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  1. Regarding room service on MSC, not sure if there is a diffence between Europe and USA sailings. I have been watching a few YouTuber reviews on MSC ships. A reviewer on a Europe sailng said yes 'room service charge was free' , but 'food' was not free, sounds like 'breakfast' may be no charge according to some of the recent posts?
  2. A YouTuber who is a Canadian travel agent posted 'switching' cruise lines will not work as passenger manifests are reviewed by homeland security and you will probably be caught. Rumor of quarantine after cruise would also negate ability for B2B's. Possible7 day quarantine after cruise, until revenue sailng resumes, we really have no definitive answers unless cruise lines release protocols early.
  3. Yes, unfortunately Princess uses a vendor that does not have access or can utilize the cruiseship $6 visa . I sailed on the Majestic a couple years ago Singapore to Shanghai and we had the port stop of Phu My. While onboard, I enquirer about the very inexpensive cruisship visa and the shore excursion officer told me we just pass on what we are charged and not making any profit. Earlier this year, Feb 2020, I was on the 21 day sailng of the Sapphire that had 2 Vietnam port calls(Phu My and Nha Thrang). This sailng was cut short after the initial 11 day sailing because
  4. Another point shared by the YouTuber was as a travel agent he was also notified the Princess booking system will NOT allow B2B bookings now. He was originally booked on the 14 day Alaska roundtrip Vancouver. With the recent cancellation of Princess sailings greater than 7 days, he tried to book 7 day NB Alaska from Vancouver and immediate 7 day SB from Whittier. Princess told him NOW not allowed, and those that may have booked these sailings before new policy will be contacted if they will cancel a segment or both.
  5. Just saw YouTube video posted by a travel agent from Canada saying the updated CDC alert to level 4 requires quarantine after a cruise which essentially will bar B2B sailing. You can not get around by switching cruise lines and the period between cruises appears to be about 7 days! I think it was said if you do not test after cruise, you have to quarantine for 14 days? I hope these rules will be amended with vaccination? The posted who said switching to Majestic a few days after would NOT be able to sail and will probably be notified one of their sailings needs to be cancelled.
  6. What I remember reading was the issue was traced to a particular paint vendor that was replaced and the issue was resolved. For those that had cracking, I believe they were directed back to company where piece was purchased for resolution which was replacement with different piece ?
  7. I think testing requirement for cruising will still be required even after vaccine for awhile. I can see some enterprising Labs close to ports that will open to do rapid 1 hour testing, similar to the Airlines doing for travel to Hawaii. These tests are PCR not antibody. I have seen pricing for the 1 hour tests $150 - $250. So with a day between cruises, pre-test can still be done. My understanding with MSC in Europe, they do the quick test at embarkation, followed by PCR if quick test is positive. A positive for both tests results in denied boarding. I believe MSC offers low insu
  8. FYI, I was on Royal Princess this last January 2020. I have older iPad which does not allow IOS updates I think it is version 3 or 4. Most Medallion functions worked except finding Mates. The Medallion team seemed to know this and mentioned iphone6 also has issues. If you have latest iPad then you should not have any problems.
  9. I submitted yesterday 10/22 morning, received confirmation of status match to MSC Diamond for me being Princess Cruises Elite. Submitted picture of cruisecard. With my first attempt, had issue with 'county' and 'city' field not allowing input. Emailed Voyager Club and was told after input of zip code to then click 'Get It', and system will auto populate those fields. It only populated 'county' but when I clicked on 'city' , drop down values appeared for me to select. This process was not obvious to me and not sure it is documented somewhere? For
  10. Princess last Friday, blocked all Crown sailings from May-Sept 2021, I am guessing to reprice as finally late yesterday 10/12/2021 fares were finally visible again at Princess.com. The July Alaska sailing were showing sold out and all others were saying pricing not available since Friday. Now the Alaska sailings have increased with saver fare for interior at $1599/person, last week it was priced at $969/person which in hindsight was a deal. If you look at the launch fares, see earlier post, that Pam in CA posted before the fares were released for elites on 10/06, the current fares are now in
  11. My understanding if you elect the mail in option you need to adhere to cut off time for drop off to insure the express/overnight delivery of your sample to the lab. You decide if this option is right for your circumstances and your confidence in a timely delivery to the lab and results back to you. I would probably not choose this option. Demand and satisfactory performance will be key.
  12. The approved 'test' if you are flying Hawaiian Air for rapid, day of departure, is estimated at only $150 with 72 hour option about $90. The estimated cost for the other approved vendors like CVS and Walgreens has not been released yet. For Californian's or those with Kaiser insurance it was relayed, if you were a member, it would be covered, non member pricing has not been released. Hopefully with volume, competition with other vendors and advances in testing, the cost of testing for travel will come down. It was also relayed, there are protocols with the mail in optio
  13. I know with the last couple of pauses, Princess gave base/deposit FCC which is refundable and the bonus was non refundable. So most people planning on sailing with Princess again in the not too distant future and had some spare FCD's in their account, make out a bit better than just asking for FCD to be returned without getting bonus FCC. Even if you did not have any spare FCD's many people do not book a qualifying cruise which would have earned them $100 OBC for using a FCD. Thrak, I believe you mentioned you usually do in another thread.
  14. In the ideal situation, the OP would have an unused 'spare' FCD in thier Princess account they could use for this future booking along with the newly earned $200 FCC. OP was somehow misled the FCC awarded would act like a FCD. Princess has always been clear FCD's are normally returned when you request 'refund' if they have not expired. Op did not request refund so they got bonus FCC. I know with the first pauses, in the FAQ's, it used to say contact customer relations regarding this 'lost' OBC as you will receive FCC not a FCD that earns OBC when applied. The wording h
  15. Also you only get cruise credit days for the Cruise portion only, so in your case 11 days should be added to your Captain Circle account at the completion of your cruise voyage. Cruise credits will depend on if you are traveling solo and/or in a full suite.
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