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  1. I noticed they always seem to have the fun select which is refundable but as stated not as good as past guest. I noticed the sailing to savings rate with the refundable deposit last night which is what really got me thinking about past guest.
  2. Thanks! I’ll try this using both mine & my husband’s!
  3. Thanks! I check regularly so my VIFP number is saved. Carnival is probably thinking, why won’t she book already! 🤣🤣
  4. Yes, I’ve seen multiple variations of the early saver rates but haven’t seen any refundable deposit past guest rates in awhile. I hope they aren’t doing away with it!
  5. Is Carnival no longer offering the past guest rate? I haven’t seen it in what seems like several months. TIA for any insight.
  6. So glad you two are back & doing your review! I am enjoying it very much & cant wait to read more. Was it your last review that you had just had surgery? I hope your recovery has gone well!
  7. We would love a larger ship out of Mobile. We are about six hours away and have enjoyed all of our cruises out of there (four total)!
  8. We cruised with our children (4 & 6) last year. I wore my son’s card on a lanyard with mine and my husband wore our daughter’s. EZPZ! We didn’t see a reason for them to have them. Like you described, they were only away from us when they were at the kids club in the evening after dinner.
  9. Great start! I’ve been out of Jacksonville twice but on Fascination, east port to navigate!
  10. Would you recommend staying on this deck? We are looking at a balcony room. Thanks in advance for your replies!
  11. Thank you for taking time to write another review! I enjoyed it thoroughly!! They are always so fun!
  12. What a great review! I hate to see it come to an end but I’ll be patiently waiting for your upcoming adventures! Again, Happy Anniversary and thank you so much for all of the time and effort you both put into these reviews!
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