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  1. richwmn, do you know what the "Exc.port to table" item is on the MDR appetizer and entree menu? Appears to be something special. I am wondering if it is the same thing every night, or changes daily (forgot to look on previous menus you posted). I assume it is NOT the special OC extra item, since those are the menus posted for all diners in the MDR. I realize you said you aren't eating in the MDR, so maybe one of the other CCers on the cruise will know this. Thanks.πŸ™‚
  2. We usually don't either. However, when you book a land tour you automatically get transfers and if necessary due to distance, one hotel night included.
  3. We just did a pre-cruise land tour with HAL in Aug/September. We went a day ahead and stayed at the Westmark; booked the 2nd day with HAL and it was a bit pricey: $199pp. Did not try to book on our own with the Westmark. Decided I didn't want to deal with the 2 reservations and making sure they matched rooms. As it turned out, there was a bit of confusion at the hotel when we were transported by a large bus (with only the two of us onboard!). The airport HAL rep did not really explain the procedure to check in when we boarded, nor did the driver. Most people arrived in large groups with HAL reps greeting you in an office within the hotel to distribute your travel packet explaining everything. We just came in by ourselves and the HAL rep just waved us into the hotel (assuming, I think, that we were with a large group that just entered). Anyway, it took about 30 minutes or so to figure out that we needed to go back to the HAL office to get our packet. The front desk person was confused about why we didn't have a packet and couldn't quite understand why we didn't know what to do. Once we got our packet (with our room keys) all was fine; our luggage was in the room already. The rest of the trip was great, especially the land tour!! I assume if you go earlier to the hotel without a HAL booking, you will have to get your packet at the HAL desk on the day the rest of the group on your land tour arrives; which will be on your HAL itinerary page. There will be a lot of coming and going, as new groups come every day.
  4. The breakfast is ordered on a special card you hang on your door the night before and is available, if I remember correctly, from about 6am to 10am or so. Not sure about the hors d'oeuvres, have not ordered. I do believe you choose from warm and/or cold from a list. Yes, the tea has small sandwiches, etc. They also ask if you want warm or cold side items; we said cold and got a few fish items...did not go well with tea. They usually start serving about 3pm, but will take orders for 2:30, I think they said.
  5. Not sure which ship you are on, but we were on the Westerdam starting Sept. 1, and when I signed up for my internet I thought we would get 1 plan and share it (you can't use both devices at the same time). However, there was an option to cover 2 devices on one plan, at a price lower than the cost of getting 2 separate plans, so I got that. Both devices could be used at the same time, but my husband had to use my password to sign on to his device. Much more convenient than sharing.
  6. Thank you for that information...I will plan to do that for our 5* dinners. In addition, I am saving the rest of your information also; I have a feeling I will have to use it πŸ˜’...
  7. Ruth, are you saying that if you pre-book these dinners and pay, you DON'T automatically get a 100% refund the first day like you get the 50% refund if you are 4 star? That seems weird. Do you have to pre-book for the dates/times to get what you want, or does the PG decide the dates and times for your 2 dinners like they do for the 1 complementary dinner perk on some bookings?
  8. We have also been given a refund of 50% the first cruise day for all pre-booked dinners, and have never been then charged the full price (after dining) to our account. It is strange that you have been. I would suggest that if you don't see the credit on your account the first day, contact the front desk so your prepayment is noted. Hopefully that will correct the problem.
  9. I have never heard of that either; maybe canadianbear got it as an included perk, like on the Explore 4 currently running (suites get free premium internet).
  10. Thank you! 😊
  11. Copper, thanks for the reference for ship models, but everything I looked at in the Cruise Ship section said "sold out", so I am wondering what they would cost if available, such as the smallest ones.
  12. Just got back from a 7 day Westerdam cruise on Sept 8 as part of a land-sea trip. Only complaint about the Westerdam was that the cruise part was too short...!
  13. We also were just on the Westerdam, but had fixed dining and were in a suite. As far as I could tell, the CO line was only in the open seating dining room (only observed at dinner, assume breakfast was the same). We were next to an open table, and about 3 times had different guess sit there; may have been from the CO program. We DID get the special CO menu, but only on 2 nights of 6. Two other nights were GALA, so no extended menu, and no CO on embarkation night. On our 7th night we had a complimentary PG dinner, so they may have had the CO menu that night also. We did not get a special CO type bag in our suite, only the crinkly plastic one which we did not use. Not sure why we did not get the fancy bag, but I actually forgot to ask...had forgotten about it. I also want to confirm that the PG was available for suite passengers...YES! 😁
  14. Update from the Anchorage Daily News:
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