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  1. Where is this located? I do not see it on the coast guard page i am on, on FB Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  2. Yes I saw this after I called the first time i called and the agent said he was emailing the marketing dept. im sure they were saying oops.
  3. So called again and told the email was not supposed to go out yet. That its a sale that starts in a few days. Rookie mistakes like this should not be happening with such a big corporation and when they do happen they should be honored. Just my opinion.
  4. It is a bonus for military appreciation month. It is not the regulAr military discount. If you want me to forward email to you i can so you can see what I am talking about. It specifically says combinable with current special and there are no speculations except book this month.
  5. So I received an email for military discount. It states that its 50% off second passenger 50% reduced deposit and on board booking bonus of extra 50.00 on top of any other obb u may get And it said combinable with current offer for extra savings. Well i called royal and was told i can get the 30% rather than the 50% off second passenger because its a better deal. I forwarded the email to him to show him that it says its combinable with the current deal which is 30% off. Well long story short he transferred me to supervisor of resolutions dept and she said the sailing i want the military disc does not apply to its the feb7 2017 on anthem. I saw no where in email that it doesnt apply. It just says book this month. Very disappointed in royal. I have turned many people to royal caribbean. I book for 10 people last month at work and for countless others over the last few years. Guess it does t pay to stay loyal I only expect the discount I was offered through email.
  6. Mr sanchos in cozumel is AMAZING. They have a facebook page
  7. I have a cruise already booked. Can i get the special buy one get one half off drink package or would i have to be rebooked at the new higher cruise fare to get the drink special?
  8. Missing out on double points but oh well.
  9. Hahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahaha good try but ....no.
  10. I have the boa app and have set alerts to tell me when theres a charge. I only use this card when cruising so i was shocked when i received an alert.
  11. Finally off phone. Card is cancelled. All is good. Cant wait to get on the ship and have a drink. Lol
  12. Thank you all so much for the quick replies. Still on hold with boa i am assuming they will have to cancel the card so there goes my cruise money. gurrrrr.
  13. I am on my way to tampa. I sail out saturday and my rccl visa was just hacked. I am on phone with boa right now. My question is that is the card that i have registered on my set sail pass. Will they be able to change that when I check in?
  14. Noooo i dont want it to end. I am enjoying your review. Sailing on Vision in 30 days!!! Sent from my iPhone using Forums
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