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  1. This was just posted on the Princess forum; hope the link works. If not, check out the Princess forum on CC. Experience Alaska Land Vacations This Summer with Holland America Line and Princess Cruises.pdf
  2. Thank you for this information. May be able to travel this summer! 😊
  3. Thank you; it was never a call but an email. I still wouldn't give out information without calling someone back at another number than the one in the email. I did, it was on the up-and-up, and I got my refund credit on my CC in a week.
  4. My refund posted on Jan. 15th; applied for it on 12/18/20, so it took about a month to get it for a cruise that Windstar cancelled (to Alaska June 2021).
  5. Thank you; before your reply I called Windstar Reservations on another number and the agent looked at my rez and said they did need to get my information, and transferred me to another person at Operations. I gave them the information they needed, since at that point it sounded legit. If it isn't, it's very elaborate!!
  6. About 30 minutes ago I got an email from Windstar requesting all information for the credit card I used to book a (now cancelled) cruise. It said they only keep CC information for 165 days or something. This sounded strange to me. I am to call an "Operations" number to give them the info. It looks legit, but still suspicious. This is the first time I am getting a refund from Windstar. Is this a normal request? Thanks for any information; they did not give me another number to call with a question, Penny
  7. If you decide to pick an exact cabin on HAL's site, you can check the exact one you want (even if it's not grayed as available) by entering it's number in the box at the bottom left on the selection page (I think it says something like "type in cabin number" or something like that). If it is no longer available, it will say "not available". If it IS available, the room number will show in the cabin number area and you can proceed with booking online, or not, your choice.
  8. Oh....my trip was in 2019. Pier 2 must have had an "upgrade"! 😊
  9. Isn't there a regular shuttle bus to the Center when a ship's docked at Pier 2? I was able to grab a shuttle in the parking lot last time we were there (my husband didn't want to go to the "mall"). However the signage was poor and the parking lot was large, so I had to run to catch the bus before it quickly took off again after dropping off a group about 50 yards away!
  10. Just got back to this page to check for an answer; thank you very much. Also, that is so obvious that I am embarrassed to say I never noticed the "views" line, especially because I routinely check the "replies"!?! 🙄
  11. Anyone know how many views this topic has today? Not sure how to find out that number...HAPPY NEW YEAR to everyone!
  12. I remember when he used to post....so sorry to hear this news.
  13. Yes! After being disappointed on the 21st AM, this morning (22nd) I tuned in at 1AM PST and got to see most of the event, except the very beginning. Was happy to see that it was really "live" this time! Also, got to see the Jupiter/Saturn dance on the 21st at 6pm, but it was not quite as spectacular as I expected...there seemed to still be space between them, rather than an overlap (of course our street lamp and a neighbor's tree didn't help very much).
  14. Yes, I as I discovered when I went to the site and watched the chatting and decided to cut away for awhile and when I came back, the "live" feed was no longer there....it's almost 12:45pm again, so maybe I'll check in again!
  15. Thank you for the reference; I am in California so will probably be up at 12:45am tomorrow (I am a night owl) to watch the show. Thought the equivalent time would be 11:45pm, but checked a time website and it said we are 8 hrs earlier, not 9 hrs as I thought. I hope I got the DAY right!!
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