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  1. We cancelled our Sept. 6 Genoa cruise and had to book another cruise or forfeit $1800 . We booked a Sept cruise to the Caribbean in 2022.
  2. They may be waiting for the restrictions that Italy will impose of travelers.Everything seems to be influx. I am sure they will list them soon enough.
  3. The CDC just raised France to the Highest level so be careful
  4. Info on the website was contradicted by the phone rep. Surprise , surprise. The MSC Covid ins was $105 pp not $150 as advertised. He also said that without this insurance we would be charged $100 for the rapid test both before and a fter the cruise. another piece of info that is left out of the explanations for vaccinated and unvaxed . The insurance company they use is CSA. The insurance was a lot of having our own insurance and the MSC ins. On top of it.
  5. We came off the Star the last week in February. We were bits and piece of news but still had a great time.We took 5 cruise from 2019 -2020.What were we thinking!!lol Soypu no we are going through severe cruise withdrawal. Looking to the end of this year or early 2021. Our cruising buddies text me at least once a week pouting😂😂😂😂
  6. I could not log in on Thursday , but got in Yesterday.System is probably overwelhmed.
  7. I have gotten that 25% as OBC 3x in the past year, as did other passengers I sailed with.
  8. If the price drops , you will,get 25% of that on OBC. BUT you have to call or have your TA set it up, they will not do it automatically.
  9. Joken35


    Aside fro the Gombey Dancers, and there were not many, the night was a bust. we did eat at a restaurant along the route and the owner shared with us that we would be disappointed. It has changed from what I heard it was. We were there in July 2019.
  10. The prices are not really that good. If you can wait it out, go so. I always use a TA who will adjust pricing before final payment if it goes down as i I theta have Said, 30% off is a joke
  11. We have benefited from the stockholders OBC many times. I look at it as “unreported income “ rather than the dividend you might receive from other stock, which you pay tax on.
  12. Just off the Star yesterday . Everything went well, no mechanical or weather related problems. weather was perfect!
  13. What is nice is that you can do a Status Match on MSC without taking a cruise. we matched at the Black level equal to NCL Platinum. Our friends match without every traveling o MSC
  14. If you go to the website you can see the differences in the package.High end liquors are in the premium I never have a problem with the regular drink package.
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