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  1. Yep! Explorer. The guest returned a few minutes later in slacks and was admitted.
  2. I thought so too until I saw someone excluded from the MDR for wearing shorts on formal night two weeks ago.
  3. If RCI would just pick a rule and go with it (instead of using confusing terminology with widely varying enforcement), the OP and many others wouldn’t have so much anxiety over dress expectations. Of course, the number of threads on this forum would drop by 50% too.
  4. Internet was egregiously bad. Slow and constant lost connections. Got one day's worth of cost back by raising the issue at guest services.
  5. I was on this Explorer sailing as well and personally witnessed a guest who was excluded from the MDR on formal night because he was wearing shorts. He later returned in slacks. Shorts were permitted in the MDR on all non-formal nights, including "smart casual" nights, of which there were two.
  6. Read today (https://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-china-51254523) that China believes that the virus spreads before symptoms are present and has an incubation period of up to 14 days. If that information is correct, it's reasonable to expect to see some much more aggressive countermeasures in the region, as the virus is going to be more difficult to contain than first thought.
  7. I wonder how much they save by not having half and half easily available? On Explorer last week, the only place I saw half and half was Cafe Promenade. None in the MDR or WJ.
  8. I imagine they'd be both shocked and terrified if you did that, kind of like how MDR waiters freak out if you don't finish (or worse yet, don't order) a course.
  9. I haven’t read the whole thread, but thought I’d note that this really varies from ship to ship and perhaps even who’s at the MDR door when you get there. I’m on Explorer right now and I personally witnessed a guest in shorts being denied entrance to the MDR on the first formal night. He later returned in slacks.
  10. Your mileage may vary from ship to ship. On Explorer right now and it’s still called “formal night” and I personally witnessed a guest in shorts being denied entrance to the MDR on the first formal night. He later returned in slacks. As for tops it was anything goes: t-shirts to tuxedos.
  11. Apple Pay worked very well for us in the Baltics last summer and was widely accepted. We have chip and signature cards like 99% of US-based cards and had no problems anywhere. Even when I did have to swipe a card, I was not asked for a PIN on any occasion.
  12. Well, the link sort of tells you when they'll be released. For example, it says "Guests can begin to book sailings on Oasis today" (but apparently not really) and it doesn't say when summer 2021 sailings open for Freedom. Just would like to see what the itineraries look like.
  13. Am I missing something? I don't see these sailings on the Royal Caribbean website (for example, Oasis and Freedom from Cape Liberty).
  14. Certainly people should feel free to dress formally if they wish, but I would disagree with your last sentence. If you choose to really dress up (tux/formal gown) you will be out of place in the MDR. On many cruises, you'll be one of maybe ten people dressed that way. You will definitely stand out. That doesn't mean you shouldn't do it, but no one should expect that a quarter, or even a tenth, of the diners in the MDR will be dressed in that way.
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