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  1. Still not there -- but based on my conversation yesterday with corporate, I'm sure it'll show up soon. 😉 Glad you got yours though!
  2. UPDATE to my above post.... Finally, yesterday afternoon I received a call from RCI Corporate Office. The gentleman said the responses were overwhelming from people who chose the OBC rather than keeping the perk. (Clearly they underestimated the magnitude of making this change -- and the application of the customers' choices. Initially, after giving the option to keep the perk OR accept OBC, they only allowed themselves 7 days to apply any requested OBC.) The CSR Supervisor who stated that the hold-up was due to "another passenger" not having responded was inaccurate, and she would be corrected. She was also incorrect in saying "no OBC had been applied to any passenger accounts" as yet. In fact, they're working thru the list of those who opted OBC, and those will all be applied. She was correct that there isn't a published date by when all requested OBC will be applied, but he was able to look at my reservation and see that I am still on the list of those waiting for it to be applied to our accounts. My suggestion to him (and he agreed) is that Royal needs to send out an update to everyone to let them know that this process is more time-consuming than originally anticipated, but that the credits are being applied and will take several more weeks (or whatever) to complete. A little HONEST communication goes a long way in customer service.
  3. That's the exact line I read to the "supervisor" yesterday, and she said "there's nothing I can do".
  4. Not yet. And I called today. Spoke to a "supervisor". She told me "we actually have no anticipated date that this will be applied to passenger accounts. Another department handles this, and we can't get in touch with them directly." So I mentioned the two different emails from RC saying the credit would be applied on two different dates (first one was 9/20/19, second promised date was 10/11/19). She said "actually nobody has received the credit yet because ..." (and this I found this completely unbelievable so I had her repeat it 3X)... "another passenger hasn't responded to the email saying if they wanted the credit or the package, so nobody's credit has been applied yet." I literally shook my head when I heard it. I thought perhaps she was referring to the other person on my reservation (which didn't make sense either), so I asked for clarification. She repeated it two more times. "Another passenger" (singular, not plural) failed to respond. I then mentioned the deadline for responses which was October 4th. She agreed, but continued to repeat that "another passenger" and this time went further to say "on another sailing" didn't respond, so they couldn't apply the credits to anyone yet. When I told her i found that to be very odd, she went silent. Nothing was said for at least 30 seconds... then she said "there's nothing I can do". That was it. End of conversation. I was polite, she was polite, but absolutely no resolution. They went from promising it on a specific date, to moving the date, to telling me it would be applied that day (the 11th when I called because it wasn't yet applied) to telling me to be patient (on the 13th when it still hadn't been applied and I called again) to telling me there's no anticipated date that it will be applied and nothing can be done (today). Oh, and I forgot to mention that before I spoke to the Supervisor, the regular CSR who first took the call informed me that I already had received my $50 OBC. What he was seeing was a DIFFERENT $50 OBC in my account. After explaining this to him, he then put me on a 20 minute hold to confer with his supervisor. He came back and said I would have to be patient, there's a delay, but it would eventually be applied. I found this to be poor customer service all the way around, so much so that I got her name and penned an email to corporate to ask for clarification and voice my displeasure at having had to call multiple times asking for what had been promised, in writing, on two different dates. Crickets. No response whatsoever. Not even an 'thank you for emailing but there's nothing we can do'.
  5. With this latest "sale", my price is $200 more than it was a couple of weeks ago. You've gotta love this dynamic pricing.
  6. Great views from these last few balconies, but these views will change after the amplification unfortunately. The big purple slides will be obstructing.
  7. Ditto. We had the farthest aft on Deck 11 on Oasis a few years ago and it was wonderful. Noise wasn't an issue inside the cabin. We had a great view of the movie screens, the aqua theater, and the ship's wake. The only time we experienced noise was sitting outside on the balcony during certain times (shows typically) - but that wasn't ever late at night and didn't disturb us in the cabin at all. I was going to book the same cabin on Allure (post-amplification) but decided not to after doing a Harmony and Symphony google search of cabin views. Those ships have the Abyss slides, and those slides definitely do block some of the view. Oh, and the walk to the cabin is very, very long. But on the flip side, we didn't gain a single pound on that cruise!
  8. Can I ask what type of cabin category you booked into? (Inside, balcony, etc) Just curious which ones they're reclassifying. This would be incredibly frustrating. I hope you get a satisfactory resolution.
  9. If you love American Ninja Warrior, you'll have like 1,000 chances to see it.... on loop... all week long. 😉
  10. When we cruise next time I'll do the same thing. Met one on line that was extremely helpful. Unfortunately for me, i'm outside the window allowed for transfers for my upcoming cruise, but i'll def use him next time!
  11. Our laundry experience has also always been quite good with RCI. Always nicely folded and placed on the bed.
  12. Great pictures. Looks like a wonderful getaway. Ship looks to be in great shape.
  13. love the chilled soups and peach is my favorite too!
  14. Having never used Lyft or Uber to/from a cruise port, I'm wondering how this works. I've used Uber in downtown Atlanta a few times, but that was it, and the drivers almost always had a hard time communicating / understanding location for pickup. I'm wondering how it works at the cruise terminal where there are literally thousands of people trying to get rides. . . How does the driver find you in that sea of people w/ suitcases?
  15. My guess is many in CP balconies will take the OBC while most in BW will opt to keep the perks. Glad RCI stepped up amc corrected this.
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