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  1. I just received the book now pay later brochure for Oceans cruises in 2020 & 2021. Apparently the promo is for the month of October only with final payment 6 months prior to departure. I think Viking is experiencing a certain amount of push back from the buying public on their policy of requiring final payment 12 months or more in advance. Not surprised, I expect that in the end they will extend the promo.
  2. I just read that if you want to visit Komodo, there will be a $1000 charge pp. Apparently this will give you access for a twelve month period. There will be a lesser charge to visit neighboring islands. stay tuned these aren’t Regent charges
  3. we had the opposite timing issue when we disembarked Hong Kong, this past April. Instead of getting off the ship in the morning we booked a red eye out of Hong Kong, 12:20 am through Viking Air. We received written confirmation in our stateroom advising us to show up at the Explorers desk at 8:30pm for our transfer. When we showed up (one other couple was there with similar plans) we were met with blank stares. They were not expecting us. It took about 15 minutes for the staff to get things organized and they provided a nice limo for the transfer. This episode taught me to double check with the staff if you have an unusual departure time a day before departure.
  4. Keith, thanks for the pictures, they illustrate my point exactly, you can only see the ocean/sea when standing. This is a major drawback, size notwithstanding.
  5. something that has not been mentioned regarding the 213 square foot room - on Serenity if you are sitting on the tiny sofa or on the edge of the bed you cannot see the ocean. The solid white metal panel below the promenade deck rail completely blocks your view. Unless things have changed you cannot enjoy a cocktail or coffee in your room and view the ocean. If you want a sea view you have to stand. The window is large enough but the seated view is non existent. Things may have changed since I was on board 4 years ago, but if not you should be aware that the actual sea views are not there, unless you are standing.
  6. Just wanted to add a brief recap of our debarkation from Orion in Hong Kong , April 2019. We had booked a red eye flight from Hong Kong to Seoul departing 12:20am in order to catch a non stop Seoul to Atlanta flight next morning. Our reasoning was the last night on board was all about getting ready to go home so if we left the ship around 9pm we would miss the big crowds. Air was booked through Viking and we received a notice in our room a couple of days prior to departure to show up at the Explorers desk at 8:30 for transfer to airport. We showed up with all our baggage, one other couple was there as well for similar flight arrangements. The people at the Explorers desk had no idea why we were there. We told them we needed transportation to airport which was met with blank stares. After the staff disappeared for a few minutes they returned and said they would call a cab. At this point I advised that we were on Viking Air and the transfer was on them. A few more minutes of confusion and were escorted off the ship with the other couple and had a very nice limo provided for our transfer. My only point here is that if you have an odd departure time you should probably remind the staff a few days prior about your transfer needs.
  7. tubeamps


    My favorite wake up coffee was using the machine in World Cafe. I always started with a double shot of espresso and top the cup off with cappuccino. Perfect.
  8. Angkor Wat was the only paid excursion we took. It was 4 nights, included r/t air from Bangkok, lodging and all meals gratuities, cost was $2k pp.
  9. we are somewhat similar, our last Regent cruise was 2013 and was a great cruise (the Med), our more recent sailings have been on Crystal and the last 2 on Viking. We are currently booked on Regent Nov 2020, Barcelona to Dubai. I think it will be difficult to get an exact apples to apples comparison but let me share my most recent Viking cruise to my Nov 2020 cruise. Viking: 14 day cruise Southeast Asia, we used Viking Air and paid for upgrade to business class. We also did a 4 day precruise to Angkor Wat but I will not include those charges in the comparison. For cruise and BC air we paid approx 21k for room and 4300/pp air putting us at 29600, plus 560 for drink package, total approx 30,160 or 2154 per day, 1077 pp, per day. Room was penthouse junior suite. Gratuities extra, so approx $1100/ pp per day. For upcoming Regent cruise: 22 day cruise, one night comp pre cruise lodging in Barcelona. Cruise is 31,400, concierge D. No additional charges for BC air, gratuities, drinks. This comes to approx 1365/day or 682/pp pre day. I used 23 days since extra night is included. Not easy for apples to apples , but a good ballpark estimate for your thoughts.
  10. I've been on Serenity and Regent Mariner, these comments are just my opinion. For staterooms Regent hands down. If you have the misfortune of having a room without a veranda on Serenity be prepared for NO sea views. Yes there are large windows with a nice new of the solid metal railing on the Promenade deck. You cannot sit and have a drink or a cup of coffee and see the ocean unless you stand. In addition the tiny sofa/loveseat is suitable to sit two munchkin sized people, not normal sized adults. As to the mantra often heard around here that you don't spend much time in your room anyway, I call this a distraction from the reality, a nice room with real ocean views is always nice, especially on longer cruises. Food, we preferred Regent across the board. Finally a big plus for Regent is the more casual dress code. No need to carry a tux, dark suit, tie etc. From the male perspective this is a big plus. Im no cruise line cheerleader, my last two ocean cruises have been on Viking, which we enjoyed, next one is on Regent Explorer.
  11. On a 14 night Viking cruise we had lobster in the MDR twice, no separate charge.
  12. Agree about Dr Freedman. We were on the Bangkok to Hong Kong segment and all of his lectures were filled to capacity. He was simply the best.
  13. My recent experience was using Viking Air for Southeast Asia cruise from Atlanta. Not sure of exact amounts, but we paid approximately $4200/pp which was 1300 for standard air plus 2900/pp for business class. We also customized our flight selections which added an additional 1500/pp for the flights we wanted. Total hit for round trip business class with only one stop each way was around $5700/pp. The least expensive direct purchase option for the flights we wanted was $7000/pp, we do not have miles to supplement. in our case Viking Air was a good choice.
  14. We just concluded our Southeast Asia cruise on Viking and we booked it approximately 20 months out and our final payment was 6 months prior to sailing. This was booked before the changes in policy. I don’t like the early pay in full policy, however if the itinerary was what we wanted we would probably do it. For a non mega ship comparison we just booked Regent Explorer for Egypt, the Med and Dubai in November 2020. Deposit was 15% and final payment is due 5 months before sailing.
  15. Thanks for the responses, we put a full deposit on the concierge D and asked to be wait listed on all PH categories. Regent said we didn’t need to put any additional deposits for the wait list. Explorer looks like a very nice ship and we are looking forward to returning to Regent.
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