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  1. Note last sentence in the Chairman’s statement: “welcoming back travelers on SOME of our .. vessels”. We’re booked on a late August Passage to Eastern Europe (Danube river) trip. Keeping our fingers crossed that we’re in the next group to be accepted! Yes, Viking is marketing on steroids. But they have the product to back it up!
  2. We did a B2B a couple of years ago. St Louis to Memphis, Memphis to New Orleans to “finish” the river having done Upper Mississippi a few years before that. If I recall correctly (Ha!), we also received OBC for the hotel room we did not use in Memphis. We were also offered, at no charge, the premium excursion that included Graceland. We did not have to change cabins and were welcome to stay on the boat. Since we live within driving distance of Memphis and since my DH’s knee was giving him fits, we elected to stay on board. There were six or eight of us for lunch which we were asked to
  3. As has been said many, many times by many CC folk, the business side is entirely different from the on board experience. I wish Viking would get the message. (By the way, I grew up in Davidson.)
  4. “Iceland opens boarders” Sure hope they used an anesthetic. 😉 (Sorry. Couldn’t resist.)
  5. “Now I’m using a local TA who has an office with assistants and morecapabilities beyond just cruising, and booking for that specifically. They doprovide the ‘best pricing’ most of the time, and in fact beat many of the above. The help with pre/post stays that aren’t the standard cruise line hotels; theyknow about private tours and what transportation to use to various ports and so” Absolutely second this. We’ve known our TA since she opened her business 30+ years ago. She’s an expert at TA-speak - which words to choose and how to use them. I’ve observed several phone calls handl
  6. https://www.wjhg.com/2021/01/20/update-on-viking-cruises-set-to-dock-in-panama-city/ Reported today on local TV channel. Still in early planning stages. Please don’t confuse Panama City with Panama City Beach. Two different vibes.
  7. I don’t think I was ever young enough for that kind of “action” plus I was living in the northern part of the south at that time! 😉 The local government has worked very hard recently to quiet all that down. By the way - Roll Tide!
  8. This was on PC’s local news about a month ago but I was reluctant to comment. We have a place east of there past Mexico Beach. When I first heard this I checked the calendar but no, it’s not April 1st. Now, Jim, don’t make the easy mistake of confusing Panama City with Panama City Beach. Two different vibes. St Andrew Bay is off “old” Panama City. Granted, they are still recovering from the storm (Anybody remember hurricane Michael?) but they’re working hard at it with knowledgeable and imaginative leadership. It is an artsy little town with small funky restaurants. Sort of like Key We
  9. Well said, Char! It’s good to have permission to be grumpy - as long as we don’t make a career of it!
  10. When we did the Oslo-Bergen trip as an extension, Viking trucked the group’s luggage to Bergen. Had to have it outside our room late the night before. We took our carryons on the train with us. Very easy. That’s been two years ago so it wouldn’t hurt to check with the Tellus team just to be sure.
  11. http://www.fortlauderdalewebcam.com http://www.portevergladeswebcam.com Meanwhile, the Zaandam and Rotterdam are making their slow sad way into Port Everglades/Fort Lauderdale. (Look, Char - I did it! 😉 )
  12. Well, that didn’t take long. She’s back out in the general vicinity of where she was before. Still underway. Next port still listed as TBD on the Port Everglades port schedule.
  13. Right now she’s back at Port Everglades. Port schedule says departure is tomorrow at 6:00 with destination “TBD”. Maybe back to sea anchorage? My guilty pleasures are the port webcams offered by PTZ. The two that apply here are ftlauderdalewebcam.com and portevergladeswebcam.com. (Sorry I haven’t learned how to imbed a link but you guys know how to copy and paste, I’m sure!)
  14. There is a “pod” of eleven or so cruisers anchored off of Coco Cay in the Bahamas. Every night at 7:30 they all sound their horns just in greeting and to say they’re OK and thinking about the folks back home. The Viking Sky has been anchored off Fort Lauderdale for about a week. She came into Port Everglades and docked for 36-48 hours, probably for fuel and supplies - re Andy, a “technical stop”. She’s now back out about where she was before. You can look at fortlauderdale.com and with some patience move the map around to find her and others out there. Other port cams are available from
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