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  1. Thanks, we may do it that way instead but I think the Celebrity submarine + bus works out quite a bit cheaper over 5 people - no idea why it's so much cheaper than the submarine tour on its own. My son wanted to do it in December when we stopped at Grand Cayman but due to weather it was cancelled - we've promised him we'll try again this year
  2. I just used the customer service address and got a fairly quick response CustomerServiceUK@celebritycruises.com Although I'm sure I've seen a Captains club address before
  3. I had a similar issue for a submarine & bus tour in Barbados - emailed Captains Club to be told no lunch included, no break to have lunch and not allowed to take any food off the boat. Tour runs from 10.45 until 2.30 I think it was. I think we may take the tour since the combined submarine/bus tour is cheaper than submarine on its own for some reason - and just decide on the day if we skip the bus tour section and head back for lunch
  4. It is possible to download Netflix programming in the UK and watch them overseas, I'm just back from a trip where we did that. If you try to watch while connected to WiFi, you may get an issue as the default is streaming and it will notice you are not in the UK so won't get UK programmes (instead restricted to those available where you are) but as soon as you are off WiFi, it reverts to downloaded versions and they are available again. The downloads will expire a certain time after you begin watching them, but it is easy to refresh them with WiFi access in a port - no need to download again, it is just a re-connection that enables it again.
  5. Yes, they're very responsive to emails and they even price-matched one of the day room comparison site rates. I think we got the room for $105 plus taxes, came to about $117 total. That is for payment on the day and I think cancellation up to 24 hours beforehand. The bathroom is about the size of a standard stateroom on a ship! The airport shuttle runs every 30 minutes on the hour and half-hour but in our experience, if you're on the shuttle at 20-25 past, they will check for any other waiting guests then just take you round. Only 5 minutes or so to the terminal
  6. I can recommend the EB Hotel at Miami Airport, the rooms used for day rooms are the deluxe suites and they're huge. Nice quiet pool outside as well with comfortable loungers, we had it to ourselves just before Christmas
  7. We travelled to Hyatt Place 17th St from Miami Airport last month using Rideways - flight was delayed by over two hours but driver was there on arrival. Cost was around £55-£60 for an executive car - was around £5 for a standard car. Nice trip and he met us on arrival, took us to the car park then fetched the car to the nearest point of the car park to the terminal building. Coming back to a Miami Airport hotel from the cruise port, an Uber was $56 plus tip I believe and arrived within 5 minutes of being requested. For some reason Rideways was coming in at around £80 for this trip
  8. Thanks everyone. We're basing our quotes on two rooms
  9. Thanks, that's what keeps coming up in my research, lower numbers of kids so more attention. He'll love that! We're just off Regal Princess and the room the had for his age was great so hoping for something similar
  10. I'm looking at possibly booking the Southern Caribbean 11 nights on Equinox in October with my wife, my son (he will be 5) and my parents but have a few queries. Firstly, if I search for four adults and the family balcony cabins don't show in the results, does that mean they're booked or is this a cabin type reserved for 5 meaning you have to call for availability? Does anyone have experience in how this cabin tends to be priced compared with two standard balconies? We may prefer connecting cabins anyway. I don't spot any on the hump from a quick check, is that right? If so, would we be able to remove the partition between the balcony on neighbouring balconies on the hump instead? Also, are all connecting cabins connected by the front door joining together or do some have internal connections? Finally, does anybody have any information about the kid's club as in typical activities or pictures of the rooms /facilities for his age group? It's been over 5 years since we sailed with Celebrity so will be my son's first time but he has 2 with Royal Caribbean, 1 with Carnival and 1 with Princess so far and he loves cruising.
  11. Independence was the ship for our son's first two cruises (at 1 and 2) before the refurbishment and he loved it. Too young to be left at the kids' club at that age though. We're taking him to Cozumel this month and he chose the Atlantis Submarine tour - we're booked with the cruise line but they price matched the local tour operator https://www.cancunadventure.net/tours/atlantis-submarine/
  12. When I reserved through Value Trips they took a long time to confirm so I ended up emailing Hyatt and getting my confirmation from them before I got one from VT. I emailed Hyatt on Wednesday after reading this thread about my booking (for 8 December) as I checked the Hyatt website and booking.com etc to see that night was sold out. They have confirmed we have a room and have marked our booking not to be selected for relocation since we will be arriving around 9pm with a young child, having been travelling for around 17 or 18 hours when we arrive. I was updating them on our arrival time anyway since our flights were changed.
  13. I'm not on the ship but I believe that logging in is simply a function of holding the medallion to the reader, nothing more.
  14. We were on the inaugural cruise so TVs were there from the start but perhaps discovered in testing! I think people did get used to it but I do recall a few times still with people jumping in then asking if it was going to their floor.
  15. The UK Black Friday deal did not kick in until midnight (UK) time so perhaps the same for Canada - is it showing now?
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