scooter or motorcycle loses control and is holding on with the throttle on full!
  3. not to worry theres really no special paperwork there for the b2b are you in the same cabin for both cruises? we just did our first b2b this year on elation out of jax 4 day followed by 5 same cabin booking both cruises together at the same time though each was booked separately and paid for separately anyway, we asked a few questions of our pvp beforehand and some fellow cruisers like you are and some things are handled differently according to port and ship and whether you are staying in the same cabin or not since we were on elation in jax we could leave all our stuff in the cabin, we got to stay on board and didn't have to get off even temporarily between cruises we were told by the pvp to go by guest services during our cruise to make sure they knew were were doing a b2b and let them know in case they were unaware but they do have a list and generally ARE aware or should be... so they are prepared for these questions anyway they will tell you what to expect or do and they will send letters to your room also informing you along the way for us they told us we could leave our stuff in the room, we would have to close out our room acct normally at the end of cruise one, on day one of the second cruise we were told to report to guest services about 930-10am they actually called us down at 945 with all the other passengers b2b took pics, gave us whatever we wanted to drink and took new photos for our room cards and took a group photo too - later in the cruise they are supposed to deliver these pics to our room but we had to get on em about that I have heard that in some ports they have you meet in a certain area and escort you off ship, show your passport to customs and then escort you right back on possibly after picking up your room cards. IN jax they do the room keys in your rooms now. ken - hope this helps?
  4. when we recently bought 5 100 and one 500 card we could only see 100 dollar cards listed as available until we clicked them and chose some to put into the cart and for giggles went to the page where we could check out and that's where we could see the option to add 500 dollar cards so we added in a 500 dollar card and at that time reduced our 100 dollar cards to 5 - I had enough points to get quite a few more cards but the program wouldn't let me get more than 10 100 dollar cards at one time - I was only looking to get a grand of cards net so we did the mix that seemed right a five is good for a deposit sometimes and the ones can be good for gifts, on board spending or just whatever
  5. no prob my email kellisnc@msn.com shoot me an emailio will be in chapel hill this weekend but will prolly take the computer with me to check emails and such ken
  6. hijacking a bit... didja girtls go to east or carver I was at carver 9-10 and east 11-12 class of 77 at that time each school only had two grades and East was one of the biggest schools in the state. There were 628 students in my gradutation class! just a few years after East hit about 1500 students and a couple times had the largest graduating class in the state. Back then Reynolds, Norph, East, West and Parkland were the 5 senior high schools. along with a couple private schools. And Greensboro \ Guilford county still had the split system of city and separate county high schools Didja grow up there in Horneytown? lifelong carolininian? Eat at Bills Pizza Pub in Gbro? …. watch crazy IGOR at the old coliusem or wahoo mcDaniels in the old days of wrasslin in the two associations era ( NWA IWA pre WWF )
  7. OUT PAST KVILLE! and high pockets! harumpf harumpf! can I get a harumpf outta that guy over there! I grew up in east Winston and went to east forsyth and carver when we had 2 yr hi and 2 yr senior high screwels! πŸƒβ€β™‚οΈ
  8. yes a big difference in not having to set up my wife for multiple shots of steroids over a three week period too, just load up the scooter and haul a** to florida! and early in the am and late and night I get to jump on it and ride around too! in stead of hobbling around with a walker or cane... and I didn't get a back injection on my last two cruises either!
  9. mredandchis where are you guys from in NC? me and the old lady are from East Bend just west of Winston-Salem😁
  10. Jacksonville was where we didn't have to get off in march they told us the day before the cruise ended when we asked, just to come down to guest services about 930-10 they actually called us about 930 with the other passengers and aksed us to come to GS - they had a back to back banner they unfurled and took pics on the next cruise we thought we'd get the pics delivered soon but late in the cruise we hadn't gotten them so we talked to one of the other couples about them and they said to ask at the pursers desk which we did and they followed up and got the pics from the photo guys and brought them to our room
  11. philly dilly its not a free cruise its an on board credit of 25% 50% or 75 or 100% of your cruise fare so when you hit your 100th cruise completed you could on some future cruise let them know you want to celebrate the milestone and redeem your credit on that future cruise, you'd go ahead and book and pay for the cruise normally and ahead of time contact them and get in touch with the milestone dept and arrange the credit and when you get on board they'd have set up a 100% cruise fare credit so if you paid say 586 pp for the room you'd have 2x586 of on board credit on that cruise we got our milestone of 25 about 3 cruises ago but are waiting to redeem it till next march on a 7 day cruise the rate on that one combined is about 1680 bucks for the cabin so we'll have 25% of that in obc or 420 dollars obc + 100 for being stockholders too! woo woo! AND we're gonna redeem our carnival points to pay for the cruise on our credit card as well! and IT'S GONNA BE OUR 40TH ANNIVERSARY TOO! 😍
  12. B2B S2S agreed we are new to this but the definitions can vary our buddies that got us interested in doing this did a side to side where they cruised out of tampa and drove across florida to crusie out of port Canaveral! WOW now that IS side to side lterally ! they have also now done jax and PC side to side as well might have had a day in between one of those B2B usually implies staying on board or leaving your bags on board and walking off and reboarding one or the tother, from what I hear this is up to the ships crew and port and customs officials depending on the port and how many travelers are B2Bing it on any given cruise now if you are changing cabins for sure you're gonna have to pack and have the bags moved, but that doesn't mean they'd have to leave the ship, for us, we had B2B in the same cabin, BEST way to do it and easiest for the ships crew to allow you to stay on board since you can just stay in your cabin till they call you down to the purser's desk to pick up your next boarding card which is what we did on Elation in march for our Halloween deal next year we will sail Mariner, debark and head to a hotel for the night and have to park and reboard elation SO maybe we'll park and ride but we plan on taking a scooter so most likely we'll be parking twice we got away with 4 days of parking on elation in jax since we just paid for 4 and stayed 9 hee hee! 😈 two years ago we were on a a 5 cruise with a couple that had the triumph booked for three straight journeys in a row like 34 days upcoming! don't think I can make it we have been on an 11 night deal and right now 9 was about my limit with all the travel down and back we were gassed and this april trip with universal for two days added we were totally gave out when we got back!
  13. we got 5 100's and one 500 just before sailing on a royal cruise in april ( yea carnival cards from aarp ) they were shipped together we just changed an existing booking over the phone for next march where we went from a 5 day to a 7 day cruise where we had a 300 deposit and were going up to a 7 day and I just used two cards over the phone with the number called in and pin easy peasy now,, on our last carnival cruise in march I did witness a PO"d passenger that had just loaded a card onto her sail and sign acct a couple days before the end of the cruise or maybe just the day before - I suspect she was trying to be cute and get the cash out of the card at the end - anyway she was pitching a fit to get a refund from the actual chief purser on the ship on debarkation day ( we were stil on board for B2B cruising ) He was telling her that a check would be mailed from corporate for her refund in a couple weeks and he couldn't refund the money since it was from a gift card SHE WAS NOT HAPPY! ANYWAY her non loss was our gain since we had waited to be called down for our b2b stuff and since she was bellyaching about me being in line there at the platinum and the purser wanting to wait on me ( I just wandered over to the atrium bar since I knew she was blowing a gasket ) the guy went to the bartender and gave us a bottle of moet & chandon! woo woo! the bar wasn't even open yet even though I had my boarding papers which was ticking me off already anyway
  14. we just did our first B2B in march 4 day followed by a 5 day on elation out of jax we did Nassau freeport followed by Nassau and half moon cay stayed on the boat on Nassau both times since we've been there line 30 times anyway, but we did the shoreside deal in freeport for a drink and a couple souveniers, yea I know its trite but my wife wanted a new little purse thingy as her old one was getting worn - and half moon, a good cigar, best beach there and a few drinks! can't beat it! + she gets to ride her scooter onto the tender and off right to shore! we got to stay on board ship in between and didn't have to exit and reboard, there were only 6 of us B2B and the chief purser gave us anything we wanted to drink from the atrium bar between and we got the freebie pics too ( we got a bottle of moet & chandon champagne!!! ) woo woo! - when we got back to the room guest services in Miami had delivered a bottle of chateux de wal mart champagne too which we managed to choke down later in the cruise at dinner but it made up for not being able to get two more bottles on board in between ( we'd brought our two on for the first cruise and had only drunk one bottle and bought one so we had saved one premium bottle ) we brought on board DECOY cab and merlot next year at Halloween we are doing Mariner of the Seas for 4 then a day in the hotel and 5 on Elation from cape C Carnival can wash our clothes right off the bat! 😈
  15. virtual balcony? is thajt the one with the tv view? of the outside? we have made a habit in recent years of Halloween cruising so last week we killed two chickens with one rock, booked B2B on I think Mariner of the Seas for 4 days oct something like 25th ish with a day in between followed by 5 on Elation out of port Canaveral getting us our Halloween cruise and reaching Emerald status on Royal, we need just 3 days complete to hit emerald and that would get it on the Mariner with the 4 day intenerary. we were platinum on our cruise on Rhapsody and double pointed with a suite in april and have a nice balcony on Harmony leaving only the short on to advance a level - on carnival we are about 150 days and closing slowly in now on their diamond which will be at 200 or when we cross it and we've decided not to hurry now we flipped out Havana cruise in march to Pride for 7 and our 40th anniversary next march, no condfidence in cuba, either their port facility, tours, or just their BS politic already this spring there are cruises cancelled there due to their docks being damaged I think I have my wife finally talked into an inside balcony though! I think it would be neato to be albe to look over the main street area. Some ships have one single HC cabin with a balcony like that.
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