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  1. Sounds like something to look into this cruising around the Greek Islands. I went to SS website and it shows the Moon's first voyage Sept 16th. Where did you find these voyages?
  2. Your right this is a fluid situation. Where will the lab work be done for pcr testing? Can't be on the ship, will need to be flown somewhere first and wait 24 to 48 hours for results...
  3. I told our travel agent in November to call me just after April first because we should know by then how things are going. I can see now just after April first we will no nothing new from what we knew in November...
  4. We just received our new passports within four weeks with email updates every four days to keep us up to date on the progress. Can't complain one bit. Now we just need a place to use them...
  5. Who knows maybe no more cars by then, only flying hovercrafts or teleporting?
  6. We are booked on that cruise also with the extension down to Vancouver. Only drawback with that itinerary is towns on the west side of Japan. Would suggest adding a four or five day land excursion to see that part of Japan before departing Tokyo.
  7. I do something very strange. I wear my hiking boots and slip on some thick plastic sleeves I purchased, just the right size to fit my boots and go a little higher than the knees, when exiting the zodiacs. I simply slip them off and fold them like a sheet of paper and place them into the back-pack. Each pair of sleeves lasts for about three or four wet landings. I bring enough to last and give the extras for the crew to use when there is not enough boots for them.
  8. All three ships are great. If your in to New ships with more specialty restaurants, then go for the Moon. We will be on the Cloud and recommend you just go for the best itinerary that you preserve.
  9. Most likely not. A good example is Seabourn Cruise Lines. When it was bought they kept Seabourn's loyalty program on a stand alone and never incorporated it into its prime cruise line.
  10. Your getting yourself all worked up before you even get onboard. It depends on what ship your on for restaurant upcharges. One will be fine dining and the other may be Japanize. If you are not interested, don't worry, there will be plenty of places to eat a vast verity of items. And you wont have to bring soap to the laundry mat. Dry-cleaning can be done with a cost per item.
  11. You wont have any problems. At the 180 day mark from your voyage you can start making diner and spa reservations on MySilversea. Your travel agent or Silversea rep will help you log on if it becomes a problem. You should be able to order off the Room Service menu in any of restaurants if someone wants a hamburger. Have fun and don't stress, just make it fun to explore what's available while onboard.
  12. What a yo-yo -- I didn't catch it till later but it is May 2022 voyage not 2023. Wish they would allow editing by the poster for a longer time frame.
  13. We are on the same Tokyo departure May 2023 voyage, due to May 2021 got canceled. We are continuing on a back-to-back down to Vancouver to more resemble the original 2021 voyage. We just requested from our TA to look at the price reduction to 20% for early booking. So we will see if we get the additional 10%...
  14. You may have been like us, booked on the Wind and Silversea offered to move you the Cloud at the same price. Including a 10% refund. We thought that was fair and when they canceled the Cloud voyages it made a messy situation. I also see big price increases in 2022 voyages and will look into 2023 for the pricing to settle back down. I have over a dozen vendors we were and are trying to get refunds. Some of them are very big and well established cruise and tour operators. It took a Pandemic for us to find out how these vendors will work under severe conditions. I am thoroughly surpri
  15. Same thing, got canceled and they moved us to another voyage for the same price and also refunded 10 percent. It was a shame the January Antarctica got canceled. We could have taken the 110 percent FCC but like you we requested a refund. Just received it a week ago. We are very happy they refunded us our full refund. They always keep $200 but it can be used on your next voyage. I did and would never expect them to find me the same cruise years later and expect them to give it to me for 2019 prices. We find they are treating customers very well during this pandemic.
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