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  1. We were told no because the cruise next is for a cruise booked after the purchase of the CN. We just called our TA , rebooked the cruise and applied the CN.
  2. We sailed from NY in Sept. We were charged tax o one set of drinks and not on another . the tax was minimal. Less than $2.
  3. . The traffic flow is fine. There are enough people there to direct you to where you need to go! Enjoy your cruise!
  4. we are a party of 9. One person ,ace the reservations and gave the names/ reservation number for all in the group .
  5. We have just shared the dinner with friends. Go to reservations and tell them what you want , they generally helpful
  6. Things changed when Del Rio took over for Sheehan. Prices went up the free at sea became the norm not a special.
  7. We had the complete opposite happen.We had a death in the family a few days before our British Isle Cruise. Princess worked with us up until we embarked , which was I hour later tha schedule departure from the port. We did not even use their air program. They also were kind enough to upgrade our cabin to mini suite,
  8. I look At the benefit as “ unreported income”! CCL has a better Program than other stocks I own . Other have more restrictions.
  9. We are satisfied with the program and the food in the main dining room is fine .As long as don’t have to cook I’ m good, I agree with Jasoneats that the laundry perk is a good deal for us.
  10. We finally made to Platnium, though NCL should have credited us a year ago. I think the perks are nice even though the dinners have been limited to per cabin rather than to each person.
  11. I check on a pretty regular basis. Our med. cruise dropped 800pp and we got ALL the perks. I’m also so a price drop after the final payment and we Received $75 in on OBC , which is 25% of the price drop.
  12. I am sure this has been asked before , but here goes.We are a party of six with 3 reservations that are linked together. we are all departing from Newark to Buenos Aires. Today 2 of us got our air info indicating we are going on different flights. Is this common..I called NCL and they said it was too soon to known our flights. The cruise is Feb 2020. Has anyone experienced this before . If we are separate we are going to cancel and go with Princess. We have until tonight to cancel
  13. On our upcoming cruise in dec they gave us 25% of the difference. On a cruise we’re were on last week they would not give it to use because they claim that our cabin was upgraded.The agent couldn’t really see where the upgrade was but none the less we were SOL. Not a big deal it was only $25
  14. They will charge your account which shows you have a credit for the current cruise. Unfortunately , use it or lose it is their philosophy,
  15. Just got off the Escape this morning and did not see this.
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