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  1. Italy52, do you remember how soon before your cruise you received the email with your digital coupon book? Just want to know when I should start looking out for it. Thanks!
  2. The Princess CruiseHealth Protocols were updated today and everything’s been extended through Feb 28, 2022. https://www.princess.com/plan/cruise-with-confidence/cruise-health/frequently-asked-questions/us-cruises/
  3. I just bought 25 for our first Princess cruise. Are we unable to use them online to pay for our cruise?
  4. Same here! Confident enough that we booked our first Princess cruise for later this year. We are hopeful and excited!
  5. Thank you @SNJCruisers and @tylerzmommy. Just grabbed 2 $500 Carnival gift cards (since the $1000 are sold out). $500 cards were still available as of 9:36 am EST 1/26/20.
  6. I ordered a gift card on the 15th and I received it by UPS today. Hopefully yours will arrive soon!
  7. Thank you @rn4t5 for posting the Alaska menus (and thank you @ilovesparky13 for creating this post). I’ve also been searching for these with no luck!
  8. Effective January 1, 2020 Cheers will increase $3 per day on short (3-4 day) cruises. https://cruiseradio.net/carnival-increases-cheers-price-on-some-cruises/
  9. Yep! I must have edited my post just as you were posting!
  10. GIVEGIFTCARDS19 for 1000 points 19GIVEGIFTCARDS for 2000 points
  11. For anyone who’s already booked a class or looked at the schedule, can you tell me how long the classes are? Or if it depends on the class can you give me a range that you see offered? Thanks so much!
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