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  1. Not sure that is true now. Before I cancelled our June cruise on 3/23/20, I did as you just suggested, thinking that the shorex would be quickly, as usual...got confirming HAL emails right away, too. As of yesterday, I have not gotten any of the 5 shorex fees returned to any of the 3 different credit cards I used....and of course the full final payment is in limbo and credit card due to be paid in 18 days.
  2. I understand your situation now...you probably have a larger deposit than we (2 persons), and do not want the FCC for a deposit refund, but cash instead, and that only occurs if HAL cancels your cruise. As least that's how it has been going so far.
  3. You will get most of it as a cash refund if you cancel now. I just cancelled our June 1 cruise on the Maasdam on Tuesday, the 24th. My wait time on the phone was about a minute (about 4pm PDT). We are getting back a cash refund less the deposit, which will be a FCC. The agent said to allow 14 days for the refund (I suspect it will be a bit longer). Our 50% penalty date was March 31, so we were getting a bit worried. It appears now that if we passed that we would've gotten 50% as a FCC, and 50% as cash, based on what we got pre-penalty. That was not made clear in the email from HAL extending the cancellation special terms to cruises before July 31. We decided to cancel, even though there may be bennies to wait for HAL cancellation. At this point, with all that's going on, we wanted a cash refund rather than a lot of FCC. We really wanted to go on the cruise, but hopefully we will get another chance.🙂
  4. Thanks for your information and suggestion; the form seems well thought out. The add-on details about changing your mind on your option seems generous, too. Only wished they had explained what cruises were covered, by date...but then it would be almost perfect!
  5. As I understand you, this form is just for guests booked on the cruises cancelled during the 30 day period after March 13th?
  6. Yes, it does appear to be snowballing for not allowing the cruises before July 1 to go forward...guess we will just wait for HAL to make a statement. Thanks for your perspective.
  7. That's what I have seen also, but the whole thing is very confusing. My email from HAL earlier this month only mentions the cancellations (by us, I guess) up to 48hrs before the cruise (if it goes forward for some reason) will all be for FCC only. I guess the cancellation by HAL refunds will be different; that's where the decision lies. Maybe it will be clearer by the end of the month...
  8. I think you are wondering the same thing I am: sure, we can cancel our cruise (that leaves on June 1) from Vancouver (maybe), 48 hrs. before, but then we will just get FCC for our whole payment, it appears. If we cancel before the 50% penalty date (ours is March 30th), we should get a full refund to our credit card(s) less deposit. Is this not how everyone else reads the email from HAL extending cancelling to July 31st cruises? If HAL cancels the cruise after our 50% penalty date, then we will only get 50% refunded to CC and 50% FCC, as I see it. And the longer it takes, the FCC will go up and cash down. So we have to guess at what to do, including the chance that Canada may change it's mind and reopen the ports and our cruise will go on without us....🤔 P.S. I just read another thread started by MudderBear with a reply that suggests he/she is looking for a "better offer". I'm not looking for that, I really just want to go on the cruise, but I don't want a giant FCC that I can't use since we cruise once a year or so, and already have one booked, so can't use the FCC for it's full value, unless you can use it for more than one cruise.
  9. If you can't (or don't want to) get a MD ok, how do you get a refund for cash? Maybe you don't want a FCC.
  10. If this cruising "ban" goes through, I hope we will get all our money back, especially since it's after final payment....
  11. As far as I know, there are 21 cases now on the Golden, most of them--19--crew members. The person who died was on the previous cruise, not this one.
  12. Yes, it would be good to confirm the pay date extension. I just checked the HAL website and the last 2 sentences about June cruises have not yet been added to their current Coronavirus cancellation policy up to May 31st.
  13. Not sure if I did this right, but the attachment below explains HAL's new policies up to March 31, 2020 cruises. At the very end is a statement about June cruises. The final pay date is moved to 60 days ahead of the cruise. Of course, we've already paid, since our final date was March 3rd....oh well, hope this helps you. The title of the thread on the HAL CC posting was "Will HAL now match Princess' new virus cancellation policy" , in case my attactment is unreadable. I think the below post is on page 5. P.S. I guess my attachment worked, it's below....twice. 🙂
  14. Thanks for the info! Just read your post...I have Apple-will try to get the app.
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