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  1. I was trying to see what I'd like to pre-order and have in my cabin. I have always ordered water bottles and diet gingerales and wine. I do not see the sodas anywhere. Is it possible that you can do this anymore? Thanks for any information.
  2. We are set to sail on the Radiance next August 31 - September 6. I have to say, some of the reviews of the other two refurbished ships was making me a bit nervous. Possibly, we are going at a time when some of the kiddos are back in school and that would cut back a bit on the crowds. We are the "go with the flow" type so it would have to be really bad for us not to have a good time on any ship. I've also found that what some complain about wouldn't necessarily be a complaint of mine. I love our itinerary for this cruise to Bermuda and the dates of it work for us perfectly. Two wins right there!
  3. Thank you so much!! It will be cutting it close as we are leaving NY on 8/31/20 and will be arriving in Bermuda 9/2/19. This could possibly be the last night of Harbour Night. I see the last date for this year is 9/4/19. Fingers crossed!!
  4. Thank you everyone! Sorry, I'm a planner and enjoy planning out our next cruise! We are not going until next August out of New York. I will definitely look into taking the ferry over to Hamilton! I just need to see how late the ferries run back to the Dockyard. Great idea!!
  5. Thank you. Unfortunately FTTF is not going to offered for this cruise and we are not Diamond or Platinum. Not crazy about carrying my CPAP machine around the ship if our cabin isn't ready, but they won't let me pack it in my checked bags.
  6. Hi we are sailing out of NYC (driving to the port) I will need to bring a CPAP machine. I've searched the carnival website and know that it must be carried on and not checking in my suitcase. My question is how many carry-ons can I bring on? I wanted to do some canned soda and wine in another, as well as my personal bag with my documentation. Would that be Okay?
  7. We are arriving at 5:00pm, on a Wednsday. We will be there for two nights. What are some suggestions as to what to do and what will be open the first night we are there?. Any recommendations for a Sunset dinner?
  8. Is New York one of the departure ports that don't offer it? Looking to cruise on the Radiance August 2020 and I believe it said it will not be offered.
  9. Can I ask why you can not start using Cheers when you board sailing out of New York?
  10. Thank you so much! Exactly what I wanted to know!
  11. Thinking of booking on the New Radiance for AUG 2020 (It is the Victory being refurbished) . Leaving NY and heading to Bermuda. 6 day cruise. Can anyone tell me should I book our balcony cabin on the Port side or Starboard side. We enjoyed our 1st balcony so much on the dream that we want to have it on our next cruise! Thanks for any input!
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