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  1. FYI, effective 12/01/2017 the rate is now $22/day.
  2. Thanks for the add on the Breeze roll call. Again, Bob and Don here. In our youthful early 60's, unlike you youngins! ;). I'm a travel agent traveling with a work related group and my husband is a Flight Attendant. Should be fun!
  3. Be sure to look at the deck plan carefully. I have B2 cabin 12154 booked and it appears to be a smaller cabin and balcony. The identical location on decks 11 and below are B1. I'm assuming the category difference is due to the fact that deck 12 is only 2 decks away from the action and the lower decks are 3 or more.
  4. We had our wedding on the Carnival Pride last month on embarkation day at the port of Baltimore. Carnival contracts with a private wedding planning company. The information they provide you is all geared towards straight weddings by way of suggested ceremony, vows and music. We opted to write our own ceremony and provided our own music and they were very accommodating. The officiant they provided (you can bring your own) was very nice and we were her first same sex wedding. We did the 1.5 hour reception and we and our guests were impressed. Kudos to all the Carnival and wedding planning staff for making it a special day and week aboard the cruise. Bob
  5. My partner (Don) and I (Bob) will be getting married onboard the Pride on embarkation day, the 19th. We have 37 guests, 12 of which will sail with us. Don't get your hopes up, the sailing guests are all str8! LOL
  6. Traveling with a couple that enjoys ballroom, or at least slow dancing in the evening. Any such thing on the Pride?
  7. Partner and I will be getting married on Jan. 19 Aboard the Carnival Pride while in the port of Baltimore. Between RCI and Carnival in Baltimore, RCI's website said they were not doing same sex marriages at this time. Carnival has much better wedding package prices anyway and reviews of their weddings have been glowing. The package ceremonies are designed for str8 weddings but have been accommodating in customizing it for us. 37 guests, 12 of which will sail with us. Fingers crossed, all will go well! FYI, Carnival will no longer have cruises from Balt. as of this Oct., 2014 Bob
  8. Thanks so much for the info! If it's not too much trouble, please do check with your taxi driver friend. I'll be there on Jul 26 for a short port call. Rob
  9. Dubrovniktravellady, back in 1996, then US Commerce Secretary Ron Brown and 35 others on a trade mission perished in a plane crash on approach to Dubrovnik. A memorial consisting of a large steel cross was placed at the site of the crash on St. John's (Sveti Ivan) mountain. Is it difficult to reach this memorial or can it at least be seen from a distance somewhere Dubrovnik? Not your usual question but it has personal meaning to me. Thanks! Rob
  10. On the 7 nt. FL/Bahamas itiinerary, the elegant nights are Monday and Friday. David's is outstanding for the ambiance, food and service. Embarcation night (Sunday) is the best night to go as the MDR menu is uninspiring that night plus a bottle of wine is complimentary that night in David's. We went on Sunday and again on the second elegant night, Friday. If you dress up, David's is the place to be on Elegant night as it is certainly not elegant in the MDR.
  11. Leaving this Sunday (Feb. 19) from Baltimore on the Carnival Pride (our 27th cruise). Sailings from Baltimore tend to attract the Mid-Atlantic crowd because of the convenience of driving to the port. A few years back, we did a cruise from Baltimore over Thanksgiving. Over 600 kids. Fortunately we had a captain that ran a tight ship. The little darlings misbehaved (throwing deck chairs overboard, taking room service door tags, etc.). When the the parents were confronted with video evidence, they defended their kids as they were just having some fun. So when we departed each port and the captain gave his little talk, he would mention that he put a family off the ship. This happened in every port (even Haiti)! Long story getting longer, I did my research before booking and paying for this upcoming cruise. I checked a sample of school system websites in the Mid-Atlantic to see if there were any vacation holidays as I was concerned because Monday is President's Day. Fortunately, the kids were off only on that Monday. Great, booked and paid for the cruise (this was just a month ago). I then checked the CC roll call for the cruise. Well it seems it is "winter break" that week for schools in NY and New England and they are coming down by the bus loads (literally)!!! Just when I thought I had all the bases covered! lol Since we didn't have the expense of flying to a port, hotel, etc., I splurged and booked an Ocean Suite so at least we will have a comfortable place to escape to should it become a bit chaotic. Now what to do about the forecasted coastal storm bringing a "wintery mix" on departure day. ;) Bob
  12. Looks like she is using Cruise Terminal 3 located in the channel. It is often used by visiting ships not home ported in Port Canaveral.
  13. We were on the crossing from Southampton, our 24th sailing. I had read not to expect much ballyhoo on a maiden crossing but this was even lower than our expectations. The daily newsletter said to expect a grand send off from Southampton. Nada! As noted, the shipyard delays along with 3 onboard fires in the yard resulted in a ship that was not ready for primetime. Villas not completed, many regular cabins without things like TV's, phone, AC, etc. 200 technicians all over the place. Also, lots of bugs in the new reservation system for the shows caused long lines at the venues. The largest of the main dining rooms had major service issues as the crew tried to figure things out. The lines at Guest Relations filled with complaining guests all day long. One day towards the end of the 7 day crossing, they announced an open bar for an hour to commemorate the inaugural. Everyone knew it was actually an attempt to appease the not so happy guests. When we arrived in NY harbor, we thought at least we would get a fire tug welcome. Alas, no. Because it was the ship's first time in a US port, NCL advised that clearance would take extra time before we could disembark. We waited two or three extra hours at least I believe. We are very easily pleased and go with the flow type of guys but this was a bit much considering everyone paid a premium to be on this maiden crossing. I know the shipyard problems caused much of this and kinks are to be expected but despite that, I would not do it again unless there was some serious discounting.
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