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  1. We are thinking of booking a Christmas cruise on the NCL Epic, but my son needs to be at a seminar later in the week. Would they let him disembark in Grand Caymen or Cozumel so he could fly to his seminar?
  2. I just read “offer is not valid at Harvest Caye, restaurants or venues”. Does that mean you cannot use your UBP in these places?
  3. Thanks all. Yes, it’s still there today til July 2. With 28 and 23 year old sons, it’s worth it!
  4. We are just in the beginning stage of planning our family Christmas cruise, but the current promotion (ending today) includes free beverage package for inside cabins. Is this the norm for NCL that when offering the beverage package it includes inside cabins? Not quite ready to book, but this would save us a ton on my sons’ cabin!
  5. Colorado Gurl... We were just in St. Kitts last week and my 22 and 27 year old sons did this hike. They are quite fit, we have family in Colorado and regularly visit. Two years ago they climbed three 14ers in a week. They did not like this hike, said it’s an overpriced disappointing view at the top, literally snapped a few pictures and ate a protein bar, and turned around to hike down. We went to Reggae Beach, and had a blast! (I can recommend the mango coladas, coconut shrimp and the aloe massage!) My son said save the hiking for Colorado and go to the beach!
  6. Our waiter cautioned us the night before not to hold the monkeys; they bite. Well, my 46 year old cousin wanted to hold one, and sure enough, she got bit last week! I wouldn’t risk it!
  7. Wow, what an amazing holiday cruise! thanks everyone!! Merry Christmas!!
  8. We have cruised before over Christmas, but never with Celebrity. Will there be any type of Christmas Eve service? A Christmas Ugly sweater party? Any organized caroling? Are cabin doors magnetic? I'm looking to decorate cabin doors. thanks in advance!
  9. I wonder the same. We are scheduled to be there on Christmas Day, from 3:30-11pm. If electricity is still a problem, that could be a big problem with our evening visit!
  10. It was good... My husband really got his money worth with the all you can eat. Best blueberry cheesecake I've ever had. Boat ride was good, you see an eagle and nest, and see the crab pots pulled up. Here's a tip... Don't start dozing off from that full tummy and soft engine noise and rocking of the boat, or you'll be the one hauling up the crab net. Trust me!
  11. My whale's tail necklace carved from a wooly mammoth tooth from Ketchikan.
  12. Sorry some pics are so big, I think I may need a cruise critic lesson on how to post, and some of it may be over my head. :confused::confused: Iphone pictures seem to have posted better than my husbands real camera.
  13. Another sea day, and disembark in Vancouver. We had an 8pm flight, and wanted to experience a day in Vancouver. Two of the couples had earlier flights and continued on to the airport. The four of us booked a private tour with Gabi, of BC Grand Tours. His eleven passenger van was clean, (he assured us it would be a private tour), he provided water, and took us around a very crowded Sunday in Vancouver showing us the highlights. We started at Capliano Suspension Park, the must-do on our list. We also saw several stops in Stanley Park, China Town, Gas Town, Queen Elizabeth Park, Cleveland Dam, and ate lunch on Grandville Island. He then took us to the airport. Great tour guide! It was a great trip. Alaska was on our bucket list, and when several friends said they were interested, we decided to tag along. The more traveling, the merrier. I never expected to say I would want to go again, I thought it was more of a “one and done, checked off the list” place, and I can honestly say, I want to go back! We were very blessed with our beautiful weather, maybe I may not be so inclined to say that if it had been seven days of rain. Until we meet again Alaska!
  14. Ketchikan. We disembarked and walked to the visitor center to get a map of the city. We walked through an area of beautiful gardens (we were amazed at plant species able to grow here), and onto Creek Street, continuing through Married Man’s Trail, and viewing the Salmon Ladder. Did a little shopping and hubby bought me a whales tail necklace made from woolly mammoth. We met up back at the ship for our excursion, the Wilderness Exploration and Crab Feast. Bus ride, and you either eat first and then do the boat portion, or vice versa. We ate first. Bring on the crab legs! It is Dungeness Crab, which I was not familiar with. Very good tasting. One in our group had several limitations, and they brought him a huge bowl of crab meat already cracked out of the shell, nice touch. My husband surely got his money’s worth!! The blueberry cheesecake for dessert was amazing. After dinner we boarded the wilderness boat. We stopped at an eagles nest, where the narrator guide whistled and called the eagle out. She then tossed a fish in the small lake, and the eagle flew down and retrieved it. She did this several times. It made for good pictures, but I was feeling like it really was spoiling the “natural” aspect of Alaska. Tip: even though your tummy is beyond full, and the purr of the boat engine and soft waves are making your eyelids heavy, don’t close your eyes for a second. Yes, I was the designated volunteer she picked to haul up the crab cage. It was interesting, and I was beyond petrified to hold one of them, but I did it! The only thing booking this excursion, you don’t know if your group is going to eat first or not. We did not eat anything after breakfast this day, just in case. One in our group asked the excursions desk and they told her we would eat last, and that was not the case.
  15. After returning to Haines, we took the local free shuttle bus and got off at the main street and walked a block to the local brewery, enjoying a local beer while relaxing on their picnic tables out back with great views. We then walked back to the ship along the waterfront. Juneau. We had scheduled whale watching with Harv & Marv. I had booked the 14 passenger boat because I didn’t want the chance of missing it with weather conflicts if I booked the smaller boat. They actually ended up putting hubby and I on the smaller boat with a family of four. On the short van ride to the marina, we saw over 30 eagles. I lost count! Amazing! We saw whales, tails, breeching and fins. The captains communicate with one another to find the best whale viewing of the day. Very cool! On the return shuttle ride to the ship, we had a photo stop to view Mendenhall Glacier. At this point, our plan was to grab the blue shuttle to Mendenhall, or do the tram if it was clear. It wasn’t clear, and I think we may have been “glaciered out”. Yes, I regret now that we didn’t go to Mendenhall and hike to the falls and on their trails. We opted for true Alaskan Fish and Chips and our new favorite, Alaskan Oatmeal Stout, at a local outside pub by the water, watching the sea planes come in and out, followed by a little shopping in town.
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