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  1. I price matched for our cruise in October. Total OBC is $113.26. We are getting $12.09 per adult ticket & $44.54 per child ticket. We booked the All Inclusive Outback Dominican Adventure thru Carnival & price matched to the Outback Experience Puerto Plata (basically the same company but this tour is for hotels/resorts in the area). I honestly didn’t know if they would accept it since it’s basically the same company. When you visit their site it even directs you to Carnival’s excursion site for Amber Cove tours. The reviews on Carnival’s site and a third party review site are awesome! We are excited! We don’t normally do ship tours but since our kids will be with us & it’s our first time visiting Amber Cove we want the extra assurance of not being left. Plus none of the third party sites I found had tours we wanted or could do with the kids (ages 6&8). Our other ports are HMC & Grand Turk so we didn’t want to do a beach excursion or stay at the port pool in AC even though this tour does stop at a beach for a short period.
  2. Carnival Holiday in 2009 for our honeymoon. Although we had a wonderful time, we didn’t cruise again until 2013. Since then I’ve done six with two more scheduled for this year. All have been fantasy class & I’ve done Empress & Majesty on Royal. We have Navigator of the Seas scheduled for July & Breeze in October. Fingers crossed both happen. I’m really looking forward to trying larger ships but have thoroughly enjoyed the quaintness of the smaller ones. As a mom, it’s nice to have meals cooked & all cleaning done for you when on vacation.
  3. Thanks for your review! We are scheduled to go in July & paid $55 pp. I was wondering about the value. Sounds like it’s good!!
  4. We have onboard credit from a price drop & excursion price match as well and are planning to use it towards drinks instead of getting cheers. As you stated, if we go over it’s still cheaper than purchasing cheers.
  5. We have booked an early saver fare for our family of four for $2038.56. It came with $50 onboard credit & a $200 deposit. There is an early saver price right now for $1998.56 with $100 onboard credit but a $500 deposit. Can I request a reduction? This is the first time I’ve ever booked early saver so I’m not sure if everything has to be equal. There seems to be multiple early saver rates. Would we get the new onboard credit amount? Would we have to increase the deposit. Any advice is appreciated.
  6. I noticed they always seem to have the fun select which is refundable but as stated not as good as past guest. I noticed the sailing to savings rate with the refundable deposit last night which is what really got me thinking about past guest.
  7. Thanks! I’ll try this using both mine & my husband’s!
  8. Thanks! I check regularly so my VIFP number is saved. Carnival is probably thinking, why won’t she book already! 🤣🤣
  9. Yes, I’ve seen multiple variations of the early saver rates but haven’t seen any refundable deposit past guest rates in awhile. I hope they aren’t doing away with it!
  10. Is Carnival no longer offering the past guest rate? I haven’t seen it in what seems like several months. TIA for any insight.
  11. So glad you two are back & doing your review! I am enjoying it very much & cant wait to read more. Was it your last review that you had just had surgery? I hope your recovery has gone well!
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