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  1. I have been on 1 Carnival cruise and had FTTF. It was less money then. I liked it and thought it was worth it. I will be going on another Carnival on the Magic in the Western Caribbean. It appears to me that all 4 ports will be tendered. I think that convinces me to buy it.
  2. Any talk as to when the Magic will get it’s next update. I read on this board that it was scheduled for 9/20, but that it was cancelled fir that date.
  3. I was on the Epic several years ago when it was fairly new. Blue Man Group and a Cirque show we’re permanent. They may have redone and eliminated them.
  4. To me it was a simple choice for my upcoming family cruise. I asked the teenagers if they would rather have better entertainment or better food. We are going Carnival. I have seen much better entertainment on my 3 past RCCL cruises. I have only been on 1 Carnival and was very unimpressed with the shows. I can’t really remember seeing one bad show on RCCL. The acts on RCCL could definitely be in Vegas review show. I have seen a place many. On my one Carnival, the showgirls wouldn’t make it through an audition in Vegas. 1 of my 3 RCCL cruises was Hong Kong through Japan. Great entertainment, but the MDR food ruined it for us. On RCCL you must prepare to buy specialty dining. We liked the MDR food on Carnival very much.
  5. Provide shuttle to Port of Miami?
  6. I was on the Miracle 4 years ago Xmas. I watched a blackjack table before playing to make sure it didn’t have any funky rules. There was one other person at the table and in the course of our conversation with the dealer, he said” it’s not bad for them removing the queens from the deck.” We both left the table.
  7. I find it hard to believe that they could get away with this for more than a day and why woukd they when they could just set the machine for very infrequent or No Royals. They woukd get much less complaining.
  8. I have been on 1 Carnival 7 night Xmas cruise and 3 RC cruises, a total of 30 nights. I have hardly seen a bad show on RC and only remember I was unimpressed with Carnival shows, very amateurish. I think it’s a trade off and the MDR food on Carnival was far better than that on RC. I booked a cruise for 12/20 and asked my grandchildren if they cared more for food or entertainment. We are going a Carnival!
  9. Is there a minimum age at Royal Palm. I will be traveling with 2 18 year olds and an 11 year old. Any suggestions are welcome. Thank u!
  10. Did you hear any talk about what might be included in the refurb next year?
  11. Any talk of what the updates might be on the next redo 9/20?
  12. I booked 3 cabins for 12/20 on the Magic. One cabin has twins who will have just turned 18. I booked it with Carnival PVP. No problem.
  13. Any talk of what will be done in the next refurb in 9/20?
  14. I will be taking my granddaughters on the Magic, 12/20. They will have just turned 18. Do they have any meet ups/mixers for kids that age?
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