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  1. Our last port was Port Klang, which is about 90 mins from the capital of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur. I’d been here a few times before on business and also prior to a Borneo trip. Our first stop was the new King’s Palace - we were only given a few minutes to take photos through the gate. Next was Independence Square, where the Malaysian flag was first raised in 1957. It was interesting to see the blends of architecture here. We then stopped at the iconic Petronas twin towers for a photo stop. Finally we went to a craft centre and had far too much time here. I think we picked the wrong tour here to
  2. Overall we had a really great day in Penang, wish we could have stayed longer to explore. I’ll just have to add it to my list of places to go back to. Our guide, Vincent was really friendly and helpful. I think this was the night that we saw Cruise Director Ernest’s stage show. He is a great entertainer, a bit cheesy, but can really belt out a tune. The song choices were not all to my taste but he did a great job. He even went as far as roller skating to ‘Starlight Express’ having been a long-standing cast member. Amusing moment when during his Tom Jones routine a member of his te
  3. After lunch our next stop was Entopia, a butterfly garden. It was really well laid out with some great wildlife - not just butterflies. There were all sorts of creepy crawlies to watch including some absolutely mahoosive spiders that I would not like to meet on a dark night. We only had an hour here but thoroughly enjoyed it.
  4. Next stop was the Burmese Buddhist temple just across the road. There were also plenty of stalls here for picking up more souvenirs. Prices were reasonable and both Ringgits and US$ were widely accepted. We we had lunch provided in a local hotel, in the ballroom no less. Buffet was extensive with both local and western dishes along with sushi, fruit and desserts.
  5. 10th November - Penang, Malaysia We had booked the ‘Grand Tour of Penang’ and our first stop was the Kek Lok Si temple, the largest Chinese temple in south east Asia. There were quite a few steps to climb but it was worth it. The temple was lovely, with a really tranquil feel.
  6. 8th & 9th November - at sea 2 lovely sea days to catch up on some much needed sleep. The weather was still changeable and was a mix of sun & showers. Some people commented that there weren’t many activities planned on sea days around the ship. I liked the fact that loud music wasn’t blasting all the time but there wasn’t a lot you could do if it was raining. I tended to sit in the Living Room snuggled in a blanket reading my book and watching the world go by. I also liked visiting the frozen yogurt station to grab a pot of the sweets they had laid out as toppings.... best
  7. White night Discoveries menu... sorry I must’ve got excited when the pudding menu came around and forgot to take a picture.
  8. 7th November - Yangon We were due to set sail from Yangon at 10pm but first of all there was some fun to be had - White Night! We were so lucky to get a break in the rain which meant the event was able to go ahead as planned outside on deck 9. We decided to eat first in Discoveries and then join the party. The restaurant was lovely and quiet so we had enough time to chat to our favourite server, Marinelle and her assistant Dudi. They are wonderful, anticipating our every need - by far the best wait staff I’ve encountered. We joined the party and had great f
  9. 7th November - Yangon Rain rain rain. And a bit more rain. Our tour today was ‘Island Pagoda Discovery’. Our first stop was Thanlyin, about 30 mins drive from the ship. There we were met by some local merchants in their horse carts and there was chance to go for a short ride on them. It didn’t look a great prospect in the rain and the animals didn’t look very happy so we gave that one a miss. We had free time to look at the market which was fascinating, so many unusual sights and smells to see. There was a large fruit & vegetable market with weird and wonderful produce. M
  10. Made it back to the ship just in time to squeeze in for dinner in Discoveries. Sorry don’t seem to have the menus for this night. The food is very good, lots of choices and very well executed. Buffet hours seem a bit short sometimes but other than that, no complaints. I embarked as a passenger, might need to leave as cargo!
  11. 6th November - Yangon Enjoyed a lazy day around the ship. Weather wasn’t great due to a tropical storm over the Andaman Islands. We are not bringing any water on in Myanmar as it is not potable, therefore water is being saved as much as possible and the guest laundry has been temporarily closed. Shame they can’t use rain water! We had an excursion at 4pm - Shewedagon by night. Traffic was slightly better and we arrived into the city by 5:15pm. Sunset is around half 5 so there was a really lovely dusk light when we got there. The temple at night is a totally
  12. 5th November - Yangon Up early and out onto the balcony to watch the sail in to Yangon. Well I say Yangon but the port is actually in Thilawa, which is about 14 miles from the centre of the city. Lots of fishermen in small boats waving and shouting to us as we passed by. A lot of people are leaving the ship to stay on land as we are here for 2 nights but we will be doing excursions and coming back to the ship each night. We were welcomed into port by music and dancers and then set off for our ‘Highlights of Yangon’ tour with guide Daniel. The traffic here is so bad and
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