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  1. We are going on the Homelands trip later this summer. Would like some information about what folks did in Stockholm and Bergen because we have extensions to our cruise in both cities. We are not "foodies," so we don't want to spend priceless time eating when you could be seeing historic sights. We enjoy learning from a museum, but don't enjoy spending lots of our time inside a museum. Also would like to know if anyone has visited the Stutthof Concentration Camp instead of a Gdansk tour. Thanks in advance for any information.
  2. We are considering the Classic Italy 6 Day Princess Cruisetour, as opposed to doing a Princess Med cruise, and spending two or three days in Rome prior to boarding ship on our own. If anyone has taken this cruisetour, could you please tell us if you have time to actually go into Vatican City, actually tour and see the Sistine Chapel, as opposed to a drive-by. Not being able to spend time in the Vatican St. Peter's Square/Museum area/Sistine Chapel would be a deal breaker. Thanks in advance for any advice.
  3. We are interested in visiting the Mediterranean; trying to see as much as we can in one visit. We are especially interested in visiting the buildings of antiquity, so are interested in Rome and Athens for sure. We've been to Europe and have seen many cathedrals;, so cathedrals aren't a must for us. We're trying to visit the Mediterranean in one visit, so are looking for at least a 14 day cruise, with a pre and post in Rome and Athens. Some cruises itineraries include ports in Turkey, which also sounds intriguing. Most importantly, we want to experience the scenery of the Med, see the Ama
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