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  1. We were in the first round of cancellations for our booking on Mar. 26. We have until Dec. 31 to make our decision. Is anyone else still holding out? I'd love to book, but am afraid of being in the first round of cruises allowed to go. I'd prefer us not to be guinea pigs! Also, I booked during the awesome Thanksgiving sale, so I am doubting I will be able to find the itinerary for that cheap in the future. What are others taking into account for their decision?
  2. Doesn't necessarily mean anything is the US port is open. All of the Caribbean is shut down, so nowhere to go. Maybe their private island?
  3. I will be SHOCKED if our Governor opens ports up to cruise ships in 2 months. He says .CA is still weeks away from allowing retail to open to do curbside orders. Look into the steps to reopen for CA. My guess is cruises falls in line with concerts and sporting events.
  4. April IS Spring Break time. Gone are the "week before or after Easter" SB schedules. SB is now a 1.5 month period. Best bets will be early March or late April.
  5. No information I have seen. For August, I'd be prepared for a cruise to nowhere. If this wouldn't be acceptable, I wouldn't book.
  6. Ugh! These disputes are going to hold up refunds for other people! Carnival will not approve any of these! If they approve these, they risk double refunding people.
  7. I still haven't sent in the form. It states we have until Dec. of this year to do so. The only sailing I have seen that we would do is in August, but that is too close for comfort for me to book right now. My husband, just today, got notice that pay is being cut at his company by 10% across the board. I'm prepared to send in requesting that refund if he loses his job.
  8. Jubilee was my first cruise when I was 15. We deemed it the "cruise from hell". One of the workers on like dropped a stack of deck chairs on my sister's toe, prompting a visit to infirmary that they tried to charge us for. Our neighbors were partying until 4am. When my dad tried to find the room steward to complain, he was in the room partying! We missed 2 of 3 port stops due to a hurricane. Took us to Ensenada instead. Have away free drinks for an hour. They had to put barf bags in elevators and all along the stairwells. It took me 10 more years to get on a ship again. Took my parents 20! All 4 of us were given a 10% off no conditions coupon. I am waiting to use mine on Panama or Europe!
  9. I loaded up on supplies for the ship again today. No picture, but I went for loading for like a 21 day cruise vs a 7 day. My casino lucky win? I hit the trifecta when I got toilet paper, paper towels AND clorox wipes.
  10. Here are a couple more pictures from the trip. Life boat maintenance and high tea! Blueberry scones and peppermint tea.
  11. The limiting the ports of call once the US allows ships again is my main concern right now. Just a few short weeks ago it was, "Don't let anyone from China or Italy here!" We now have the most cases by FAR. How long will other countries be saying, "Don't let those Americans in here!"? Not to mention most of the Caribbean is several weeks behind us in the "curve", so they won't want people coming in during their peaks.
  12. So today is the sad day we leave the ship. It happens to be my wedding anniversary! We celebrated with a last breakfast on board. I will have to go home and continue to go through my camera roll for things I missed;-) I'll be sure to share here. Oh! In the mean time, if anyone has Alexa, don't miss out on the radio station "Yacht Rock". You can thank me later.
  13. I'm just gonna put my faith in the year 2020. It hasn't disappointed in the "WTH?" category yet. Could mean "WTH" good or bad. Who knows? It's 2020!
  14. I reviewed Jiji. That is the only specialty dining we did. No room service. I heard the chefs and servers were super busy with all the people on board, so I felt service would suffer. Main dining room is where we had most meals. Maybe we can do Chef's Table for our last meal tonight! Towel animals. We had an unfortunate issue in our stateroom. I asked the room steward what had happened, and they said it appeared we had stumbled onto an unfortunate towel animal murder scene! A mystery on the high seas!
  15. Now I understand. Having cancelled prior to Carnival cancelling, you are getting less time to use FCC, of which time that would typically be available to use the FCC is now unavailable. I see your point of view now.
  16. I don't understand this. I was in the first batch cancelled. We have until December of this year to decide if we want FCC or a refund. And we can use the FCC up until December of 2022. If people jumped and rebooked without considering the current state of affairs and uncertainty, that isn't Carnival's fault. I'm holding out, Maybe even until Dec. 31, to make the decision based on how this all plays out. I would think if you opted for FCC and that NEW booking is cancelled, it would "reset" your options. If it doesn't, it should.
  17. Today is our last day at sea. Last night we went to the comedy club and caught a great show.
  18. I think Cruise Cash is non refundable. If you have gift cards, I'd just hang onto those for now. It takes like 5 minutes to apply the gift cards on board. Not a big deal.
  19. I really looked forward to trying Jiji for the first time. Here are some pictures from our meal there. The first is noodles. Dessert was coconut tapioca pudding with mango.
  20. Day at sea again today. The husband and kid did some wildlife watching off the balcony.
  21. Drink package, the fancy dinner if you are foodies. Then casino cash out.
  22. My daughter finally got to hold a sloth! We have loved sloths since WAY before they were the "en vogue" animal they are today.
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