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  1. Hey Barb - Both dresses look very nice and I'm sure you will feel beautiful on your special day. I do like the taupe one, especially if you are renewing on the beach. Mike and I eloped when we married and I did not get the traditional wedding dress, so to renew our vows, I bought an ivory informal wedding dress. As soon as I get my digital back from my daugter, I will post a pic of it. I noticed our ships leave on the same date, 3-25-07, are you leaving out of Ft. Lauderdale? 3 Weeks from today! Yippee!! Lynn :)
  2. Hi Barb, We are renewing our vows March 25th on the beach in St. Thomas. I was having dress meltdowns and wasn't sure where to start. I first got ideas by looking at different websites for styles. I went to http://www.theknot.com and also looked on ebay for ideas. I am a size 12-14, and tall. So I finailly just got off my but and I went to Davids Bridals and tried on a few of their destination dresses. I was surprised of how nice they looked but some were quite pricy. So I went to a few different department stores and boutiques and finally found the perfect dress at a Jessica McClintock store. The dress is ivory and is a mix of satin and chiffon and it happened to be discontinued so I got a heck of a deal! I think getting out there and simply trying on different styles was the best thing to do. I've ordered a flower halo and a small tropical bouquet so I'm all set! If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. Good Luck. Lynn
  3. Hi Everyone, My hubby and I are renewing our vows in March but we haven't decided which island yet? We have been to Aruba and Curacao but not St. Thomas. Any suggestions? Best Beach locations?? We decided to do the renewal for our 20th anniversary. It will be just us but I am getting a white beachy dress and flowers. Definately doing it barefoot! :) Looking forward to hear some suggestions. Thanks. Lynn
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