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  1. When I was on it they told me it was a leased ship and not owned by Silversea. Similar to the one doing the Kimberly region that was given back also.
  2. It's so cool that with all that's going on with cruising you are worried about your Christmas menu. Well we have been on five Silversea Christmas cruises and it's been different almost each time. Most of the time they close the Italian restaurant and have a meal for the crew. And a special menu for the main restaurant. On ships with all the new restaurants in you should be able to have a meal other than a Christmas buffet. Don't worry I am sure you won't go hungry. I am hoping our own 2020 Christmas cruise will still happen...
  3. Same to us. But we received an email explaining how it works. You must have missed the email. If you want to see what we got, go up to post 66 and you can see your options.
  4. It is a little confusing but I thought I would post the actual cancellation wording because it does say only 110% Future credit it also has another option that matches pricing with a 10% discount. So see wording below: Dear Esteemed Guest, I am writing to inform you that to guarantee the high experience level to which our guests have become accustomed, we have taken the very difficult decision to cancel your 2020/2021 Expedition Cruise on Silver Wind departing on December, 2020 from Ushuaia. A variety of factors driven by the global pandemic instigated this change. To compensate for this cancellation, which has been beyond our control, we are providing you some options for your consideration: Option #1: As this is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, we are offering you the possibility to move this voyage to a similar Expedition cruise on the Silver Cloud between November 2020 and February 2021. We will guarantee the same price with a price match (a) . Plus, we are offering an additional 10% discount. View Silver Cloud sailings here. Sail Date Voyage # Voyage Days Embark Port Debark Port 20201116 E4201116015 15 USH USH 20201201 E4201201010 10 USH USH 20201211 E4201211010 10 USH USH 20201221 E4201221015 15 USH USH 20210105 E4210105015 15 USH USH 20210120 E4210120010 10 USH USH 20210130 E4210130018 18 USH USH 20210217 E4210217010 10 USH USH 20210227 E4210227010 10 USH USH 20210309 E4210309010 10 USH USH Option #2: You can opt for a 110% Future Cruise Credit (b) (FCC) to be used to make a booking within 2 (two) years of the issuance date. Future Cruise Credits are transferable to family and friends, and can be used partially and applied to more than one new booking. Added Benefit for Venetian Society Members: when selecting either the proposed alternative voyage or a Future Cruise Credit by August 31, 2020, Venetian Society members will accumulate cruise days on the cancelled voyage as well as on the new voyage. ^ Option #3: A cash refund (c) option is also available. Please check the terms and conditions. We ask that you please contact your Travel Partner, at your earliest convenience, with your choice of compensation. IMPORTANT: If you booked your Silversea Cruise as part of a package with a Tour Operator or Travel Agency, then please refer to them for the full terms and conditions of your overall package and any elements other than the cruise. We are deeply sorry to have to cancel a trip you were surely looking forward to and hope to welcome you aboard soon. Best personal regards, BARBARA MUCKERMANN Chief Marketing Officer *TERMS & CONDITIONS ^ The Future Cruise Credit (from now on FCC) : - FCC has 2 years of validity from the issuing date. - FCC will be issued in the amount of the booking value paid. Booking value refers to the cruise fare plus any other purchased via Silversea such as air upgrades, deviations, transfers, insurance, hotel, land tours and pre and post and tours. The FCC issued will be net of any penalties imposed to Silversea by these suppliers. - The FCC is computed on booking value paid on the day the cancelation is communicated by Silversea. NO additional payment will be accepted on cruises that Silversea has already announced to be canceled. - For Net Rates, the FCC will be issued at 100% of what was paid. - The FCC can be applied towards land programs, hotels, air and other non-cruise component of the new booking, excluding Insurance. Ad hoc exceptions can be evaluated by Silversea. - The FCC can be moved voyage to voyage towards any other 2020 voyage. - If the value of this certificate is applied to a cruise fare of less than its assigned value, a new FCC for the remainder of the certificate’s value will be issued subject to the same terms and conditions as stated herein. Once applied toward future cruise(s), the FCC will be rendered null and void. - The FCC will be honored in the name(s) of the Guest(s) included on the FCC, or as a one-time exception the FCC can be transferred with a notarized letter from the FCC holder, naming the friend(s)/relative(s) the Credit is being transferred to. - The FCC cannot be used for a past booking or a booking that has been paid in full. - If guests have an FCC that was applied to the cancelled booking, this FCC will be reinstated with expiration date to December 31, 2020. Guests must sail by December 31, 2021. Once re-activated, it can be combined with the Cruise with Confidence FCC on the new booking. ^ The cash refund of the booking cruise fare paid to be credited to the original method of payment, to be received within 30 to 45 days of guest’s request, due to exceptional workload Silversea is facing. The refund of 3rd party items purchased via Silversea such as air upgrades, air deviation fees, transfers, insurance, hotel, land tours, pre/post and overlands will be net of any penalties assessed by the suppliers. Regarding the refund of 3rd party items purchased independently such as such as air upgrades, deviations, transfers, insurance, hotel, land tours and pre and post and overland tours; please reach out to the airline carrier, tour operator, or hotel supplier/chain directly to discuss options. In the case of sailings cancelled by Silversea, the refund of cancellation costs of any independent air arrangements will be evaluated upon presentation of the expenses to our guest relations department. Unless the refund has already been processed, clients can change their mind and ask for the FCC at any time. On all insurance items: no refunds allowed; guest should file a claim with the insurance company first, prior to any refund/FCC given.Specific about insurance in the US market: AON & Allianz insurance policies are now fully refundable in the event that Silversea cancels the voyage and the guests active booking is thus cancelled due to our cruise cancellation. ^^ The double Venetian Society Days promotion is only applicable to FCC associated to cruises cancelled by Silversea. The guest will accumulate Venetian Society days of the original cancelled booking and the ones associated with the new booking, in case the new booking is done within August 31, 2020. It is combinable with all public fares and promotions excluding reduced rates and net deals. Only eligible for the Guests included in the original booking. Other restrictions may apply.
  5. Yes your right. It's only rumors right now. Silversea will be clarifying this in two weeks I guess. They need to have the new schedule for the Wind and come up with offers on moving passengers to the sister ship. Just wait and all will be reviled soon.
  6. Yes I am getting very discouraged. Three big trips canceled this year. Losing prepaid, non cancelable hotels, getting vouchers for airlines I may never use again and fighting with A&K to get a Ponant cruise refund. Its taken all the wind out of my sails and losing all the enthusiasm for traveling. Hope I snap out of it before the end of the year...
  7. If it's true then waiting a few more weeks may turn out great for getting 125 percent future credits and 18 days loyalty days. It looks at this time the Wind is not going to make it for December this year and who know when it's new schedule for re-set. So good luck for you and we will try to switch to the Cloud and ask for some relief on costs. Yes this will be our second time but kinda think something Covid will stop something. We were scheduled on the Cloud but switched to the Wind. So I guess we will jump ships back to the Cloud. I will call to see if our room is still available
  8. We are on the same cruise. Maybe we better look at transferring to the Cloud on January 5th. almost the same itinerary and three less days?
  9. Easiest way is to be in real good with one of their outside travel agents that fall into the top Agents. They have access to the booking system and know each room that is taken on all voyage. Another way would be to submit your resume to Silversea and get a job working for them. Good luck.
  10. I don’t have the answer for outcome interpretations. I used a very complex algorithm that takes into account all the current information worldwide. This procedure is highly used in all parts of civilized nations. Some highly skilled scientist using this predictability formula call it the “Dart Board”
  11. We Were told from Silversea top management that it is going into expedition sailing because that is where the money is. So no holding off, it will be scheduled but may not have stabilizers installed to save money when retofiting. Not sure on anything's being deleted at this time, only hear rumors.
  12. Let's go with 62 percent yes.
  13. Yes we received a call from silversea for the September cruise from Norway to Halifax for 21 days, aboard the Silver Explorer . They said it was cancelled due to Canada not allowing them to dock. So it looks like the next cruise to replace it is going to be mid 2022 or 2023.
  14. Here is how I remember it: Passengers are bused to the train and it is a scenic train ride, straight to Anchorage with a box lunch served. Our luggage was put on a truck and was in Anchorage waiting for us when the train arrived. Enjoy your cruise.
  15. It is an agreement between two or more countries that will allow cruising between them. Creating a "cruising bubble"
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