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  1. Thanks! Cruising 7-9 days. We don't need the daredevil bungee jumps or super slides, etc. Good shows, plenty of sun deck space, etc. Hoping for Southern Caribbean but somewhat open to ports of call in favor of price/cruise line. When I've used the online booking (broker sites or direct with different cruise lines) I get descriptions of sq foot, view, and "two twins that may convert to king/queen" but no mention of a third bed or pullout sofa. Do I have to call?
  2. Hi all! I am certain this has been discussed multiple times, but my attempts to search the forums has not been very efficient - it seems the results include any word in my query rather than the string of words together (tips on searching welcome). Three 50-60 yr old gal-pals cruising in Jan 2020 to the Caribbean would like to share a cabin because we assume that is the most cost effective? Which cruise line is advised for the combination of cabin options AND desired low-key atmosphere(not a party boat)? Not interested in Carnival or Disney (off the top of my head). One of us would not mind climbing into a bunk but since there are three of us we do want a little extra space for primping/waiting. Somewhere I did see that balcony rooms were smart as they offer extra living space. Thanks in advance for your suggestions.
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