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  1. Thought I would check out the Empress since we are booked to BDA in June 28 2021 https://www.*****.com/2020/07/31/no-royal-caribbean-not-selling-empress-of-the-seas
  2. I'm trying to figure this out. We are booked in the YC and received a upgrade offer to the Royal Suite for a minimum bid of $2370pp..Fellow travelers booked in lesser experiences were offered the same offer minimum offer. I guess paying more for a cabin really doesn't effect the bidding process... Needless to say we won't bidding on nothing more than a larger cabin since we are already receiving the same perks.....
  3. Hi Laura Still no M&M for the 10/8/19 departure of the Meraviglia from NYC Any thoughts ???? Thanks
  4. I looks like they are selling the "YC experience" to anyone willing to buy it......Our cruise isn't until March 20 so we'll just chill until MSC decides how they will deal with YC passengers. Any pictures ????
  5. Hi Laura Will MSC be setting up a M&M for the Meraviglia once it starts its USA cruises ?? We have a group on the 10/8/19 NYC departure looking for a M&M and MSC has not set one up......Thanks in advance
  6. What restaurants are available for Black Card members on the Meraviglia..???
  7. We have a group on the 10/8 Meraviglia sailing, out of NY, asking about a M&M for our cruise. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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