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  1. Looks pretty straight forward. Thanks you guys are the best.
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    Does a US citizen need a US Passport to travel to Bermuda on a cruise? The cruise sails from the US, spends 3 days in Bermuda, and returns to the US.
  3. Thank you everyone for the info. I realized that my cabin on my upcoming cruise is close to the laundry room. That made me think that I might want to take advantage and pack light.
  4. I have a cruise booked on Legend. I am considering doing my own laundry. Can anyone tell me the hours for the laundry room? Also do I need to bring quarters and my own soap?
  5. Now I'm thirsty lol. I'm a bourbon drinker and I have had a few of the bartenders make me cocktails that they wanted me to try that were not on the menu. This wasn't even in the Alchemy Bar. I don't remember what any of them were called lol. They tasted great though. Make friends with the bartender and have fun.
  6. So if this latest cancelation offered no incentive for for the interest free loan of having them keep my money till I book again then Carnival could take away my $600 OBC all together? Unreal Just as unreal as them pretending that my 2020 cancelation was just a dream, no promise of OBC to allow them to keep my money. This is either an oversight by Carnival or a deliberate move to take money back from their customers. I am suspecting the latter and that truly sucks!!!
  7. Had an 8 day booked in 2020.... I was given FCC and 600 OBC when that got canceled. Used FCC and booked a 4 day that was just recently canceled. Trying to book a cruise right now but I was told my OBC is now 300 cause my most recent was 4 day. I explained I had 600 OBC coming on that 4 day cause of the canceled 8 day. PVP said sorry, PVP's supervisor said sorry, now on hold with the next supervisor I assume.... I will update but it blows my mind that they cannot comprehend that they just took 300 OBC from me....
  8. Looking at the Legend out of Baltimore to Bermuda in November. Two sea days, three days docked in Bermuda, sea day on the way back. Does anyone know of what the current covid restrictions are in Bermuda? Are ppl allowed off the ship? During those 3 days docked will the casino be open on board? Also comparing this to a 7 night out of Baltimore to the Bahamas that hits a couple islands. The objective for me is to get on a ship asap. I have had 2 cruises canceled. I don't really care where the ship goes and I don't need to get off when it gets there. I just want the ship amenities to be available. Baltimore is a good option for me because I would drive to the port. Rearranging flights and hotels is getting old.
  9. Thank you everyone for the help. I did reach out to the hotel. They said that I needed to contact Priceline. Contacted Priceline who contacted the hotel, the hotel agreed to the exception in the cancelation policy so I am getting a full refund from Priceline. I have also cancelled my basic economy flights with United and I was given a credit for a future flight to be used by 8/23. So I am back to the drawing board and looking for a replacement to my replacement.... Ugh well maybe third time will be a charm.
  10. Ty outdoors27, Now that I know I can use OBC to purchase Cheers I will look at all the current promotions and figure out what works best for my group.
  11. What can OBC be used for? Can I purchase Cheers? I ask because after 2 canceled cruises I am back to the drawing board. I will have 600 to 800 OBC when I do finally board a ship. My latest cruise group includes 2 sons 24yoa and 21yoa. I would like to purchase Cheers so they would need to as well. I am thinking about using one of Carnival's latest promotions and booking a Cheers included cruise. Or should I look at other promotions and use my OBC for Cheers? Can I even do that? At this point I am not even thinking about ports or excursions. Aside from upcharge restaurants I am not sure where I would spend that much OBC.
  12. DW and I are looking to book for a Med cruise in 2022. I thought I had read somewhere that Constellation was due for a major refurb in 2020 but it didn't happen cause of covid. Any idea when or if it has been rescheduled? I would love to book after if possible.
  13. My last 2 cruises were canceled by Carnival including my upcoming December cruise. I would recommend to anyone booking travel right now to make sure your flights and hotels are fully refundable. Looks like I'm back to the drawing board looking for a future cruise... Hope to take advantage of the deals out there.
  14. TY for the responses. SNJCruisers I will look into the OV8 code. And Essiesmom I was actually just emailed by Expedia about changes in my upcoming United flights. I was given the option to cancel my flight or accept the changes, I elected to cancel so I should be good. As much as I am dying to cruise I think I need to wait till things become a bit more predictable.... maybe wait till spring. And I will try for a Priceline refund but I am almost certain that money is gone. I have saved a lot with priceline and hotwire over the years but I can't trust non refundable bookings during covid... I should have known better.
  15. This is getting depressing. My 12/6 Conquest cruise is cancelled. I booked this cruise after a 2020 cruise got cancelled. I took the offer of $600 OBC to allow my $ from the cancelled 2020 cruise to be applied to a future cruise instead of a refund. Now I am back to square one. Ugh!! I need to talk to my PVP but I am wondering if my OBC will carry over to another attempt at a cruise? Will they make another offer of OBC to get ppl to not request a refund of this Conquest cruise? Do those OBC offers combine from these 2 cancelled cruises? Also need to look into refund to cancel my United flight and Priceline hotel but I am afraid that because I booked basic economy flight and priceline hotel I might screwed on those.... ugh so frustrating. I know many have it way worse right now and having vacation plans interrupted is not life changing.... just needed to vent... ugh I just want to get back to normal
  16. Checked a 3rd party site and its showing as sold out and the Conquest is sailing several times before my cruise. I wish I was on the first one. Although would that be like going to opening night and they are still working out the kinks.
  17. I tried doing a mock booking to see if the price of my 12/6 Conquest has gone down. The cruise no longer appears on the Carnival web site. Does that mean it is sold out? I talked to my PVP today about my cruise and no mention of if it was sold out.
  18. Masks must have been in place. Its the only rule being enforced.
  19. Do the self debarkation early walk off with your luggage thing, grab a cab, and you should make that flight with no problem. You will be sitting there drinking your coffee thinking your flight could have been even earlier. Of course your could run into an unforeseen delay. Or the ship could be late getting back. Or a million other things could happen. Your flight time is not too early if things go as they almost always do.
  20. I don't see the survey on my to do list or anywhere to answer the question on my manager. Guess I will get an email? I will email my PVP also just to be sure.
  21. I have a cruise booked in December. I have not been asked about my vaccination status but I see in a recent topic where cruisers had their vaccine exemptions revoked. I wonder when they were asked about status or did they preemptively obtain an exemption when they booked?
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