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  1. Yes, it is a cary new world! It uncharted territory that world has never seen and will affect most areas of our lives for the foreseeable future. If I'm being honest, Im a bit leery about cruising again this year. We are booked in Sept, and Ill wait until final payment is due before making a decision on canceling and possibly rebooking for 21, or continuing with our sailing this year, assuming the industry is back on its feet by then.
  2. Well we're not that young (40's), not wealthy (but make a comfortable living), not skinny (but not not really fat), do have good knees for the most part, do tend to travel a bit heavy at times, and I do have an aversion to swimming pools. Hopefully they let us on the ship still! LOL! 😆😃
  3. Thats exactly what Ive been looking for, thanks! I can see a lot of traditional elements on the ship, as well as a lot of more modern, urban-chic touches. The spaces also seems a lot more "social", which may be good, or bad. Well, we love X and booked 3 months ago on a September sailing on Virgin so I believe there will be some crossover, at least in the beginning. At least out of curiosity if nothing else. I wonder if Virgin will introduce different/longer itineraries after their first year? If you call to book your reservation, they will let you choose your cabin, thats what I did.
  4. LOL! Just look for 40-something old man with my walker and pants up to my arm pits talking about "the good old days".
  5. Well, aint that something! LOL!!! 😆
  6. What? I had not heard that before. That will be an attraction to some, and another reason to avoid VV for others.
  7. I am willing to admit when I am wrong. I just looked at our booking and see the Alaskan sailing is closer to $2400/pp, 7 nights in Aqua with all 4 perks. While this is a good deal, you are correct, it is more than a Caribbean sailing.
  8. When I booked our 5-night on VV, I paid $1075/pp for a Central Sea Terrace cabin (+ taxes). For a similar Caribbean sailing, though 7-nights, on X in Aqua it usually costs us between $1400-2000/pp. Perhaps a Concierge cabin is more comparable? I don't recall ever saying VV was less expensive than any mainstream line. I just checked VV and the same cabin/sailing has gone up to $1400/pp for 5 nights. I would think twice about paying almost $3k for 5 nights. For a more apples to apples comparison, a 5-night Caribbean on X in a Concierge cabin (April compared to September) is ~$900/pp with 3 perks. So I agree, at current rates VV is much more expensive. There is a chance I wont like VV after trying it, but I'm willing to take that chance. Or, maybe it'll be exciting? I've never been to a Hedonism/Sandals/etc resort, I dont have tattoos and have honestly enjoyed every X cruise we have been on, but that doesn't mean a new experience might not be fun!
  9. I've only sailed Azamara once, but being in our 40's I found we were the younger passengers onboard. It was an superb experience and we plan to cruise Azamara again in the future. I'd love to sail VO, but when I have checked I've found the prices to be much higher than Celebrity and more inline with Azamara, or even more expensive. My assumption is VO is a "superior" product to Celebrity with smaller ships, more inclusions, more upscale, and more varied itineraries. But I thought they were more of a Luxury line, compared with Celebrity being a Prmium line? I guess I could have been more clear in my first post, by threat I did not mean that VV could/would lead to the demise of Celebrity. I was thinking more in terms of stealing market share, or causing Celebrity to possibly change the way they do some things.
  10. Yes sir, I did. The reason being the fare we are paying in Aqua for 7 days in Alaska is about the same as we have been paying for similar accommodations in the Caribbean. And both are 2020 sailings. Itineraries are apples and oranges, but in my specific case, prices are not. This is cruise only, not considering airfare/hotel.
  11. Nope, this is a new post. I wasn't aware of anyone else posting a similar topic. And, this is definitely not a promo for Celebrity or Virgin. I have no affiliation to either line, travel agency, etc. I am a loyal Celebrity customer who is also going to give VV a try this fall. To each their own, but I wasn't overly impressed with Edge when we sailed. The decor was very nice, and so were the amenities, but I felt the design of the ship was to "inward facing" and not as open to the sea as it should be. It felt more like a resort hotel than a cruise ship. The Solstice class ships seems to incorporate the outdoors better, and the larger atriums with the glass elevators bring the ship together instead of creating a number of separate spaces.
  12. First, let me say my wife and I have been loyal to Celebrity (10 sailings so far), and Azamara (1 sailing). I have also been on Carnival and Norwegian. I love Celebrity, and the experience you get onboard. I have to be honest I was not that impressed with the Edge and am in no hurry to go back on her or the Apex, I much prefer the Solstice ships and even the Millenium ships. The Summit with the revolutionizing was excellent! We will continue to book the "old" ships whenever possible. The one thing Edge had is the decor, and Im glad to see that coming to the entire line. Anyway, after hearing the hype and looking into it I became very intrigued by Virgin Voyages and what they have to offer. We are in our 40's, a bit older than their target some would say, but I've heard they are for the young at heart regardless of age. The decor, cabin design, deck plans, array of eateries and bars, etc are all much more modern (in a hip way) than Celebrity and most other cruise lines. A huge bonus is no kinds onboard, though Celebrity does a good job of keeping kids entertained. Lets not forget the free beverages, free wifi, free gratuities and no up-charge for specialty dining as well as 24hr food and drinks on VV. On a per day basis, our Sept Caribbean sailing on Virgin is no more costly than our upcoming June Alaska sailing on Celebrity Solstice. I'm very excited for our Virgin cruise in September honestly. My long winded point/question is do you think this "new" way of looking at cruising will have an impact on more traditional/main stream lines like Celebrity? Will it affect their bottom line? Will they be more likely to offer "all-inclusive" fares (beverages, wifi, gratuities) as standard? I know that they offer the various perks depending on sailing, but it's not quite the same thing. Will they look for way to bring a more "hip" crowd to the brand?
  13. Im a huge fan of Celebrity, even enjoyed Azamara. We are booked for the 9/3/20 sailing, so we'll see how it goes.
  14. Be sure to post your opinion after you get back. We've been on over 10 Celebrity and 1 Azamara cruises and have had the exact opposite of yours. Food was always very good, most trips had very few kids running around, the comedians were good about 75% of the time and many of the shows were good. We did Cuba on Azamara, and so glad we did hile it was still an option! It was a great experience.
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