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  1. I'm a little suspicious of that 5pm time. We are leaving on a one-way trip from Whittier to Vancouver in June 2021 and although we have always left from Seward on HAL, the ship usually did not sail until about 8pm, due to passenger pickup from land tours from Denali. Our departure is listed as 5pm also, but that seems a little early if passengers are coming from the park. When I re-checked the cruise recently, it still lists 5pm, as do the cruises attached to the land tours. We didn't even get to the ship from our land tour bus until 5pm, and even though Whittier is about an hour shorter ( I think), 5pm would still be too early to depart. Hope the time gets clarified sometime.
  2. Sorry you feel that way. HAL should try to appeal to all ages; cruising is one of the few types of travel that seniors can enjoy: no packing/unpacking, doing as little or as much as you want (on or off the ship), food easily available, etc. We have cruised for many years and still find it enjoyable and easy (once you can get to the ship!).
  3. I have skimmed the pinned topic about cancellations refunds by WS. We have a WS cruise booked for June 2021 to AK and are not familiar with their policies. I know they have a special deal for next year that (I think) YOU can cancel up to 10 days before the cruise and get a future cruise credit, but what happens when THEY cancel a cruise? I would prefer a cash refund rather than FCC, but I read on the cancellation thread that you have to get the FCC voucher before you can request a cash refund. Is this true? We had some cancellations with HAL this year and understand how long the refunds can take. Had to do some credit card disputes to get it all refunded. They offered FCC OR a refund on a form they emailed us. Does WS do that? Thanks for any information, Penny
  4. Seeing this picture of a beautiful promenade deck I haven't been on for over a year made me tear up...sniff.
  5. I don't see the Pacific Princess on the list; I thought I saw on a thread that it was also on the sale list. HAL cruisers were comparing it's loss to the loss of the Prinsendam.🤔
  6. Thanks for this information; must have taken a lot of work! I was wondering if (or when) you would start up your listings again...glad to see it! 😀
  7. I agree...I cancelled a HAL Hawaii Sept. 2020 cruise back in April or so, and the Shorex refunds came back very quickly (and this was during all the original chaos). I was worried about the cruise deposit, but that came back in another week or so, also.
  8. Thanks for the quick response. Guess I will have to ask them if I decide to to apply; I think they are looking for diversity in ages, gender, race, etc. to get a good mix of people.
  9. When you signed up, did they tell you if you participated, you couldn't get the "final" vaccine when it is approved for the general public? I read that they track trial participants for 2 years or so for side effects, etc. Wouldn't getting a 2nd vaccine interfere with the study? I was looking into a trial locally, also.
  10. I think that ice cream is called "Neopolitan"; spumoni has pistachio ice cream in place of the vanilla (I think). Spumoni traditionally has candied fruits (which I like), but also comes without them, depending on the manufacturer. My husband doesn't like the fruits, but he does like the fruitless spumoni carried by one of our local restaurants.😊
  11. Sorry, I misread your info and couldn't delete your reference name...😔
  12. Where are these flights coming from? The rest of Canada or elsewhere?
  13. That is the Astoria Column in Astoria, Oregon. Oops, guess I was late to the party. I read the Daily in the afternoon...🙃
  14. Wow! That's impressive! 😲 Thanks for the answer.
  15. I thought someone else would comment, but are these mountain goats on a vertical cliff? If so, yikes!!!
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