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  1. We recently booked an owners suite for our family of 5, cheaper than 2 x ocean views at the time. You need to call Royal to book. Not available to book online, even my TA said she couldn't book for me, we had to book with Royal then transfer booking to her.
  2. We got a great price last year on the Unlimited dining package during the cyber Monday sales, $16 us per night. We are in Australia.
  3. Us too shellunderwater, we purchased it during last years black friday sales for $45 Au each. I called and got it confirmed that it will be honoured. Strange thing is you can still book the usual chops dinner for 25th or book the $129 holiday dinner. I'll buy a bottle of moet and the lobster and still be in front 🙂
  4. I am a RN and while I'm on vacation I just want to relax and be with my family. Should a medical emergency occur of course I would happily give assistance, and have done so, as long as I'm not under the influence of alcohol. I think nurses by nature want to help but asking someone to take time out of their holiday to perform a clinical skill is not in their best interests no matter how good natured we may be. Even without risk to our registration or licence there are risks associated with any clinical encounter and unfortunately the RN may be legally/ financially liable should a complication arise. Additionally nurses are notoriously bad at self care. A holiday should offer us a opportunity to switch off and detach from the clinical environment. This is really important and gives us the break we need to recoup and re-energise so we can give our pts our best at work. Just my thoughts.
  5. We have stayed in these balconies on Voyager and Explorer a few times with kids ranging in age from 10 months to 10 Years. My 2 boys are climbers and I shared the same concerns as you. What we found was the railing is sloped inwards or back on itself see pic below, which makes climbing it very difficult. Additionally the balconies were layered on top of each other so standing at the edge you look down onto balcony below, if the unthinkable happened the fall would be 1 floor down and not several. Check out this site https://voyager-class.com/pictures/cabins/aft_9-E/gallery.html and go to aft balconies and look at ocean views deck 10 and nine and you can visualise the 'stepping' .
  6. We have sailed as a family group in 1388, 1390, 1392, 1690 and 1688. We like deck 10 as there is no obstruction like you get on lower decks from the voyager class superstructure, also decks are stepped down so the deck above you can see some of the deck below. Cabin 1388 and 1688 would be my pick, as we like the spacious cabin size, about the size of a JS. The balcony is a bit of an odd shape in comparison to the other afts but provides some extra shelter, only issue is if on a warmer sailing you get less breeze passing through as it's a bit cave like and can get reallly hot. The bottom pic is 1390, which shows the openness of the balcony in comparison to the curve of 1388 shown below. Just be aware, we encountered a strong 'sewerage' smell when ship is moving, there are some threads discussing this, apparently EOS in particular has issues with this.
  7. I paid $24.80 AU p/day for a 9 night cruise, which works out approx $17 US p/day, thanks to the black Friday sales last year. This is for a December sailing.
  8. Hi, We have had the UDP booked for our Xmas 2019 cruise since black Friday sales last year. At the time I called to confirm the package was available to purchase as the T & C state not valid for holiday sailings, RCI representative confirmed that it was an error but they would honour it in this case, the package was removed not long after from the cruise planner. It has shown up again just recently and I called at this time time to confirm the new changes from ultimate to unlimited, a representative again confirmed it was valid and also stated I could use it on Xmas day at chops or Giovannis , I asked for email confirmation but said they couldn't but would write this in my notes, plus made a specif note about a 7pm booking request for chops on 25th dec. I was speaking to my TA and asked him to ask his rep if the UDP could pkd be used for boarding day lunch as I was having difficulty finding info, during this conversation it was confirmed yes and also confirmed the use of the package for holiday sailings and said it could be used on Xmas day but had to wait till boarding to book. She then spoke to her supervisor for clarification and was then told we couldn't use package at chops or Giovannis on xmas eve or day. I explained this was contrary to what was previously told to me. Even after listening to their own recoded phone calls and written notes explaining it could be used, the supervisor apologised and said that the T & C state not applicable for Xmas eve, Xmas day, new years day. I asked for a copy of these details and the rep said it was known in house but not available for public viewing... I was quite irritated by this, how can I as a customer purchasing a product be given full disclosure of the T & C if the full T & C are not available for me to read? I again received an apology but told no it is not valid on those days. They offered to compensate me $100 US for my troubles but I explained to them that I actually had paid for 2 days of a package I can't use (port days and Voyager only has 3 restaurants) plus the cost of purchasing the specialty dining for 2 days was now $172 us. So in fact to actually get the product I originally purchased in good faith, it will cost me $172 us (2 extra days dining) plus a loss of $70 us for 2 days of the package I've paid for and can't utilise. I have spoken to rci and escalated this to another supervisor who originally said no but after understanding the situation said she would reescalate to the team for review. They have agreed to give us obc for the 2 days of package we can't use and the value of Xmas eve and day at todays prices plus $25 US for 2 for the inconvenience. Which is something, however I don't feel is adequate for the time and stress it's taken me to have to fight for something originally promised and rci are still unable to produce terms which state their position. We have paid $10200 us for an OS for 9 nights. We always buy the deluxe drink package and dining packages, maybe a shore excursion or 2 and other onboard purchases. A $25 obc is realistically worth $12.50 to rci in real cost and we feel its more of an insult than a realistic offer of compensation, when rci asked us what we wanted we suggested $100 ( this wouldn't even cover the cost of my time I've spent on the phone or sending emails). This combined with the underwhelming VOS amplification has lead to us to consider cancelling this holiday. I just feel that rci promises one thing and delivers another. I had to message rci to inform them that currently the VOS web page showed pictures of the skypad as things to do... when infact it was not included as part of the amplification. We are really dispointed.
  9. We are in the same boat for our Xmas cruise. I have purchased the package and spoken to rci twice re Xmas eve and night, and the use of our UDP. Rci on both occasions have told me I will be able to use it. The info says unrestricted and T&Cs say no longer say not valid on holiday sailings or list any blackout dates. I have taken screenshots and the rci reps said they have added info discussed in notes... hoping it all goes ahead. I have also made a booking directly at chops for Xmas night - got a great price prior to buying package and have kept this just in case, I will canx onboard once I know either way re package. Hope it works out for you.
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