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  1. im very surprised that we haven't heard from RC yet - can you cancel if you want to? supposed to be there in 2 hours and have heard nothing
  2. Does anybody have the wine list from the Anthem.
  3. Can anybody give me the email address please.
  4. Does anybody have copies of the 5 day menus. I am curious if they offer Steakhouse selections even though there are no specialty restaurants on the ship.
  5. yes sorry - I had the wrong day - leaving Friday not Saturday.
  6. Thank you - yes they were great, We were on in October. I was hoping for the Journey one, They were the best.....
  7. Does anybody know the cover bank on the Anthem for 2/8/20?
  8. Is there any way to see the schedule for all Carnival ships for 2020?
  9. Hi there - We are going on the Anthem on a 5 night 10/19. We are huge Yankee fans and hopefully they will be playing in the American League Championship and with a lot of luck the World Series. Does anybody know if we will be able to watch the games?
  10. No - you can walk - it's just situated wrong, they have the juice and coffee stations right in the way near Guy's Burger and the Mexican place which is always crowded, They should have put them on the side. The buffet is the most crowded. I didn't find any other place overly crowded. Even the shows, we always had a seat, however we went upstairs on deck 5.
  11. Unfortunately it was on the 10th floor - right out in the open. I could understand if it was on balconies. They need to beef up security
  12. On my time dining you check in by the Sushi place and I believe you are seated in the Sunrise Dining room. As for Lido - upstairs is always an option however we never had a need - there is never a line for eggs and omelets in the back of the ship by the pool - went out there often.
  13. Just off the ship on the 27th and I will give my opinion of this cruise. First off - I read all the horrible reviews and was expecting all the honors of the stories, personally speaking yes it wasn't my favorite cruise however it certainly wasn't the worst, and as a matter of my opinion the worst of this cruise is the rudeness and disgraceful behavior of some guests. Loud music in boom boxes, pot smoking in the one smoking area on deck 10, kids running through the halls and sitting on the stairs not allowing people to pass. Best cruise director I have ever experienced and I have cruised 25-30 times in the past. Food was average cruise food - we ate in the steakhouse - which was wonderful and the Italian restaurant - I am Italian and the food was OK - we wouldn't have tried however the casino gave us the meal so we went and was glad we did. Room Stewart was just OK - probably only saw him twice in the 8 days but our room was clean, some times it was as late as 1PM before he got there though. We had a table for 2 in the dining room and our waiter was excellent. Heard a lot of complaints about smoking in casino - I am a non-smoker and have to say I thought this was not an issue for me at all. Buffet was overall the worst for lunch - you definitely had to settle for things that you might not have originally wanted, however there was never a line at Guys Burgers or the Pizza. As for breakfast we are early risers and were at breakfast between 8:30 - 9AM and never experienced a line or lack of tables. I was always able to get a seat at the pools because I was there before 10am however it was very crowded. I would have loved an adult only pool. My husband had knee surgery recently so we didn't get off at St. Thomas or Puerto Rico so I can't comment on that accept that it's very nice to enjoy the ship when everybody else does. As for Turks we just went to MargarittaVille and parked our stuff on a lounger and hung in the pool for a few hours, nice to not have salt water in the pool for a few hours. Would I cruise the Sunrise again - maybe not in August in New York, however we went through the casino for port charges and taxes only so anytime I can get that kind of an offer I will pack my bags....... Any questions - ask away.
  14. Does anybody know the cover band on the Anthem in October?
  15. Does anybody know the cover band on the Anthem in October? Last time we sailed it was Journey and they were excellent.
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