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  1. I’ll try that but I am pretty sure that’s who I called last year. May be stuck trying to work it out in board again. Oh well.
  2. I would have done that but apparently they only allow reservations for 2 or 4 for teppenyaki.
  3. Unfortunately, we are only in one cabin (2 bedroom on Getaway). Tried booking four under my name and two under my husband’s name but it put a two-hour window around the first reservation and obviously we don’t want two people to eat two hours later than the others!
  4. My apologies if this has been asked already. My Wifi is being extra slow and I was trying to search this topic but it was taking too long, so I quit. Has anyone found a way around the website only allowing a reservation for up to 4 people at Teppanyaki? There are 6 people in my family. Last summer, after only booking four of us online, I called NCL to add two more of us. They told me they couldn’t do it but that since I was in the Haven (and planning to board in the morning), I would have no problem adding the two people in the Haven lounge before embarkation. Of course, we got there first thing and I tried to add the two people and was told they were booked. In the end, once we were onboard, after some back-and-forth, we were actually able to work it out with the concierge but it was a big headache. I would definitely prefer to know that I have my whole family eating together without the headache. Has anyone had success with this?
  5. Family of six here, so we book the Haven 2-bedroom. No, we have never bid because I don’t want to chance losing the stateroom. Not the Haven, but have also booked the Deluxe Owners Suite on the Star. I loved it but my husband hated that there was no balcony.
  6. I book outright but the agency I use saves me thousands.
  7. I am not sure if the platinum benefit could apply to minor children in the state room. If not, then my husband and I would technically have five dining upgrades and my kids would have none.
  8. My husband and I both get the 3 specialty dining package as a freebie with the cabin. As platinum members we also get free dinners at Carney’s and La Cucina for two (it says “per stateroom.”) Could we use the 2 free dinners for two of our kids and just get them each one specialty upgrade or do we need to use it for ourselves?
  9. For our upcoming 9-nt cruise (6 people) I expect we will tip the butler an extra $270 and the concierge around $100 (we rarely bother the concierge). I tip $5/pp per day for the butler. If they’re amazing I would round up a bit. Personally, $10 a day per person would be too steep for me ($540) but that is a completely personal decision you would have to work out for yourself. I should add that having prepaid the dsc of almost $1,000, we typically only tip the steward more if they are phenomenal. The one thing that the butler does for everyone is to bring a daily snack to the cabin. They can also bring movies if it is an older ship with DVD players.
  10. Just curious if anyone knows what NCL’s rationale regarding the following, could be: A few days ago I went to prepay the service charges for my upcoming cruise, which is obviously an optional thing to do. The transaction was declined because my bank flagged it as fraudulent. I called my bank and they said that they would mark it as safe and that I could try to pay it again. I got involved in other things and forgot to retry the payment and then left the next morning for a vacation. Flash forward...got back yesterday and there was a phone message from NCL saying that they were going to cancel my entire reservation if I did not pay the service charges ASAP. I can’t think of a reason why this would be an issue. What if I changed my mind and just decided to pay onboard instead of prepaying? Can someone here smarter than me please help me understand why the cruise line would take this stance? Truly am just curious about why this would be a policy. ps. I did go on-line and pay so I assume all is well, just bugging me that I can’t figure out why they would threaten to cancel a reservation from a declined payment of an optional charge.
  11. So sorry for the aggravation and disappointment! I would be so upset. Maybe plan a land vacay (with the refunded money) to Pompeii, Rome, Florence...They are amazing! Then book another cruise using the credit. Two vacays for the price of one!
  12. Going on the Getaway in August and after we booked we got an email saying that they were substituting Poland for Sweden at all! No longer going to Sweden at all!
  13. OSorry. This question may have been asked and answered already but I can’t figure out how to search the forum on the updated site. Does anyone know what form I need to submit, and where to find it, to get my kids a passport without their father being present?
  14. We have sailed out of NYC several times and it has been a breeze. We don't park at the terminal but park at Park Right which is right down the street and substantially cheaper. We paid $210 a couple of years ago, for the week, with an oversized SUV. It is so easy. You just need to bring your car there and they will drive you to the terminal (which is in walking distance). I am pretty sure we always made advanced reservations. Here's their web page for reservations: https://parkright.com/reservations.shtml Have fun!
  15. On the Pearl we asked the butler for a bunch of DVDs and he brought them. The concierge straightened out a dinner reservation mistake that NCL made.
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