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  1. Originally the Vista Gaming lounge had Mah Jongg tables/sections for ‘rent’. This turned out to not work, as reports of passengers not spending the $ to rent these spaces and just took up playing at the Marketplace or other ‘free’ venues. The area has since been remodeled with the tables gone, so the lounge is used like on most other Princess ships with a ‘lounge’ on deck6 aft. Some Majestic sailings have reported the use of the Hollywood Conservatory for Platinum/Elite/Suite happy hour and I have been on a sailing where they used the ‘Vista Gaming Lounge’.
  2. My understanding is the shareholders benefit is now ‘combinable’ with other OBC. I think shareholders told me the change was summer 2019? I was on Adventure of the Seas this last August and received 100% shareholders and OBC from my TA. Shareholders amount was NOT reduced. I also have upcoming January sailing on Navigator with ‘WOW’ OBC and shareholders, shareholders was not reduced by WOW OBC.
  3. On the Grand currently, bathroom has the disc hard/bar soap. In the shower has liquid pump body wash and separate pump of shampoo/conditioner combo.
  4. This itinerary allows for the dining room to be open ‘everyday’ for lunch, which is unusual. I think day 3 will be one of my favorite lunch menus. Frito Misto, fried seafood platter with fried shrimp, scallops, calamari and whitefish. Tuna melt with potato chips(similar to plain lays chips), Nasi Goreng(sp) which has Beef Satay sticks, I had all three. The first 5 day sailing reported they did Lobster and Escargot on night 4, must have been one time deal being first cruise, as we did NOT have this menu, I think I reported what the mains for night4 were in the live from thread started by AF-1 for Oct 4 sailing.
  5. Yes, we are docked, disembarkation was to start at 9am, so we are slightly delayed. I believe they are doing a crew check first, but hopefully we will start soon. With only about 700 passengers, it should go quickly and the schedule says entire groups will be call in about an hour once started.
  6. Yes, if the credit card is closed, a check will be mailed. You can not have it credited to a different card.
  7. Here are the exact numbers for #1, 1666 days, #2 1245 days and #3 1157 days. I believe the cutoff for for making the MTP luncheon was low 200’s. The circle host announced only the number of elites at 107 but I was told the number of invites to the party was about 250, so about 143 Platinums.
  8. Hi @srpilo, the captains circle cocktail party is in one hour so I will try to write down the numbers for the top3. Of the just over 700 passengers I believe there were about 250 invited meaning total number of Platinum and Elites on this sailing just over a third of the passengers. Will try to verify if circle host gives breakdown by level. On another note, disappointed as tonight’s menu, Princess Dinner theme, will NOT have Escargot or Lobster like they did on night 4 of the first 5 day Cabo Sept 25th embarkation. mains are Tuscan style Cassoulet, Kingklip with island flavors, Grilled Calamari Steak, Roasted Guinea Fowl, Turkey Hot Pot, TV says last item is Chateaubriand of Beef Tenderloin, but I am pretty sure this is not correct, will try to update when I go to dinner in 2 hours.
  9. Hi @3kidsncats, I am sorry I did not get to meet you on the Adventure of the Seas, I did get to eventually book B2B and those were a fun 14 days. I see from your signature, you have at least 2 previous Princess sailings so your Medallion color should not be ‘Blue’ designating you are a Princess ‘newbie’ unless hubby is a Princess first timer? Hope you enjoy the Majestic, make sure to try the Noodle bar and Alfredo’s. I think I saw you might have also booked one of the Navigator sailings out of LA in Dec 2021 or January 2022? Hope to see you on one of those.
  10. The short sailings on the Grand are at greatly reduced numbers, probably by low bookings and not imposed by Princess. The first 5 day was about 1100, second 4 day about 1000, 3rd 5 day current sailing just over 700 and the next sailings not much more. Friends on current 3 day Majestic say about 50% and they are on for the next 2 seven day sailings and circle host reported those are only about 60-65% , so I think a combination of the testing requirement and masking has made many hesitant about booking now, so at least for now, ships are not going to be sailing full. Medallion APP pre cruise, thumbs down for many, but once on board, I feel it is great to have so few on board and very minimal waits for service at dining or bars or elevators.
  11. Princess is a little new at moving people to replacement voyages. Remember until recently, Canceled cruises were only offered refund or FCC. The move overs are taking quite a little longer. I was moved from the 2022 Emerald Sydney to LA to the 2023 Majestic Sydney to LA. First, Princess will move you to the ship and then another department takes care of the accounting of adjusting/protecting your original fare and perks, so do not be alarmed if the ‘numbers’ are not right initially, they will be fixed along with EzAir but that part is probably last. My friends were notified end of August, Diamond LA to Tokyo Aril 2022, canceled and they had choice of LA to Sydney Sept 2022 or Sydney to LA 2023 on Majestic. My friend is still waiting for transfer to Majestic, it is frustrating to wait, but it will happen. I think my move over took 8 weeks..
  12. I know I read a suggestion on another thread regarding the Medallion APP. Unfortunately, pre Cruise many are having issues, completing check in. My cousin was on the 4 day Grand sailing September 30. He has sailed with Princess but for some reason, the APP would not recognize his booking number, and birth date. He was never able to check in via the APP. So it takes a couple more minutes at the pier. The suggestion in the other thread, not by me, is forget about the APP and stress. You will be able to check in at the pier. Why are you spending hours of your time on the phone worrying about this or trying to get it resolved, when you will be able to check in easy peasy at the pier. Especially now with lower capacity, you are only saving yourself a few minutes by having checked in on the APP. I got frustrated as the APP all of a sudden a few weeks before sailing lost my Passport info and sent me to Blue lane from Green lane. Obviously, Princess hopefully will fix these issues and has already announced they will again allow check in thru the online Personalizer as before in the near future. Frustrating yes, spend hours on the phone pre cruise, no. I understand some want to book excursions, specialty dinners, etc. You will be able to do on board, with lower capacity, you will most likely still get your first choice.
  13. I have received a few emails from various travel agencies. Some have promoted the drinks package as a perk. In almost all cases, what they are advertising is the Princess ‘plus’ pricing which Princess has bundled the ‘premium beverage package, WiFi and tips/crew incentive’ for those passengers under 21 they are given the soda and more package. A check if the Travel agent truly is ‘giving/gifting’ you the beverage package, go to the Princess.com and check the pricing for the ‘saver’ fare which does not have amenities and the ‘plus’ fare. Most likely the travel agency fare is very close or the same as the Princess plus fare, they are booking you at the Princess package fare available to just about everyone. Plus fares are capacity controlled so if the ship meets its limit, plus fares may not be offered. In the majority of cruises without a discounted fare, the up charge for ‘plus’ is $40/day per person. Drop and go fares are heavily discounted and the plus fare is based on the non drop and go fare.
  14. Today was Italian night, typical Princess menu from the past, mains were Wild Mushroom Lasagna, Grilled Rockfish with Eggplant Caponata, Sautéed Shrimp &Sea Scallops/Garlic and Herbs, Breaded Chicken Breat/Prosecco Radicchio Cream, Veal Scaloppine/Marsala Wine Sauce, and the Pot Roast. Tv menu says Tuscan Beef Striploin Steak but it is the pot roast. From the last 5 day Cruise, it was reported tomorrow we will have Lobster and Escargot on the menu. It will be the Captain’s Circle cocktail party where the Top3 most traveled passengers are introduced if they attend.
  15. I was on last 4 day sailing and am currently on the 5 day. I understand those not sailing want to know about the ‘masks’ policy. My experience has been just as posted in #40 as the Princess stated policy. I think the whole ‘sip and cover’ has been blown up. I have lounged by the main pool and lotus pool without a mask, ordered drinks via ‘Ocean now’ and no one ever asked me or reminded me I should be ‘masked’. I have not witnessed anyone doing ‘sip and cover’ in a lounge or bar. I think the policy is subject to change as cases grow or shrink, this is what you will have to accept if you want to sail currently. If wearing a mask will upset you, stay home for now. As stated, you are requested to wear a mask inside and in the stores and during some events. I have seen quite a few passengers during the evening shows in the Princess Theater without masks . With such a low capacity it is easy to spread out, but I did noticed some people still want to sit up close and not leave at least one seat empty between groups not traveling together. At last nights show in the Princess Theater and in the Explorer’s lounge before the show, an announcement was made this is a ‘sip on cover’ venue, so please wear a mask. I did see passengers ignoring the request in both venues and NO staff came around to remind them of the policy. There are 3 venues on the ship designated as sip and cover, Vista lounge, Explorers Lounge and the Princess Theater.
  16. No Chocolates, assume this is the new policy going forward for all ships going online. Assume a number of passengers also forgoing turndown service too. Did not see special Norman Love pastries/muffins at International cafe, will try to remember if these have been discontinued.
  17. In most cases yes. An easy verification would be checking your cruise history after booking this sailing, you hopefully will see days as 21 and cruise credits as 3 as a future cruise. I have a 28 day Sydney to LA sailing that can be booked as the 6 day Sydney to Auckland and then 22 day Auckland to LA. My cruise history only shows 1 credit. A call to the landline for Captain Circle questions may clarify Princess rules on how they decide what they call ‘logical’ sailing.
  18. Hi @AF-1, thank you offering up your regular Sprite, do you know you can swap out any non alcohol items for like, same with alcohol items, so if you do not like sprite you can exchange for cokes or any other non alcohol items, same with alcohol, change to all beers or all vodka or any combo you like , alcohol can also be traded for non alcohol items, but non alcohol only trades for another non alcohol item.
  19. @AF-1, who just started a thread for Oct 4, Grand Princess, has stated he is in a Window suite and this 5 day sailing was told he is entitled to a specialty dinner being in suite for first night.
  20. Currently on Grand and was on last sailing. Asked for Sprite Zero for minibar swap and was told not available, did not check if they were getting any today in LA.
  21. I know a lot/most OBC on NCL cannot be used against Grats/Service Charge. I have used up my OBC by purchasing Cruise Next Deposits.
  22. As this is the first ‘short’ Princess Cruise where there will not be a Captain’s Circle party. I asked the Loyalty Ambassador, if Princess will give a ‘drink’ voucher to Platinum and Above as before. The answer was ‘No’ that policy has been discontinued as Princess feels many have the ‘plus’ package so it is kinda moot. So another cutback. The weather today in San Diego was sunny and hot. I believe 86 degrees.
  23. My medallion was not received at my home, either was lost in transit or porch pirate. My last sailing on Royal out of San Pedro January 2020, those passengers were able to have a medallion made on the spot for them at the pier. Today, I received a cruise card to enable boarding and told to go to guest services on board for them to ‘make’ my medallion. Once on board, it was only a couple of minutes at guest services and I had my medallion. If you elected to pick up your medallion at the pier, it should be already made and the staff should be able to search the files to retrieve like the old days when they searched for your cruise card.
  24. The current Sept 30 embarkation sailing being only 4 days was previously reported by @manuniain post #119, the top 20 will receive a specialty dining voucher. It is actually the top 10 and guest , making for a potential total of 20 people. A passenger traveling solo who makes the cut, can find a guest or dine alone, so the total may not be 20.
  25. Can anyone report if the ship is still expected to arrive ‘late’ back to San Pedro tomorrow, September 30. I received a call from Princess yesterday saying I have not completed Medallion check in. The APP has ‘lost’ my passport info, Medallion support says they are aware of the problem and ‘sorry’, will probably need to have passport scanned at port. I mentioned to agent current sailing was notified ship expected to arrive late back to San Pedro so will this affect embarkation for Sept 30 sailing? Reply was she has no info regarding delay and first arrival group is still 11:30- 12. Guess we get to find out tomorrow.
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