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  1. I have stayed in an aft-facing angled balcony on the Breakaway (13236) and have the identical room booked on the Getaway for next May. The regular balconies are quite small and having the extra leg room was great. I'm not sure you could get a chaise lounger plus two chairs and the table to fit though. There was plenty of room for myself, my dh and two kids to hang out. We loved the location - close to the aft elevators and stairs. The only drawback was that you had to look around the divider to see forward, but we did not get any wind!
  2. I love the vibe - everyone just seems so happy whether it be crew or passengers. I love the dining options - if I want to eat at O'Sheehans every night I could, or I can have a wonderful steak at Cagneys or the yummy pineapple at Moderno. I love the kid's club staff, how they energize the children and recognize them in the hallway, how they have such an impact that your kids cry the last night of the cruise because they don't want to say goodbye. I love the little nooks and crannies on the ships. There always seems to be a new discovery around every corner. I love the entertainment and its variety - comedy, live music, Broadway shows, game shows. There is always something to do on a Norwegian ship. I love the whole experience - it is what you make of it! :)
  3. My family and I did the Disney excursion from the Breakaway this past November. You had to be back on the bus by 7pm or they will leave without you. They drop you off at the Transportation and Ticket Center, NOT at the Magic Kingdom bus depot. I would hop on the resort monorail or walk to the Polynesian right next door to get your transportation to Downtown Disney. Going to a MK then to a resort then to Downtown is too time consuming. Going to the Poly would skip one step. Another option is to grab a cab right there at the Transportation and Ticket Center. This IMHO is the quickest option there and back. As for dinner, a late lunch perhaps? I'd be nervous of cutting it too close. The bus will leave without you. Don't get stuck or its an expensive ride back to Port Canaveral.
  4. My family and I sailed on the Breakaway in mid November of last year. Leaving NYC was cold and cloudy, in the 40s. The next sea day was warmer but breezy and the kids went into the pool (I did not, too cold for me). Port Canaveral/Orlando was in the 50s and cloudy due to a freak cold front. We skipped GSC because of the waves and wind but the temp was warm enough for me to brave the pool. It was sunny that day too. Bahamas was in the 70s and humid with high winds and eventual rain in the afternoon. The two sea days back were sunny and gorgeous but chilly, especially the last day. Note that the first sea day the seas were rough and we sailed into a the wind causing us to be an hour late to Port Canaveral the next day. Weather in November is unpredictable - I know the cruise the week before us managed to get to GSC and it was perfect weather. :rolleyes:
  5. Yes, if your heart is set on Animal Kingdom, then take the taxi there and back. Well worth it. Animal Kingdom is a beautiful park!
  6. Just note that if you are going to Animal Kingdom, the buses NOW run from the Magic Kingdom bus depot to Animal Kingdom. There are no buses to the other theme parks from the Transportation and Ticket Center and vice-versa anymore. So when you get off the NCL bus you will have to go to Magic Kingdom first to catch the bus. I'd take a taxi from the Transportation and Ticket Center to the park, honestly. Much quicker. Buses are slow and Animal Kingdom is really far from your starting point. And don't forget to be BACK at the Transportation Center by 7pm or you will be left there and will have to find taxi transport back to Port Canaveral.
  7. With teens, just watch out for the arcade. My two kids (and husband too) got a little carried away. It's all too easy to keep swiping the card and keep playing. :rolleyes:
  8. My family of four was just on the Breakaway in November and we did not spend a lot on extras at all! We had a blast! The only extras we paid for was alcohol, one specialty dinner, the arcade and cupcakes at Carlos. We did not have any interest in Cirque and we aren't spa people. Our dinners were mostly at O'Sheehans and lunches were at the buffet or Uptown Grille (the burgers are the BEST). I don't seem to understand why everyone feels "nickle and dimed" on NCL. Other mass market cruise lines charge for alcohol, spa, specialty dining, arcade, etc. On the Breakaway, the rope course, pools, slides, mini-golf, shows (cirque and wine lunch musical excluded), waterfront, kids club before 10:30pm, sunshine and happiness are FREE! No worries, you'll have a blast.
  9. I can't speak for Illusionarium since we were on the Breakaway, but my 5 year old daughter and my 9 year old son LOVED Burn the Floor. It was one of the highlights of their trip.
  10. Oh I too "fell in love" with Mike! I chatted with him after the show briefly while he was still in his Stacie Jaxx costume. What a great guy and very talented! :)
  11. I was just on one of the aft facing bump-outs on the Breakaway. They are very roomy and have awesome views. Your privacy is a little bit compromised at the widest part of the bump but it did not bother me. We were in cabin 13236.
  12. I was on the Breakaway last week and there were 800 kids on board, full sailing. I think the Kids sail free promos NCL have been running lately have made a difference in family bookings. I know that is why I booked!
  13. Also keep in mind the opposite. I'm just off the Breakaway today and we arrived at Port Canaveral an hour late. We were off the ship at 1:30. Reason was crazy windy weather the day and night before. The captain announced the late arrival around 9am. We had the Disney excursion booked and they gave us the option of cancelling with full refund or going, with a 20% discount. This applied to all Orlando excursions and the one to Kennedy Space Center. We went since we already had Disney tickets.The discount was applied to our account in the form of onboard credit.
  14. See, I'm the opposite. I'm a die-hard Disney nut and have been to almost 20 times since 1983. And yes, we are going on the excursion to the Magic Kingdom from the Breakway. Reason? I have ancient passes that are still good and I'm just paying for transportation. Plus, I have family that will be in the park that day and I want to see the park decorated for the holidays. Originally we were going to do the Kennedy Space Center excursion, but the fam want to go to MK instead. I told them that we are going to enjoy the sights and hit a few favorite rides and not to be disappointed if we don't ride much of anything. Plus I want one of those giant caramel apples to take back on the ship to enjoy. (Hope that's not a problem now that I think about it) By the way, if we didn't already have tickets, we would NOT be going. Sharon
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