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  1. The pockets in the show organizer should be clear plastic. I have never put shoes in the pockets! Sunglasses, sunscreen, lanyards, hair brushes, shaving gel, razors, deodorant, medications, sea bands. I always cruise with my daughter's (12 and 13) and sometimes my husband. Having this on the outside of the bathroom door allows for people to get ready without needing to be in the tiny bathroom.
  2. Based on life experience, I'd be an entertainer in kid's club. I wouldn't mind working in the spa or bartending at Alchemy.
  3. Clear plastic. You need to be able to see what is in each pouch.
  4. For Alchemy, the cucumber drink is the best menu drink. I chose to ask for custom cocktails. "Vodka, fruity, no orange, not too sweet." Or " Rum, coconut, but not with pineapple". If you love black cherries, ask for the filthy cherries for garnish.
  5. Bring a clock! Do not just use your phone. We had an interior in AK and my DHs phone kept going really wonky with time zones for some reason. We woke up to get off the ship like 5 minutes before we were supposed to leave and thought we had an hour! We also slept really well, but it was difficult to get "up and at em" for us.
  6. Just take the gift cards with you to customer service when you board and apply to your account. Any balance left will be refunded on a gift card. You can spend any amount on anything. I think bar cash is non refundable. Not sure about the other.
  7. If you have to leave Friday, get a red eye non stop out of lax instead of SNA. Yes, lax is the equivalent of a butthole when it comes to airports, but if your flight is delayed, there will be far more options to still make the cruise vs SNA options.
  8. I'd do it at those aged IF they have had ample experience with hotels and cruises. I wouldn't book them in their own rooms if travel was very new to them. Mine are 12 and 13. I would have 0 issue with them in their own room, but we travel a lot and they just went on their 4th cruise.
  9. Especially for the 13 year old, there will be a meet and greet the first night, usually at 8pm or so. She can make friends there. Most teens just hang around on board. The teen clubs are open significantly less than the other at clubs. At least that is how it was in January, but that was also off season for kids.
  10. Why would you sign tax documents without the value of the prize on it? I've never had to do this before, but I NEVER sign any documentation without totally understanding all of it, and a lack of value of a prize I was going to pay tax on would have led me to not sign it. They could put ANY amount on there, and you are on the hook now. Am I missing something?
  11. We always get 3rd party. Cheaper, and usually a higher evac allowance, since that is $$$$
  12. Tax per drink IS CHARGED when docked in Long Beach, CA.
  13. Oh, I bought carnival gift cards off AARP(you do not have to be a member) for 10% off and went to guest services and had them applied to my account. In this way you can "prepay" for drinks at a 10% savings.
  14. Alchemy had drinks were $12.92 with the additional gratuity. I think my pin a colada was a dollar or 2 less. Each guest 21+ can carry on one bottle of wine, so take that into consideration. With just 3 alcoholic drinks+water, you are better off just paying for each. Especially if your cruise is port intensive and you won't be on the ship during the day.
  15. Between my friends and I, I tried about 6 menu drinks and probably 15 off menu drinks and 1 wasn't anyone's favorite, but was still drinkable at Alchemy. (The strawberry with smoke and 2 rums. Tasted like a strawberry daquari got left by a campfire)
  16. I got my first go ld pin a couple weeks ago and it was 2018 as well.
  17. I just did a 5 day on Imagination without Cheers. I knew that since I was with friends who also had their kids with them and I was sans hubby, I wouldn't be drinking heavily as I had to be "responsible". I did the following to save $- #1-I used my OBC of $50 for part of my drink budget. #2- I purchased some of my cruise with Carnival gift cards I got for 10% off through AARP (You do not need to be 55+ to join their rewards program) I had about $80 left on one gift card after paying for tips, so I just added that to my account once on board. If you have some idea of what you want to spend on drinks, I'd highly suggest getting the discounted gift cards. I did see Ladies night specials at several bars, including Alchemy. If you participate in games, you often win champagne. If you participate in the mixology contest that are on longer cruises, you get the drink you make and drink tickets, at least I did 2 years ago. I brought on a bottle of wine and never touched it. I opted to get wonderful cocktails each night at Alchemy. They were loaded with flavor, but not all the sugar of a pina colada. I found I sipped them because of the flavor vs downing them quickly. Yes, with additional tip(my choice), I was spending $14-15/drink, but they were drinks I couldn't make at home.
  18. Non alcoholic drinks run around $6. I think my girls' drinks were $6.95 and mine were $10.95 at Alchemy.
  19. I saw non-alcohol beer, but not wine on one menu. I wasn't looking for it, though. My daughters LOVED the drinks the mixologists made them without alcohol. They said they would never again get virgin pina coladas/miami Vices if Alchemy was on board. They just told the mixologist "Something with crushed up berries" or "Something with coconut in it". They loved all of their drinks! And I do beleive you can order any of the menu items sans alcohol as well, but I'm not sure how they will taste compared to the alcoholic varieties.
  20. Spa pass. Then they can time their day and use it on a day(s) they don't need to prepare for a nice dinner. Adding a gift card would work, too. The spa has good specials on the first night and on port days. Have them do the spa tour when they board the first day, and specials often save around $50 if booked the day you board.
  21. The kids clubs on Carnival ships are spread out, so thinking of one leaving to go get the other on a ship that is twice as big as any ship they have been on doesn't appeal to me or my kids. I did not look at the specific locations on this ship. Also, odds of there being a large amount of kids from which to make friends at the end of April is slim to none. It will be right after Easter Break and before any schools are out. After looking at the list of things to do on some itineraries, it was determined they would probably get rather bored. They would be with just my parents, so no mom and dad to take them around to different things on board. They showed no interest in the lazer tag or cars on board either. Looks like grandparents will plan something else with them instead. Thank you all for your input.
  22. My parents are thinking of taking my daughters on Norwegian Bliss in April. One will be 12, the other 13. I'm wondering if anyone has had any luck moving a child down or up in clubs so siblings can be together. Mine aren't reliant on each other by any means, but it would be nice since my rule is they must be with a buddy at all times if they were in one club so they could come and go together.
  23. I used the maitre d email for Imagination. I requested a 4 top and 2 8 tops for our party. We were seated at a 4 top and 2 8 tops. So, for me, it worked.
  24. At age 10, your son would have been in a different club. Circle C is for ages 12-14.
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