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  1. I was also on this cruise and having been to Key West before but not Labadee I was happy with the change. I do like sea days but the original itinerary had us doing sea day, sea day then Key West. This change had us doing sea day, Labadee, sea day, Fort Lauderdale. This was preferable to me. We we got off the ship early and explored the park and then had a very enjoyable beach day. While the vendors were present in the Artisan area you didn’t have any walking up to people on the beach. Our drink package worked (which was a surprise to me) but we ate back on the ship. We had an excursion planned on KW but was refunded the money immediately. We are beach people so we were pleasantly surprised. It’s actually a lovely, very tropical area. Nice weather and very friendly people. Sometimes you just have to roll with the punches.
  2. This is a great post. It expresses our feelings perfectly. We are leaving on Friday on the Equinox and we are already disappointed. We’ll still have a wonderful cruise (have packed beach balls for footstools and down loaded a handful of movies). We always do, but we are just like the OP, we like our quiet time in our cabin. We always say that it’s our time to catch up on Disney movies (no kids). Your comment about catching Noro is spot on. I think if I was confined to my cabin without any movies to watch I would be strongly advocating for the cruise line to waive the cost for any pay for movies. We are Elite with Princess and this is just our second Celebrity cruise. We can decide after if it will be our last.
  3. We do a lot of west coast transitional cruises and book a mini. Most times we get an up sell offer to move to a CC cabin. Depending on the price we sometimes take it and sometimes not. If it’s only about $100 pp we might bite. We wouldn’t pay for CC originally if the price differential is too great. While not having a wait is nice, it’s not enough of an incentive to sway us. I don’t really notice a big difference in the food.
  4. This is only my second cruise with Celebrity so I wasn’t aware of all of the sales offers that come out (seems like daily). We picked an excursion early on that we wanted to do in Curacao during a sale and got it for $39 a person. This is almost cheaper than we could have done it on our own. It’s been on sale multiple times but never even close to the price we paid. It’s now $74 per person. I say this just to make sure when you see an excursion you want to take, book it early and just keep an eye on the price during the sales.
  5. It’s not much in my opinion. It’s full of small discounts at the shops, photos, etc. I believe there is something that allows you to do a match bet on a table game in the casino. I haven’t even bothered to look recently so someone with more recent experience might be able to provide an update. Their best east use is to even out a wobbly table.
  6. We said the same thing after 3 cruises last year, all pretty close together. We were taking 2019 off. Needless to say, we leave in Sept for a 10 Caribbean cruise and are looking at another for October.
  7. A few years back Bimmer wrote a cruise review and he relayed that during a presentation by the captain, the captain asked the audience if they knew what Celebrity does with all of the garbage it generates and someone from the audience yelled out “Make a website out of it.”
  8. I was walking with the people to the excursion boat and they were asking the health questions and I told them I take blood pressure medicine and they wouldn’t take me. The Celebrity rep tried to sell me a more sedate snorkeling excursion but we declined. Talk about last minute notice. What we did learn that day is that it’s very easy to do an excursion on your own, even at the last minute (one of the best days ever), and not to tell anyone you take blood pressure medicine.
  9. Wow! Thank you all for the posts. It makes total sense now.
  10. Not a problem at all. It’s about a 10 minute ride to the Malecon. We hired one of the open air cabs and had him drive us around to give us the lay of the land. Very easy and inexpensive.
  11. Well, not brand new but it’s been a while. They used to have a big, better, best deal that allowed you to pick the drink package and one other perk included with the cost of your cruise. Now it looks like you have to pay a pretty big up charge to get the two perks. Am I reading this correctly? And, if so, do they ever have sales that would include the drink package similar to Princess’s Sip and Sail? Thanks in advance for any guidance.
  12. You can bring one bottle of wine per person for consumption in your room and technically you have to pay a corkage fee for anything over the two you would consume in other spots but we have frequently brought our bottle that we were going to drink in the room to the MDR and have never had to pay an additional fee. One other thing regarding wine. If you buy a bottle and don’t finish it you can take it back to your room or they will hold it for you for later in the cruise. We’ve done this in the MDR and at Vines.
  13. I wouldn't hesitate to take an 11:30 flight but I live in Phoenix so there are tons of options if I missed the flight. I like the advice of booking11:30 (especially if you are talking a Saturday or Sunday) , but have a plan B. I skip EZ Air coming out of LA for this very reason.
  14. I'm thoroughly enjoying your report. This cruise is on our bucket list. Thank you.
  15. We love these cruises. It's a great getaway. We love Vancouver so count our first day in the city as part of the experience. you could have a sunny day at the southern end so pool activities are in full swing. The further north you go, of course, the weather gets more iffy so plan on lots of indoor activities. There are lots of families/weddings on board and they always seem like they are having a lot of fun. There are usually Birders on board looking for unique sea birds and they love to share information with you. Time goes by very fast and the only negative is that you can't wait to cruise again so be prepared to book another cruise as soon as you get home.
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