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  1. We usually have a balcony, but we were just on the Breakaway, Room 5210, Oceanview and really liked it.  We missed having a balcony, but the room was more open.  It was much easier getting an elevator as well as getting on and off at port.  The hallways on Deck 5 are much wider than on Deck 14.  I vote you keep your perks and give the oceanview a try.  (Note:  There are no coffeemakers in the oceanview rooms.)

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  2. We were on the Breakaway last week.  They did have the towel exchange at each port.  When you took the towel, they took your room #.  One day we returned them and he didn't want our room #.  We asked how they would know we returned the towels and they just said they didn't need it.  I seriously doubt they have a system to check.   It's the "honor system" so anyone could make up a cabin #.   You can also get them from your room steward.



  3. It was part of the standard menu (I think it was $49) and there was no upcharge with the Dining Package.   Prior to last week the Surf & Turf on the Breakaway was shrimp instead of lobster. 


    We tried it twice.  To be honest, it wasn't that good.  I was a bit disappointed with my meal both nights.  The steak was overcooked and dry and the lobster wasn't very good. 

  4. Sorry if this has already been posted, but if not....We were on the Breakaway last week and Cagney's now offers Surf & Turf (filet mignon and lobster tail).  It was included with our dining package.  The waiter said they just started serving it.   I don't know if it is available anywhere else. 

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  5. You cannot pre-book the comedy shows on the website.  When you board the ship, go to one of the boards located at each end of the hallways and you can make your reservations for the Comedy Shows, Laser Tag and Go Karts (as well as shows in the theater and dining reservations).  Do it early because some shows sell out fast.

  6. We used it in May and July and will be using it again tomorrow.  We flew in the day before for the $25 deviation fee.  All three trips were on AA (PHL to MIA and PHL to SEA).  All three left from home in the morning around 8:00 a.m. and were direct flights.  We do have to fly home from FLL for our upcoming cruise (an 11:40 a.m. flight.  They assured us we would be fine.  Still not confident about that!).  I have AA's credit card, so we did not have to pay baggage fees, but you will have to pay $30 if you do not have their credit card.  I was able to change our seats free of charge through their website.  You will need the Record Locator number.  Hope this helps!

  7. 10 minutes ago, njhorseman said:



    Thanks for taking the time to post this, but I have a caveat about the Latitudes discounts.


    I found that although the shore excursion telephone reservations desk quoted the correct price reflecting the Latitudes discount, when we got on board and checked our account we saw that we were actually charged the full price of the excursions. I had to go to the on  board shore excursion desk and have them reprice everything to get the discount. I was told that the proper data was not being transmitted from the shore side system to the on board system.


    This problem occurred over six months ago so perhaps it's been fixed by now, but I strongly suggest that everyone doing a telephone shore excursion booking check their on board account charges for accuracy.

    It was not fixed in July or May.  Both times we had to go to the Shore Excursions Desk to request the credit.  I think they hope you won't notice!  Be sure to double check your onboard account.

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  8. 1 minute ago, bp traveler said:

    Hello I was just looking and we are Platinum and one of the benefits is Cagney/Le Bistro for 2.

    My question is this for 1 cruise or unlimited?



    Hi - You will get two certificates for each cruise.  One for Cagneys or LeBistro and one for LaCucina or Moderno.  It includes one starter, one entrée and one dessert.

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  9. 7 minutes ago, smplybcause said:


    Somehow I got luggage tags for my Alaska Bliss sailing in a studio. Was wondering what in the world NCL was mailing me...

    We received luggage tags for the first time on our upcoming Alaska Joy sailing in a balcony.  That was a surprise.  I thought maybe it was because we were Platinum, but we were Platinum for our May cruise and did not receive luggage tags by mail.  

  10. Hi L1211,


    We just sailed the Getaway for the 3rd time 5/15 to 5/22. You will have a great time. We did not experience any crowded areas or waiting. We kept asking if the ship was full and everyone kept telling us it was. So I hope you won't experience a lot of crowding.

    Greetings Cruise Critic Friends - I've been following along and I feel like part of your community already! What a friendly bunch. I'm a bit of a planner (OK, a lot of a planner) so I feel as though I fit right in. I'm not a totally new cruiser, but it has been some time. We did a family cruise on RCI in 2008 just before a three year expat assignment to China. We had a wonderful time. After three years abroad followed by our return to the US dominated by 6 years of competitive travel volleyball (those teens seem to require parents to travel with them - hello Hampton Inn!), we finally have a chance to take a real family vacation again! So, we are sailing on the NCL Getaway on June 26. My sister has been my cruise mentor- she just returned from her 5th NCL cruise with my young adult nephews, this time cruising in two Haven suites on the Epic. She upgraded on the Up-sell line. We decided to stick with our side by side Large Balcony rooms on Deck 9.


    My husband and I are traveling with my daughter to celebrate her 16th birthday and her best friend who is already 16. I have a litany of logistical questions (you've already helped me make the important decisions!). So, please weigh in and know I value your input -

    - While boarding, I've read we'll need a health form - is that something we get while boarding or can I find that online? Answered above


    - Taking on bottled water - we need to congratulate ourselves on raising a generation who doesn't drink soda! Can I put bottled water in checked luggage or do I have to hand carry that on? If the girls just bring water bottles (better for the planet...) will they find plenty of available places to fill those? We didn't bring water because we got it free through Casinos at Sea, but as the OP said, just slap a luggage tag on it and it will be delivered to your room. We did this on Breakaway several years ago.


    Hand carried luggage - I think I've read that some of you have dropped your hand luggage off at your room even upon entry, even if it is not ready - is that so? You can check if your room is ready when you get there. If it is, go ahead and leave your luggage. Or enjoy lunch in one of the dining rooms first and your room will probably be ready when you are finished. (I suggest the dining room so you don't have to drag your luggage around in the buffet which is usually crowded on embarkation day).


    Teens and the pool - seems there is a Adult pool and Children's pool - teens seem to be caught in the middle. Can the girls come to the adult pool with me? Will non-rowdy 16 year old's be questioned? Of course, I'm not sure they will be with me, but not sure where they will be comfortable going to the pool given the adult pool is 18 and over and they don't consider themselves children... Can they hand out in Spice H2O during the day or do they check ages? Anyone maneuvered this? Have them enjoy the slides!


    Tendering - I just read that you need to make reservations for a tender boats - good to know. Got the impression that it's about 45 minutes to an hour from reservation time to the port - is that about right? I booked only private tours and wasn't planning on the tender time but clearly important. We made a reservation the first day for the tender, but there are no tickets given so I don't know how they know who is supposed to disembark when. The ride to the port wasn't that long, but it did take awhile for them to load the tender.


    So, I think those are my last details to button up. Just for fun - here are the details you've already helped me with!

    - Dining - we chose both UBP and dining package as our promos. But, we also purchased another 3 night dining package so we have 6 nights - we've chosen 2 nights at Cagney's, 2 nights at Ocean Blue (seafood is our fav), Teppanyaki with the girls, and LaCucina with the girls. The only main dining room we've booked is the Tropicana Room.


    Since you booked private excursions, be sure to give yourself plenty of time to get back for "all aboard" time!

    - Roatan - we booked a private tour at Anthony's Key for a dolphin swim. Their prices are about $50 cheaper than booking through NCL (although we didn't know this was NCL's vendor till we asked for assistance with directions). But, we'll have to provide our own transportation. I liked that we can do the afternoon not immediately upon arriving in port. And, I'm not a fan of big crowds (yes, I know I could be in trouble on a mega-ship!). Anthony's Key is a marine research institute - that's how I found it. The dolphins are not caged - free to come and go. Excursion offered in the shallow waters of the ocean, not a concrete enclosure. Someone posted about dolphins with scrubbed and bleeding noses and faces - I feel sure my daughter would have gone "Free Willie" on them and potentially arrested abroad for her animal cruelty protest. Not good...


    - Belize - We booked a private tour to Altun Ha - only $42.50 each for 4 for a 4 hour tour - much cheaper than the NCL tours. Guessing it's no Angkor Watt like we found in Siam Reap, Cambodia, but the girls have never seen Mayan Ruins so looking forward to it! Went through Island Marketing, but of course, I know from you that is a clearing house. But, they have been in communication with us and provided good direction on meeting place. We shall see...We did the "Butts Up" cavetubing. There were multiple buses of NCL passengers. We arrived at the port around 4:00 p.m.


    - Costa Maya - We are braving it and trying Blue Kay. What beautiful water! Of course, Maya Chan was booked. I was quite disappointed after reading your reviews. Question -anyone do the Hobbie Cat snorkeling for only $300 pesos - $18USD? I've emailed them about a reservation but with no reply...


    - Cozumel - I let the teens choose - Mr. Sanchos Beach Break with water park passes and beach horseback riding.


    - On the boat - Vibe passes - the pool deck sounds dreadful to me! Had I read the reviews before booking it may have scared me off. Of course, we have the large balcony rooms so that may be the respite I seek.


    So, what a long-winded first post - especially from someone who hasn't sailed yet! I'm really looking forward to it and your experiences have made my planning both easier and special! Thanks cruise critic community!

    I hope you have a great cruise with your family!!!

  11. Stayed in 9318 last week. Bed was by the balcony. Loved the size of the balcony with the 2 lounge chairs. Fell asleep several times out there thanks to UBP! There was some soot on the floor. Didn't notice any on the chairs, but we put towels on them just in case. Did not see any smoke. Not sure if the balconies can connect, but 9320 balcony was identical to ours. The balcony for the suite next door was great. We looked around the suite once they had left on the last day. Would love to be able to stay there. Enjoy your cruise! I'm still going through major withdrawal.

  12. Just returned yesterday and it was 100% booked. Pools were crowded during seadays, except for the last one. There weren't as many people at the pools. I think a lot were shopping and doing things on the ship. Also, we went in the Tides Pool and the water was warmer than bath water. Too warm(and I do NOT like cold water). Loved the Breeze. Had a great time. Even though it was fully booked, it did not feel overly crowded. Enjoy your cruise.

  13. Thanks to everyone. I am not going to book my air through Canival. Sounds too risky. I'm still having a difficult time getting a reasonable flight from Miami to Philly on Sunday. This is supposed to be a free cruise. We want to upgrade to a balcony (spoiled from the last two) and because we are booking so late airfare is high. Our free trip is up to $900 each! May be staying in an inside room or cruising on the Splendor out of NY (no air needed) I'm ok flying in that morning. We did it last month on NCL Breakaway and it went well but I am looking into flying in Friday night for peace of mind. One question about departure flights home. Is an 11:20 am departure ok? Thanks.

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