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  1. I think I know the answer, but because I took the double credit rebook deal there's no chance of getting my $ back, right?
  2. I don't know how to edit a post, but I just got an email. I'm all settled up now. Nothing to do now but wait.
  3. Folks that did a rebook: what does your booking page on the VV site show? Right now, I have a credit showing in the amount of my original voyage fare, and I still owe 2x that in my Voyage Balance section. I did the rebook 5 days ago, so maybe this will sort itself out in a few days. Just wondering if I need to call again.
  4. I was just checking out your photos. Are the stateroom photos early on a normal sea terrace? Looking at a deck plan for that stateroom number it looks like a Central Sea Terrace? People complain about size but it looks like every state room I've ever stayed in. I see a closet to put luggage which I saw people talking about on here. The bathroom looks normal for a cruise ship - if anything the shower looks bigger than showers in RCCL? How was the bed for sleeping? Do you have an opinion on "the galley"? buffet or other? Everything looks awesome. I'm excited to sail (in
  5. Well. Your current reservation is going to get cancelled. Your deposit will get refunded. I think at the end of the day you're going to pay the same amount as your existing Voyage Fare but get a new cruise that costs 2x that voyage fare. this page has the 200% language: https://www.virginvoyages.com/Web-Marketing/deals.html I don't see anything there that excludes people who have only paid a deposit. They're trying to make things right with people who have to re-arrange their lives because the cruise line is canceling plans. You only making a deposit shouldn't change t
  6. The 200% works like this. When you book you probably got a receipt that shows two numbers: TAXES & FEES : $#### VOYAGE FARE : $#### Taxes and fees get refunded to you. if you bought into the bar tab credit thing, the amount you paid gets refunded to you. The voyage fare is what the 200% is based on, so you have credit towards a cruise that is 2x your voyage fare. In my case, i picked the new year cruise so I had to add in a little extra beyond the 2x to cover it. If you pick a cruise that costs less, I'm not sure what happens. Their "on board credit while booki
  7. I called about an hour ago and hit 1 for a call back. I sat on hold for 2 hours 45 minutes yesterday, so maybe this will work. I put a hold on the cruise I want as someone else recommended, but if the 200% works like I think it does maybe I can get an XL just because.
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