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  1. https://www.gotobermuda.com/profile/bermuda-byways-tours/597 http://www.bermudabyways.com/tours/
  2. Don't know about seeing turtles but you possibly talking about Hedi’s Byway Tours.
  3. The first day you have to go get you spa pass, which is just a sticker they put on your card. They will then give a Tour and if you check the locker rooms they will have bathrobes for you. We always grab one and put it in our room then wear that to the spa with bathing suit. Of course you can wear yoga pants and a shirt but trust me you are also gonna want to spend time in the hot tubs, heated pool, and everything else besides laying on the heated loungers. Then you just change into a new rob when your done and bring it to your room. I also take a clean one with me so I have one to wear back to the spa and leave the dirty one with the towels for the room steward.
  4. We just did the rum swizzle/harbor nights excursions. It was nothing special but was nice to get right on in port and go right there. No waiting for the big ferry to fill up and hoards of people. You go one drink as you got on, which was ok. The boat then parked right next to wear the ferry parks. The two hours or so you were on land was fine for us however some people elected to stay later and not take the excursion boat back. The town/street where it takes place was very congested and don’t even think about eating at a restaurant during the festival, they were all packed. There were various food trucks though, and most of the shops stayed open late. Not sure if it’s worth it for full price but we used our $50 port credit for it so it was ok.
  5. They will be happy to give you a tour (sales pitch). The first day they always give out tours and usually try to sell you anything they can. We just got of the Jade and had to walk around with someone for close to a 20 minute presentation just to get our spa pass sticker put on our card. FYI if your looking for a great adult only quiet place to go one the boat with hot tubs and plenty of other spa things I recommend a spa pass. We go every day for an hour or two on sea day and depending on the port days usually try to get it. On the Kade it was open from 8a-10p. You can also get robes and extra towels in the locker rooms.
  6. Just of the Jade $4.99 up charge for dinning package & $8 regular.
  7. $20 for 7 or less days. Just finished a 10 day and left $20 in the middle and $20 on the last day.
  8. Just of the Jade and got a towel animal each night without ever asking. Thinking more of it being a ship by ship thing as to weather you get them or not. They even did the towel folding demonstration the last day in the atrium.
  9. AAA+++ We toured with Heidi two years ago and she was great. She picks you up right at the ship and is very knowledgeable about the island. Very reasonably priced, you won’t be disappointed.
  10. That is our favorite room on Jewel Class ships. Very quiet and slightly larger bathroom the regular balcony. Plus you can actually see the bump out for the bridge and can often seen captain & others standing watch. We have done it on the jewel & gem and now purposely booked it for our upcoming jade cruise. Also so highly recommend the spa package. Great quiet relaxing area.
  11. For some reason you can never get into your reservation 24 and less prior to departure time. Not sure if they do it so you can’t change anything last min or what there reasoning is but everything will be fine. I know some people just rely on there phone and stored emails but this is one of the reasons why I always print my brining passes a few days ahead.
  12. Nice video and thanks for sharing but doesn’t reallly show any of the new areas.
  13. Anyone have any recent photos. I’m going Apring 2019 and am interested to see the new upgrades.
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