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  1. On the Sky now. No drawers added to closets.
  2. Jim and Phil are just jealous that there’s no JJack! Those tunics hide a world of sins!
  3. Be sure to verify where the Sky will be docked. When we boarded the Sea in Bergen two years ago she was docked at the industrial area, Jekteviken on Peregrina’s map. A nice walk to the tourist area from there but from the station, you deserve a taxi! 🤓
  4. Well, this is about to get interesting! Your neighbor’s advantage is that she is an experienced cruiser who does her homework and has a tolerant attitude. ( I’m about to travel with a group that includes both types - some that prepare and some that not only don’t but won’t in spite of my encouragement to do so. Argh!) I do wonder, however, about the two entirely different venues where pax were sent to await embarkation.
  5. “More refined passenger demographic” Oh my.
  6. And we also discovered that the Trip Summary is printable! Sometimes nice to have a hard copy.
  7. We are also on the Aug. 13, reverse itinerary, so hoping this thread will continue and “fill out”, so to speak. Having made the Bergen to Montreal trip two years ago - with Viking, early to mid-September - I can say, as others have, that the secret word is layers and expect the weather to change at a moment’s notice!
  8. Wow, Ropomo! That’s not only “half-full” but overflowing and with bubbles! Well done!
  9. I’d also like to add that we should all remember that anything you read on FB, plus about $3.00, will get you a latte at Starbucks! Yes, the Vancouver issue is difficult and I do feel bad that your trip is starting out on that note. We’ve had our own lesser, but similar issue - how did they not know about an international cycling event in our embarkation city that would fill all the hotel rooms for those on the pre-extension? When things like this happen, we always look at each other and say “Well, travel is an adventure!”
  10. Hence the concept of “eating is not a sterile process”! And I think it was Zitsky that laughingly said “Noro everywhere”. Well, in fact, yes. Also staph, MRSA, flu, E. coli, and so on. Defend yourself. Wash your hands. Before and after - everything, if you get my drift. This whole thread has begun to make me paranoid. ( I’m already old.) Of course, on our last/first VO cruise, this board made me paranoid about whether my wardrobe might possibly offend someone. At least there haven’t been any dress code questions lately. Maybe I’ll just pack a supply of bologna sandwiches and eat in my cabin. Wearing my jeans that I smuggled aboard. Sheesh. P.S. +1 to jiminyC, Dauntless and Gator
  11. Or as a friend of mine put it :a prepaid excursion “
  12. Washing hands after may be more important than before! Just washing hands several times during the day (due to handrails, etc.) and avoiding touching mouth/nose is a huge help. Hand sanitizer is not an equal replacement for old fashioned soap and water, though, in the long run. And as my MD husband frequently says: "Eating is not a sterile process!" Must admit that I'm a little surprised that Viking hasn't popped in on this subject.
  13. https://wordwrite.wixsite.com/passepartoutpart3 Check out this blog. Susan is on her second World Cruise as a single -- actually, it's her second cruise period! Great, fun writing, wonderful pictures. You might be able to contact her directly with your questions.
  14. I guess we could say this is more of Viking treating us like adults who should know better. But you can’t fix arrogance and stupidity.
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