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  1. My opinion won’t help you be any less confused but I think it’s the best specialty restaurant we’ve been to. There have been a couple of dishes over the years that are on our top 5 list best dishes ever. Don’t miss this opportunity. GO!
  2. While I find beauty in the desert (have lived in Arizona for 40 years) all of our vacations are at a beach or ocean somewhere. Seemed fitting for a name.
  3. Made it through almost all posts and didn’t see my suggestion... We love the promenade that goes around the entire ship (especially the Coral). I’m fine with the proms that require you to go up a flight of stairs because they still go around the entire ship. The Royal class ships just have the walking path on the sports deck. Would love to see the full prom make a come back. I do have a question based on one of the comments about bringing wine on board. Can you no longer bring a bottle of wine per person to enjoy in your room without paying a corkage fee? I’ll admi
  4. Oh, to have the barrel chair, chair hogging issues again. Those were the days. We had a cruise scheduled on Celebrity and the discussion there was whether or not foot stools were no longer offered on balconies. We now travel with deflated beach balls just in case no foot stools. We scheduled a cruise to Mexico yesterday on the Majestic and the excitement came right back.
  5. My husband told me to write “it sucks” so we have less competition when trying to get one. We love them. I like them because of the white noise from the wake you can’t hear anyone else around you and you don’t have to whisper so your conversations can’t be overheard or worry about disturbing others. The colors from the wake are amazing. When you walk into your cabin and look out you really feel like you are in your own world. Other than that, they suck.
  6. I’ve been on a Buck Island snorkel trip twice. Been disappointed both times. The second trip had a different name in the excursion and had we known we would not have gone again. Not a very interesting snorkel — limited fish, limited coral. What I can say is the boat trip out was nice and the crew was very good (same outfit for both trips). They were in the water with you and pointed out various things. Of course this means you were in groups to snorkel and lots of kicking each other. I’d pass.
  7. I can’t wait for the mornings they have chocolate Breton’s in the International Cafe.
  8. Just off the Royal yesterday. Live TV was CNBC, MSNBC, Fox News, BBC and a sports channel (not ESPN). On demand TV were episodes of things like FoodTV, HGTV, Discovery, the crazy addicting How It’s Made and many more. Lots of movies on demand, some current and some old. Once the movie is played in a theater or on MUTS it is on demand in your stateroom. Of course, The Love Boat is available.
  9. Share is our favorite specialty restaurant on Princess. Yes, the portions are relatively small and the choices are limited but the food is excellent and lots of courses so you will be full. We go whenever we can. My husband and I order different things on each course and share. We still talk about this one pork dish we had one night. Be sure to order the chocolate mousse dessert.
  10. Lots of snarky comments. Of course, one would not cancel a cruise if the movies that are being shown were not to your liking but you might not watch the movie before your cruise or not select a particular movie on the flight to your port. Be kind folks. The op was just asking a legitimate question.
  11. We tend to eat most nights in the MDR, one in a specialty restaurant but recently we’ve enjoyed the buffet for an evening or two. We don’t plan which nights we go, it’s usually just a spur of the moment decision based on how tired or relaxed we are.
  12. We’ve done it. Walked off as soon as we could, got a taxi by the curb and made it with plenty of time to spare. We didn’t have TSA Precheck at the time and had no problems. We were off the ship by 7:30 and at the airport by 8. The only problem was in our hurry to leave we left a piece of luggage in our cabin. Getting it back is another story.
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