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  1. I did the same. He rips anybody who does not agree with him. Maybe when he grows up he will act more professional.
  2. We have one coming up in eight months. There are two types. One is with Ponant and their French speaking crew and charging you for items like Viking cruise lines. The other option is when A&K charters them and things will be very close to Silversea. A&K will require the crew to speak English and provide butler's providing similar service like Silversea. Will know better when we complete the 'Kimberly the Last Frontier' cruise in early summer.
  3. Look at what's included with the type of room you booked. Some room types include it and all others don't. Even if your in a type that doesn't. You butler will take care of it and charge your account. You can always use the ironing boards in the many laundry rooms.
  4. We are members and have used them. Also been with another person on a trip when they used them. When something happens on a trip and you want to be evacuated, it only going to happen when the MedJet doctor allows it. In two cases after waiting in the hospital for days while they argue. Daily cost in hotels and hospital are running up big bills before Medjet covers one or two Business Class one-way tickets. They could have easily asked the doctor to stabilize the patient and purchased their own one-way tickets home just with the savings in extra hospital costs. Of course if it is real serous Medjet will bring one of their specialized outfitted jets too you. Down side about rushing home on your own would be you do not get reimbursed for your airline tickets. It's just FYI: when you out of the country and something happens, your not thinking correctly and panic sets in. You catch yourself asking advice from total strangers on what to do... Don't wish it on anyone but its great your thinking about it. It is the hardest thing to leave fellow travelers all alone in a strange country when they get hurt . Ships and or travel groups must continue on with their itinerary...
  5. The answer is YES. I do not know of any insurance company that will pay to get you released from the private hospital. They will reimburse you later after you jump through all their requirements. Getting insurance to cancel a trip is just a memory and to some it's important and to others they move on to booking a new memory. To us now it's very important to have money available to get you seen by the best specialist in a private hospital and deal with getting reimbursed later.
  6. OK been there and done that... Down in Ushuaia there is a public hospital and a private hospital. If something happens and you go to the public hospital you will get treated but it may take a few days or longer. If you have evacuation insurance, it does not kick in till you are admitted, seen by a doctor. Then it has to be determined that you would be better off at some other hospital before you get help from your evacuation company. Only exception I saw was when a dislocated elbow was admitted to the only hospital on the Falkland Island, she was flown to Buenos Aires the same day. Two ladies were in the private hospital when I was visiting there from Silversea Cloud and and from the NATGEO ship. Both got excellent care but were required to pay in cash or credit card before they were released. Even to be released to your evacuation company, you need to pay first. One of the bills was over 80k and she did not have that much in any bank and needed to have some family members transfer funds to her bank account. So best thing I can recommenced is have access to a credit card or bank account that has at least 100k. Things will then go smooth and you can request a reimbursement from your insurance company when you get home.
  7. So weird- we had lunch with a half a dozen couples on our trip and all of them have been to Antarctica more that three times. We were the newbee's . After being there, we can see why. Nobody at home understands why we event went once to Antarctica. And yes on the Easter Island. We have a week booked at Hotel Hangaroa on the coast. The one the locals are picketing. Looking for guides for every day.
  8. Hi it looks like we will be with you on the Wind in December 2020. We liked it so much last year we are going back. This time out to Easter Island for a week. See a thread of our trip 2019 on the Cloud.
  9. its a personal thing. Some guests wear their rented boots all the time. Others wear boots they brought. I wear my own hiking boots on dry landings due to the rented boots make me trip a-lot. I am not used to wearing big rubber boots like others from cold areas of the world.
  10. When all landing need to be done by Zodiac the wind speed is the determining factor. I think it is 15 knots. They are restricted from putting passengers in the water at that speed. A good expedition leader will request the ship be moved to the other side of an island or spy a cove where the wind speed is lower than 15 knots. I was onboard when the expedition leader for eight years passed the job to Dom. He is a great zodiac driver and we known him for a long time. It's really a difficult job to make the passengers, ship Captain and hotel director happy. It's a job for a real negotiators nightmare. We have seen some big fights when the expedition leader wants the captain the move the ship many hours away so passengers can make a landing somewhere not on the itinerary. It is not decided to put zodiac in the water if some of the passengers are wabbly...
  11. I will say if you don't have a relationship with a known Travel agent that specializes in Silversea and is booking many each day. You will be better off calling them directly. Ours does such a great job fixing all the problems and getting special favors , I let them keep the five percent commission for all their trouble.
  12. Yes there are USB and 220 volt European receptacles on each side of the bed. Informal can be what you suggested but can also be just; buttoned down long sleeve shirt with slacks.
  13. It's can't be done to a complete satisfaction on this board due to each voyage is different . Formal nights will mostly be shown on MySilversea. Best way is when you board a news paper will be in your suite, showing the dress code for each night of your voyage. Like others have said in this thread, formal only applies to one or maybe two restaurants, depending on what ship your on. Others will be one level down on the dress code and Hot Rocks and or Pizza place will always be casual. I know I'm not answering everything in complete form but Don't worry, you will figure it all out within a day or two. Have fun...
  14. Spectre is absolutely correct. It's not listed on the website but all the ships follow the same procedures. FYI: you may see guests dress a little nicer than the dress code but don't worry. Some folks just like to dress somewhat informal to dine.
  15. Yes there is a way but it's not worth the trouble. So I will tell you all the alcohol is locked up while in port. So it's best to meet your butler and he will bring your desired orders as soon as the ship leaves port. Pre-order does not get around the lockup so just talk directly to your butler.
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