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  1. I was booked on Barcelona to Dubai, November 6, we had paid for air deviation the first week in March and 9 days later we decided there was no way this cruise was going to sail and we cancelled. So glad we are not caught in the current waiting game. Regents actions regarding the rest of the 2020schedules are deeply disappointing.
  2. We were booked on this cruise , but we cancelled late in March one week after paying for custom air and booking our flights. We thought there was no way this itinerary was going to sail as far back as mid March. While not officially cancelled yet, I believe we were correct in our assessment of the situation.
  3. for all the comments that infer that hospitals are making money off of COVID, you should remember that 30-40% of hospital admissions are for people with no health insurance. Probably a higher percentage in minority communities. Im not trying to defend the practice but if you don't want the healthcare system to go bankrupt you have to have adequate income.
  4. I didn’t say that, try reading it again.
  5. Caroldoll, As a nation we needed a coordinated response on the national level. Leaving the 50 states to devise their own rules and plans is somewhere beyond stupid. and that’s where we are today
  6. Not surprised at all. I don’t know how any cruise line could plan an itinerary under these conditions. While I would expect periodic adjustments to these lists I wouldn’t expect a turn around for US tourists until we get our COVID 19 situation under control.
  7. One thing that has not been mentioned is the amount of time that a passenger would be required to wear a mask while in transit. Arrive at departure terminal 3 hours before flight, 10 hours airborne, 2 hours connection time at another terminal, 2 hour flight to embarkation city. Thats approximately 17 hours of wearing a mask. And that’s for an easy flight from east coast to Europe. Not going to do that. Ship board protocols seem easy compared to that.
  8. We are based in Woodstock. July 4th is at Rocco’s Pub in Jasper. 25 miles from me, 50 miles from downtown Atlanta. We are Red White and Blues Band/Woodstock, look is up on Facebook and Reverbnation.
  9. the thing is most musicians recoil at letting a stranger play their instrument. I wouldn’t like to be asked , but it’s a nice idea. Sometimes it works well. Clapton is a particular favorite of mine, has been since the BluesBreaker days.
  10. Thanks for the tip on Soul Tramp, I’m pretty happy with my lineup. My amps need to be able to from clean to mean with just the use of the volume on your guitar. Sounds simple, but difficult to achieve while keeping the output constant. But I’m an amp slut so I’ll check them out. TrulyBlonde, our current set list includes One Way Out, Southbound,Whipping Post. we used to do Midnight Rider and Blackhearted Woman but haven’t played those in awhile.
  11. Dolebludger, agree you don’t need a lot of power in most cases. I only bring out the heavy stuff for outdoor gigs where you can open the throttle. Most of my club gigs have house sound and I usually have a mic on the cab so low power works well. Im sort of a purist, just guitar and amp, no pedals. Google Khan Pak amp, 2 models single channel runs $900, 2 channel is $1200. Its an amazing piece of engineering considering the size. I like your idea on the music room. Unfortunately mine is on the second floor.
  12. Hi Dolebludger, Im mostly a blues/rock guy, and yes I insist on using a good tube amp. Sold the 4x12s and 2x12s years ago. Now I use a head and 1x12 cab made of lightweight pine (Bob Burt Custom Cabs). The heads can be a bit heavy, mine run from 38 to 45lbs (Komet Constellation, Louis Electric KR 12, Bluetron Bluedrive) all of which sound great, but my main head these days is 6 1/2 lbs, all tube, the Khan Pak amp, 18 watts. I also own a pristine 1964 Fender Deluxe Reverb, almost showroom condition, incredible sound but it doesn't leave the house. Ive recently gone into a lot of acoustic these days . I figured my gigging days are closing and wanted a nice acoustic to play at home. Picked up a Boucher OM (Canadian builder) and have enjoyed relearning a lot of Beatles tunes and others from the 60s. Guitar has been a life long passion and even though Ive played since I was fifteen I was never able to do the band thing until I retired from the real world (corporate taxes) because as you know bands take time, work and commitment. BTW, I retired at 53 so Ive had a good long run with music to fill the time. I used to tell people that when you get on stage its an adrenalin rush and you almost feel like you are 25 again, except you play better than you did at 25. and yes love cruising, really hate missing the Barcelona to Dubai itinerary in November.
  13. Not exactly a hobby , but my band starts rehearsals Thursday for a July 4th gig. I semi retired from playing out after our New Years Eve show and the band has been dormant since then. Time to get the cobwebs out and get back on stage, after a long layoff it should be interesting. Most people don’t realize it but this is a physically demanding activity requiring moving hundreds of pounds of equipment and then standing for 3 or 4 hours with a guitar hanging around your neck. Takes some effort when you are 69. BTW, this is blues/rock, southern rock.
  14. Paragraph 12 of the Ticket Contract is tItled Guest Detention. It appears to state that in the case of quarantine all additional expenses are on the passenger.
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