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  1. Thank you so much Ann for your quick reply. I will check in the Dubai Festival City area for the hotels since you said it is close to the airport. And definitely i will look into Le Meridien too. I think in this forum. You had noted a private guide tour name. If it is still okay to this forum and CC. And if you dont mind to please mention again the contact of the private tour guide, if you have more than one please include all. Sometimes they get busy because thousand of cruise guests come in town. It is always nice to know more than one tour guide. You again are appreciated.
  2. Hi Ann, Thank you so much for your time and all the helpful suggestions/advises here. I will be in Dubai for 2 nights (after a cruise in 2020). My flight home to LAX, is early in the morning around 8.30AM. Please recommend a hotel near to the airport. At the mean time, I would like to do some tours too (first time in Dubai), or I dont need to be near the airport? Would the traffic be bad in the morning? Im grateful for your advises. lam
  3. Hi FDNY: please detail how did you get in touch with the tour company in order to inquire about their tours. Did you just email them? Thank you for sharing your experience.
  4. Thank you Ann. Such a good explanation. I keep these notes on my planner.
  5. Hi Ann, would you help me how to identify whether a "licensed money exch" name, or some types of their "initials". Thank you again.
  6. Thank you Ann: Since i had a bad experience about my ATM card, Im no longer carry ATM with me. Again, it is my choice. I lost my ATM in Europe. It cost me so much time to call home...long story short: I quit carry it. I just hope they have vendors/shops to do the exchange for me if I run low on Dirham$.
  7. Thank you H G. I just make sure I carry it more.
  8. Thanks Ann. BTW: I did check into the website of the DubaiPrivatetour company which you recommended it. I definitely use them. They have very high rating on Tripadvisor.com. I hope I will have the opportunity to do the review about them once im home. I will use them all the days that Im there. They noted on their website that they take both US dolalrs or local currency (great info.). Ann: what about the taxis? or restaurants? do they take US dollars? Just in case my Dubai local currency runs out? Please advise. I appreciate your help.
  9. Waking up this morning, and to learn of your new message here. It made me felt like im having a great day today. I am copying and paste your "hotel notes " here onto my planner page (I carry this along while travel, so I know what to do next). You have no idea how much you are appreciated. Your words are so kind and patience. Such a great contributor to this site. Actually the ship offers 3-4 nights stay with tour around Dubai and Abu Dhabi. It is apprx. $US1200 pp. The hotel is near to the harbor. I have the name of the hotel which i can google to view its location. Our group is 4 adults, we like to do a little more private, customized tours and just "us". Going with the ship will be on the big bus, things will be definitely slow down in the process. I do not have to be on the beach, or at the water, we come off from the ship (LOL), we see enough water. I also live in California, 10 miles from the coast line. Our other 2 friends live in Hawaii. I will take your advises to look at hotel in downtown Business area, or on Sh. Zayed Road. I hope I will find a great private tour guide which already recommended here. Hopefully we save some money to be able to bring back home some tiny gold piece of jewelry and proudly show off "it is from Dubai". Being an Asian, does Dubai city have Chinatown? I always want to visit each ChinaT in the nation that I stop by (LOL). I just want to see who has the best variety ethnic food and most fresh groceries. Thank you Ann! You are great.
  10. I agree with your comment, since you are there. Being a first timer visiting Dubai. I have no idea what it would be like. Dubai has been on my bucket list. Unfortunately, the cruise ship I choose to be sailing there, they do Apr-May always in Dubai stop. The past 2 years, their ship sold out fast within 12mos before the sailing date. I was hoping this cruise line would alternately dock Jan-Feb in Dubai. Nope, I guess it is the choice i made. Perhaps I can use the taxis service from point A to point B. I hope they have a mini van taxi. We are 4 adults. I remember I was in Las Vegas during August. The heat was so unbearable. As soon as I opened the hotel door, I felt that heat wave striked straight onto my face. Immediately I turned around and went back in the hotel. I waited until after 7PM, when the sun was slowly disappeared behind those desert mountains. Then I stepped out of the hotel, I could still feel the heat was in the air. It was around 104F. I just have to dress respectfully cool.
  11. Thank you H Grandma. Thank you for being so helpful and involved. Looking forward to more of your input.
  12. Thanks Sailco: I like to stay in the hotel that very central to things. If you can name a few hotels for me which are right at the bus or HoHo stops. That would be great. I thankyou for your help.
  13. Hi H Grandma, Thank you for offering to do the merging the 2 files in one proper location. I hope Ann can help to spell out the exact name of the link on this subject which previously created, then be merged with my thread here. In a way, it is a great idea, voiding the duplicates and repeats. Thank you so much again.
  14. Hi Ann, thank you again for your quick helpful note especially the dress code. I do respect people culture wherever I visit. It is good that I know what to pack, what to wear respectfully. There are some changes in our date. It was my mistake to say April 2019. Actually it is around May 15. We hope the private tour guide including car + driver (this is our plan) has air conditioning, that would help with the heat. I was going to ask you some of the hotel names. The link you provided has some posts with hotel names, hotel locations...etc..If you need to add more info. please do so. When I travel, I like the tourist areas, the hotel must be in the central where all conveniently to walk to, especially I am the first timer there. I appreciate it.
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