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  1. The CDC was told by the President they could not extend the No-Sail order until February 2021. Well those of us who love and miss cruising, welcome to how the bureaucracy in "the swamp" works. The CDC has struck back with a vengeance after their decree to extend their No-Sail order to February 2021 was rescinded. How dare you challenge the scientist/bureaucrats of the CDC. The CDC has created an almost impossible pathway to resumption of cruising from U.S. ports. This should drive this industry out of our country and quite frankly how can anyone blame the industry for setting up in the Ba
  2. We all have computers and can check what is said on a social media site. Seeing as you obviously cannot figure that out I will help you. From www.Defense.gov DOD COVID-19 Cumulative Totals Cases Hospitalized Recovered Deaths Military 47,117 625 32,022 8 Civilian 10,650 448 6,922 60 Dependent 6,300 133 4,459
  3. No way!! The pandemic is OVER! We now have a "casedemic." The number of cases, which is greatly exaggerated, is making the death rate, which is also exaggerated, plummet. I am sure this argument has been made many times here but here are some stories you will not hear because they don't exist: "Military ravaged by Coronavirus." As of last week there were, hold your breath, 8 deaths of active duty and reservists. Most deaths are from the 1.4 million reservists, with only a few among the 1.1 million active duty members. "Coronavirus ravages Sub-Saharan Africa." In countries that are ext
  4. The source of this story is irrelevant once it makes its way to the mainstream media. The Story in today's Miami Herald may very well be picked up by others and with the less than favorable spotlight that has been on the cruise industry since before Covid much less since the constant pictures of the Ruby Princess in Japan, the industry has a tough road ahead to remain solvent. Those of us who frequent this board are predominately folks who love cruising and want it to flourish again, however if the industry cannot attract new cruisers and those new to cruising they will have a difficult tim
  5. https://www.cruiselawnews.com/ An article on this site describes the situation with tens of thousands of crew members trapped on cruise ships for over two months. When this story makes it to the mainstream media the cruise industry will have a serious problem recovering from this terrible news. Crew member "apparently" jumping to his death? CEO's not willing to spend to charter an aircraft to get them home? Protests among crew members? The Miami Herald ran the story "Thousands of Crew Members Still Out to Sea" in today's, 17 May, edition. This is not good for future cruising.
  6. The CDC, a misnomer if I ever saw one, will never approve of the return or large ship cruising anytime in the near future. The abuse of power of this bureaucratic governmental agency will be continued as long as they can find enough media to report the hysteria. Cruising has been a target for quite some time with front page headlines anytime a ship has an infectious outbreak. Cruising will be a thing of the past except for the wealthy who can afford the fare that will have to be charged in order to make a profit on ships sailing at 50% capacity.
  7. A meal taking at least 1.5 hours is called "Dining", a very special event and not readily available or possible in this day and age.. "Eating" is what you do every day and is usually accomplished while driving, watching a sporting event or television, yelling at the kids, etc. My most unfavorable observation is that RCI has chosen to encourage and accommodate those who choose to "eat" in the MDR verses the dining experience they once provided decades ago when we began cruising.
  8. Broadway shows on Oasis ships are a draw, we have seen them all and "Cats" was by far the least attended, especially after intermission. "Grease" on Harmony was probably our next least liked show but we found the water show and ice show on Harmony to be dark and not as good as the shows on the other ships. In addition Harmony had this weird guy(?) spinning in a dress in the stage show and even the water show. Really strange. Does Harmony still have this act as part of their current shows?
  9. We have always used the Avis Rental Car return and free shuttle to the ship from Pier 66 but just discovered that Pier 66 is closed for renovation. Where is the closest Avis Return with Port shuttle now?
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