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  1. Thank-you for the link. Pictures are worth a thousand words and it's nice to see the balcony and how it was added.
  2. The fact sheet on the Celebrity website says that balconies were added in April to the Celebrity Suites, however the online picture has not been updated to reflect this nor has there been any info added as to the balcony size etc. Has anyone stayed in the Celebrity Suite on the Connie since the retrofit that can post pictures or at least describe the balcony. Did they take away some of the suite square footage from the cabin where the windows used to bow out to add the balcony? Or did they just add it to the curved space? I must say I am surprised that Celebrity has not updated their website to reflect these changes and show actual pictures. You would think a new picture of the balcony as well as the large suite size would be a good selling feature.
  3. I was in Sky Suite 6132 on the Millie last year. I loved the extra room in the cabin and balcony as well as the tub in the bathroom. However, I could only use the balcony when the ship was in port. The wind was terrible when she was under power and I guess it all depends on what's more important to you...... a cabin with extra room or a balcony that is protected from the wind that you can use at any time. For my next cruise I chose one of the aft balconies as I was tired of paying for a balcony and not being able to sit outside and enjoy it. For me I'd rather give up the cabin space for a useable balcony. Pat
  4. I thought the security reasons didn't make much sense either but your reply has me LOL. Thanks! Pat
  5. I've read earlier threads where some C1 aft cabins no longer had the 2 loungers on the balcony and just chairs due to security reasons. Any recent cruisers off of the Connie that can report the status of what type of furniture is now on the C1 aft balcony? Thanks Pat
  6. Here is some more info---- regarding refunds. Although my cruise is not until February and final payment is due end of December, I decided to upgrade now for the extra $11.50 per day through my TA. I also requested that he confirm the refund policy for this upgrade with Celebrity before actually processing the payment to my credit card in the off chance I had to cancel the cruise. Celebrity told him the paid upgrade is refundable until 7 days before the cruise sail date if you have to cancel or change your mind about the upgrade. Pat
  7. There is a liquor store that is an easy walk from the Intercontinental Miami. It will take you about 10 minutes. It's in a nice area and located at 207 E Flagler/intersection of East Flagler and NE 2nd St. They are closed on Sunday and it's called Liquor Downtown. Depending on what route you walk there is also a CVS and Walgreens in the same area just google their location. They offer a nice selection of wine, beer and liquor. If you don't see what you want on the shelf ask as they have more stock in the back or you can phone before you go and ask them. I will be visiting this store again on my next trip to downtown Miami. Happy shopping! Pat Link below: http://www.yelp.ca/biz/liquor-downtown-miami
  8. That picture you took of the ship while in Alaska is perfect. I was able to see all of the windows clearly and count cabins and see for myself that the deck plans are a little off in relation to the tenders and nothing much is obstructed in the Cat C's. You have been very helpful, thank-you! Also the ship looks marvellous sitting there against the Juneau pier and I can't wait to try her out. I love how she has the classic wrap around promenade deck as you don't see that much any more. Pat
  9. peapod 2, Thank-you so much for your answer and offering that great tip of looking at the exterior and counting windows and letting me know that the deck plans are slighty off. I'm off to find my brochure and do that very thing right now. Eswn: you enjoy your cruise too and I'll look forward to reading about your impressions upon your return so please post. Pat
  10. haikou, I understand that but having the bottom of a lifeboat blocking part of what you can see out of your window as txcotton described(the very bottom of the lifeboat across the top of the window) is clearly an obstruction and really should be listed as an obstructed view so the pax is aware of what they are booking. That's why I asked how accurate are the deck plans as they show certain Cat C's as being by the lifeboats but Crystal does not mention them as being obstructed as they do with the Cat E's. Pat
  11. txcotton: thanks for the link and confirming that at least some of those cabins I mentioned are obstructed so I guess the deck plans are correct when they show the life boat there. Even though they are obstructed just a little I don't see why they are not included in the E category and Crystal lists them as a C which leads me to conclude if one was to book a C guarantee that you might still end up with an obstructed view. Pat
  12. Thank-you both for your reply but this is confusing and odd as on my Crystal brochure and also when I check Crystal's online booking engine it lists those cabins that I mentioned above for the Nov 16 2013 cruise I am looking at as Cat C's and are clearly a teal blue color and not the pink color of the Cat E. I'm now more unsure of what deck plan is correct and what to book after your info cruzpro. Any idea of what's going on? Pat
  13. Can someone tell me how accurate the Symphony deck plans are in relation to the lifeboats? I thought that a Category C on Symphony would insure an unobstructed oceanview but looking at the deck plans it looks like Cabins 7082, 7083, 7102, 7103,7104, 7105 have a life boat obstructing the view. How can Crystal sell these cabins as Cat C's unobstructed view with the life boat hanging there? If someone was to book a Cat C guarantee then they might end up with one of these obstructed cabins so they might as well book at Cat E guarantee and save $$. Can someone tell me if I'm reading the deck plans wrong and shed some light on this for me. Thanks, Pat
  14. Thanks guys for the information. Much appreciated! Idahobaker: sounds like a great way to end the trip but I might get one of those boozey coffees instead of the Bloody Mary to fortify me for the airport. LOL. Pat
  15. I did a search but couldn't find an answer. Going on Millie in February and it's been at least 10 years since I last cruised on Celebrity so I feel like a newbie to the line all over again. When will your shipboard account be shut down? The night before or the day of disembarkation? Also, is the drink package still good for purchases on disembarkation day in Cova Cafe etc. Thanks, Pat
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