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  1. We always book aft cabins if we can get them for the same reasons already stated above. They are getting more difficult to book especially on the Edge class ships most likely due to them being the few cabins with real balconies.
  2. Another vote for Eden. It’s a unique experience with delicious food. If you’re able to request a table at the window you have an amazing aft view which I always love.
  3. I wish I was there!! I’m curious if there’s anything at all different with Apex compared to Edge. I feel like they are practically identical (I imagine the artwork is probably different) but would be interested to hear any differences you notice throughout your cruise.
  4. In theory, yes you can just show up and if they can seat you, they will…..especially in the main dining rooms. Having said that, reservations are encouraged if you want to try the other dining rooms and its fairly easy to do on the app if I recall. (I sailed on Edge July 2019 so it’s been a while). For specialty restaurants I would definitely make reservations. Eden in particular as it booked up quickly and has limited seating. We could only get a late reservation at the steakhouse and thought we’d try to go earlier just to see. We showed up an hour early and they sat us immediately,
  5. There really is a happy medium between some discomfort of feeling out of place and discomfort of “dressing up”. It doesn’t take a lot of effort AND women have it sooo much easier than men. Bare legs, bare shoulders, toes exposed…..all acceptable. I think people on this thread have given some good advice and ultimately the only thing that matters is that you have a good time,
  6. I like both NCL and Celebrity, but if I had to be loyal to just one, I’d pick Celebrity. Better food, less kids, nicer cabins and an elevated level of sophistication from decor to clientele. I really despise formal wear, and agree that while on vacation, comfort is everything. With that said, you’re outfit in the first picture is inappropriate for any kind of fine dining experience, but to me also looks incredibly uncomfortable for warm weather cruising. Jeans aren’t the issue. A nice cotton/linen top does wonders for comfort and style without compromising you doing you. Agr
  7. My favorite cabins (SV) sold out yesterday on the main itinerary I wanted. People seem to be booking the Beyond,. I’m kinda bummed. I’ll keep checking as I know some people may cancel. On another note, Beyond looks amazing, but does anyone else feel a little bad for Apex? She’s the middle child who’s younger sister is getting more attention before anyone has even been able to experience her.
  8. If it was a cruise to nowhere in the Caribbean, I'd do it in a heartbeat. I've seen most of the islands and while I can't wait to go back, 7 days at sea sounds lovely to me. As for kids, one thing I love about X is it's reduced appeal for young kids. I can't imagine taking young kids on a X cruise to nowhere. I think they'd get bored. There are plenty of more "kid friendly" cruise lines to take them. So yes, fully vaccinated should mean fully vaccinated. Even more reason to keep the kids away for a while.
  9. I was in a SV cabin on deck 9. I went back and looked at my picures and I surprisingly didn't take a photo of the balcony. I always do. Anyways, I think you will be very happy with the cabin. Be thankful that you have one booked as they are in high demand on the Edge and Apex given they have true balconies which are in short supply on these ships. I personally loved the Edge and can't wait to go on her or Apex again.....in a SV cabin.
  10. The show is kinda silly, although I do think it has some potential. It was sort of interactive with a weird tribelike feel. Some of them reminded me of Game of Thrones. I sailed in July 2019 and the lunch area didn't open all week. I'm not really sure why, Having said that, Eden was one of our favorite places on the ship. We found it quiet in the day, a relaxing place to sit with a drink and stare out to sea. Dinner there was also one of our favorite meals on the trip....perhaps of any cruise we've been on. I believe it was a $60 cover so it should be good. Can't wait to go back so
  11. I was lucky to get a Sunset Veranda cabin on the Edge earlier last year, as I had no desire to stay in the infinite veranda cabins. I loved it. Now when I search for future cruises on Edge or Apex, its very difficult to find any available Sunset, and when I do, they are at a much higher premium than when I booked that first one. Obviously Celebrity realized the demand was high for a true balcony and thus the increase in price,
  12. I frequently look at prices for various itineraries I'm interested in, Europe, Hawaii, and Caribbean for mid 2021. ALL of them are much more expensive than they were pre COVID. One crazy example was a cruise next May from Honolulu to Vancouver....Sunset Veranda was around $5200 for 2 people with all 4 perks. Now its $9033. Crazy....that's a whole 2nd cruise I could take. It certainly doesn't seem they are trying to lure cruises by pricing. It's actually deterring me at this point.
  13. Prices are back up to what they were. That was a short lived sale.
  14. Pricing appears to be changing. I’ve been watching a 5 night cruise in October.....looking at an XL Sea Terrace or the Seriously Suite. The XL terrace was $2500 per cabin and is now $1875. The seriously suite was $3900 and is now $2975. That’s a pretty big difference. The Cuba loss was a huge loss. I would’ve been booked months ago if Cuba was in the mix. I’ve been waiting to see how things look as I’ve been quite torn on some of the ships features, and am glad I waited as things seem to be changing a bit price wise. Also I know it’s hurricane season and perhaps some of these aren’t se
  15. Agree...some of the restaurants look nice. I will continue to watch updates especially as real sailors get onboard and post tours etc. besides my opinion on the decor (which I understand is subjective), I don’t get a feel that there’s a great connection to the sea unless you’re on the upper/outer decks. I haven’t ruled her out, I’m just not as thrilled so far as I’d hoped.
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