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  1. Crazy question, but are there self service washer and dryers on board the ship? Thanks : )
  2. So, I'll be going on the Norwegian getaway to the Baltics. The cruise excursions are crazy expensive and my friend who is going also suggested we find private tours. So, are there any private tours? If so, what are some good websites to book them, and do you think it's a good idea to book private tours instead of the cruise ones. The ports are Berlin, Tallinn, st. Petersburg, Helsinki and Stockholm.
  3. I was on this cruise, and it was great. The wind was crazy in the beginning of the cruise. Allan brooks was really great and hilarious. I did get noro virus though on the last day and that sucked!!! the ship was really cool and our waitress Maricar was absolutely the best waitress I have ever had on land or at sea...she was just so sweet and very on the ball.
  4. The muster was at 4:00...I think. No life jackets required.
  5. Yeah, my aunt and my younger cousin had it. I did not know of anyone else.
  6. Had a nice trip except the last day I was quarantined in my stateroom with noro virus. Service was great. had a really cool waitress named Maricar. She really was great. Allan Brooks the cruise director was absolutely hilarious. I loved all the shows. The Ice skating and magic show were both awesome. The love and marriage show was great too. The ship was in good shape. Overall it was very fun (except the last day when I was stuck in my stateroom lol.) I can't wait to go on the allure next.
  7. Maybe chip is mad that England lost the revolutionary war and the war of 1812 lol.
  8. I'll be on her this sunday!!!!! was there a lot of kids? was there a lot of 25-35 single woman on board lol
  9. It's free in Las Vegas, and I was wondering if it is free on RC ships. I thought this was the case 5 years ago on the Mariner, but I can't remember.
  10. YES!! you are correct. the parades are lame! I hope there is none on my cruise next week.
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