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  1. Looking at a five day Mexico cruise 🚢 June 26, 2021 on ruby. I am aware that there have been some comments about this issue but looked a little bit without finding it within a couple of pages. What are your thoughts on the reality of that cruise 🚢 actually happening? This is out of San Pedro ca. I know there are so many variables but just curious about others thoughts 💭.
  2. Well thanks for all your replies and insights. Very helpful. I think we will damn the torpedoes,full speed ahead and book February and see what happens!
  3. Good point hiltner. Thinking of a shorter cruise Mexico round trip out of LA. Five or seven day to begin with. It is great to see some of everyone’s thoughts, Our family has enjoyed cruising for many years. In fact one of our daughters married a princess cruise director!
  4. From the information now out there is the possibility of a cruise really going early February 2021? I know there are many considerations but just would like to what others think.
  5. Does anyone have any idea or information on how Princess might reconfigure ship interior for physical layout or passenger flow for any new guidelines for social distancing etc. post Covid?We are going on Royal in December. Thanks for any insight.
  6. Where does the ship dock in Manzanillo? Royal/October 2019. Have been unsuccessful in finding location. Want to organize walking/getting around the port. Thanks in advance.
  7. Excellent company/tour. We have done this one and are scheduled to do another tour with them on our trip coming cruise in October.
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