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  1. I guess we could say this is more of Viking treating us like adults who should know better. But you can’t fix arrogance and stupidity.
  2. We have an email/pdf version of the Viking invoice sent to us by our TA. The date our excursions are open for booking is on page three of that file.
  3. And once again that’s why having a TA is helpful. They speak the language! (Sorry, I’ll try to wait a few months before I make that recommendation again!) 🤓
  4. Two words: Travel Agent. Not a moral failing or an admission of weakness to use one -- a good one, that is.
  5. Well done, Segmenter! Keep ‘em coming!
  6. First, Jim et al, it’s always enlightening when you experts chime in with reliable information. Thanks for that. It really annoys me when landlubbers second guess a captain’s decision. Speaking of bow shape, what’s your take on the bow of the new Celebrity Edge? Finally, sorry about the game. Better to lose to someone like Dabo than some others out there. I’m not an alum, just a resident of the state but we always pull for the in-state teams — until they play each other. Then it gets tricky! 😉
  7. Thanks, dcassetta! Lovely! PTZ does good work.
  8. Just realized that because I’m in “no internet land” until Sunday (thanks to Hurricane Michael!) I can’t watch you sail away! Bummer! But still wishing you the bonest of Bon Voyages and excited to be armchair traveling with you!
  9. I’m looking forward to my second VWC - that’s Vicarious World Cruise. I’ve worked my way through the Roll Call and found lots of interesting people. One thing concerns me , though and I wonder if Jim has noticed this too: not a single reference to lemon drop martinis! Maybe I missed it. But seems to me, Jim, that this bunch has a bit of a way to go to loosen up as much as your crowd! 😉 To you all: have a wonderful voyage and don’t forget us VWC’ers who are hoping for lots of comments as you sail along. Oh, and one last comment for Jim: Roll Tide!
  10. Perfect response, Jim. And I would like to say to the OP that if by chance you allow yourself to enjoy the onboard experience and wish to travel again with Viking Oceans, I highly recommend you find a good TA and let them get the ulcers.
  11. Phil - that’s exactly my impression. I think Abe Lincoln said something along the lines of “a man is as happy as he makes up his mind to be.” Might as well go ahead and cancel.
  12. And as a side note, as we were researching our first river cruise, several years ago, it was customer service/central office issues like these that caused us to choose another line.
  13. And the Cruise Critic search function is great! :halo:
  14. I’ll just second what our esteemed Host Jazzbeau has said. We have a great TA who knows, as I have said here before, “the right words, the right questions asked in the right way”. Many on this board have had problems with the home office - to varying degrees. Ours was relatively minor but unnecessary. And as had been said before many times, the on board experience is worth the price, literally and figuratively. Get yourself a good TA, preferably one you can have a personal relationship with and who has a touch of pit bull. Makes life so much easier.
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