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  1. I'm thoroughly enjoying your report. This cruise is on our bucket list. Thank you.
  2. AZ Ocean Lover

    3 Nights from LA to Vancouver

    We love these cruises. It's a great getaway. We love Vancouver so count our first day in the city as part of the experience. you could have a sunny day at the southern end so pool activities are in full swing. The further north you go, of course, the weather gets more iffy so plan on lots of indoor activities. There are lots of families/weddings on board and they always seem like they are having a lot of fun. There are usually Birders on board looking for unique sea birds and they love to share information with you. Time goes by very fast and the only negative is that you can't wait to cruise again so be prepared to book another cruise as soon as you get home.
  3. AZ Ocean Lover

    Anytime Dining on Caribbean Princess

    In May we would go to dinner around 7:30 and were seated at a table for four (there were two of us) almost every time. We never had more than a 5 minute wait.
  4. AZ Ocean Lover

    Curtis Stone restaurant replace Sabitinis?

    We went to Share a couple of years ago and we liked it but since we ordered all different things on the menu we felt like we covered it. It was good but we weren't in a hurry to return. Last year we tried it again with my sister who wanted to give it a try and we loved it. We still talk about certain dishes. I was surprised that we liked it so much more the second time. I only post this to let those of you that have tried it once but don't desire to return to give it one more chance. Now this might be blasphemy but I am not a Sabitini's fan and would be sad to see it replacing Share.
  5. AZ Ocean Lover

    West coast Repositioning Cruise

    We do a lot of these. We haven't done any tours on the LA or Vancouver end but Vancouver is a beautiful city that we always try to tack a day or two on the end. Weather is very unpredictable. Obviously, it's warmer the first day but it will be brisk as you go further north. We've had rough seas and other times, smooth as glass. One interesting feature of these cruises is the number of birders that set up telescopes and cameras on the promenade deck. They are very eager to share with you what they are seeing and what they are looking for. One other interesting thing about these cruises is that you see a lot of wildlife. We've seen whales, dolphins, sea lions and all kinds of birds. It's a great getaway. We have noticed that we get up sell offers almost every time we go. Some we've taken advantage of and some we haven't. Have fun.
  6. We were on the same cruise and encountered the same issue with the Crown Grill. We couldn't get a reservation until 9:30 on any night. We did what has worked for us in the past, just walked up to see if there were any openings. The first night no, but the second formal night we got right in around 7:30. We didn't have any steward issues but we agree with your review. We thought the temperature was just our issue. We even had maintenance up a couple of times. It did seem to get better after they were there. We were impressed with the condition of the ship, pleasantly surprised with our dinner at Planks and thought the buffet was noticeably better than past cruises. We ate mostly in Anytime Dining around 7:30 and never had to wait for a table for two. Thanks for your review. Glad you had a good time as well.
  7. AZ Ocean Lover

    Can I Bring a Liter Bottle of Tonic on Board

    Thank you all.
  8. i know I can bring cans of soda on board but can I bring a liter bottle with a screw top (sealed, of course). I like my diet tonic and don't really want to shlep a six pack of soda. Thanks in advance.
  9. AZ Ocean Lover

    Ruby or Star? Planning Mexican Riviera in October.

    This would be a very hard decision for my husband and me. My husband's favorite ship is the Star (he loves the promenade) and the Ruby is my favorite ship. You really can't go wrong on either. I did feel the Ruby felt more crowded but we were sailing full and the Star was a cold weather repositioning short cruise so maybe not comparing apples to apples.
  10. AZ Ocean Lover

    You've Repeated the Same Cruise, Same Itinerary, But Why?

    We've done multiple west coast repositioning trips (3 -4 nighters). It's an inexpensive get away for a long weekend. I don't see it being any different than going to Las Vegas or San Diego for the weekend (we live in Arizona). Nothing wrong with it at all.
  11. AZ Ocean Lover

    Are you a 'new cruise' stuff buyer?

    I laughed out loud when I saw this post. Yes, I buy new clothes. Not everything new but a few things. One of my big pleasures is to think about what I'm going to wear each day and how to pack it all in a one carry on. I'm 50 days out from our next cruise and I could pack tonight and be ready tomorrow if need be. I too have my go to fancy clothes that seem to make it on each cruise. I don't buy anything that I wouldn't be able to use after the cruise however. And my closet certainly is not big enough to have a "cruise clothes" section - very envious.
  12. AZ Ocean Lover

    Just a NOTE: do not give out others personal info here on CC

    Your name isn't Mark Zuckerberg is it?
  13. I've been on several cruises while on WW and have another coming up in May. You can do it, just don't say "the heck with it" and eat whatever you want. It will just be that much harder to get back in the swing of things when you return. There have been some great suggestions that I would agree with. Here's what I do: I wear my fitbit all the time. I shoot for 10,000 steps a day. Wearing it can remind you of how well you have done on the program up until now. I never order dessert but I have a bite or two of my husband's. That's all I needed to not feel deprived. I did order fruit plates for dessert often (not on the menu but just ask). For lunch, I would get a great salad (I happen to love salads) of veggies and then go to the grill and get a chicken breast without the bun. I decided before hand the one indulgence I would allow myself. I told myself that I was going to have a waffle and sausage for one breakfast. It was great. Drinking really impacts my weight but I wasn't going to let that stop me on the cruise. I don't like the sweet drinks so that was easy. The Martini bar had diet tonic (which I happen to like - yes, I'm the one.) What I do find is that if the weight comes on because of drinking it comes off quickly as soon as I'm home. I have gained weight on a cruise but I find that getting right back in the saddle as soon as I'm home the weight comes off as quickly as it went on. I agree with a previous poster that there is a lot of salt in cruise food and getting back to a home environment does seem to help. You can do it. Don't deprive yourself. Have fun. If you gain weight you can certainly lose it as well. Be sure to hit up your normal meeting for support as soon as you return.
  14. AZ Ocean Lover

    Royal Princess with a 21yr old..thoughts?

    My 2 cents would be dependent on the ports. If the cruise is pretty port intensive then your 21 year old might have a lot of fun. Sea days are great for recuperating from a port day. I know we are spending your money for you but booking him an inside cabin and have a friend join him might enhance his experience.
  15. AZ Ocean Lover

    Question about Players club offers

    I'm interested in the answer as well. I received the notice a couple of months ago but didn't do anything with it. I later booked a cruise and on my reservation it had (in very small letters) something like Casino Rate. I was talking to a Princess rep and asked about it and she said, it wasn't anything and not to worry. I changed my room location a couple of days later and I asked the person I was talking with this time and she said that it was a special rate and I was actually refunded almost $700 because it wasn't calculated when I made my initial reservation. As you can imagine I was thrilled but now does it mean I get any of the benefits that were mentioned in the OP's post?