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  1. Is there a reason that you post in such large font and with color? Seems like you are screaming...now calm down bro! No one is refuting that you need to be aware that such upgrades from inside cabin to suite are not going to happen; nonetheless, we did save more than a "couple bucks" as you implied previously and we were/are able to change cabins to any others in the same category that might become available prior to departure, so no, on Celebrity, at least, you are NOT stuck with the initial cabin assignment. I note that you sail on Princess so, YMMV. Just saying... Oh, Happy St. Paddy's Day!
  2. The purpose of my original query was to find what others had experienced booking a guaranteed cabin, i.e., when they received cabin assignment, what cabin finally received and satisfaction of said cabin, savings over booking an assigned vs a guaranteed, etc. I knew that I had a cabin booked and within a specific category. Returning to post, re: my cabin assignment, was done to relay info to one and all that, in our case, we booked an entry level cabin category and received a cabin two levels higher. Additionally, we could have received an obstructed or partially obstructed view, poor deck location, or a cabin in a non-preferred location, i.e, above smoking areas, noisy areas, etc. Thus, booking a guaranteed cabin, sometimes at a far reduced price over an assigned cabin, can be a viable choice.😎 Feel free to offer your experiences herein ...
  3. Always knew I had a cabin but quite happy with what we received...AND IT WAS FAR MORE THAN "A COUPLE OF DOLLARS CHEAPER!"
  4. Finally received our cabin assignment and are quite happy! Paid for 2D Guaranteed Cabin and received a 2B on the Hump! Paid far, far less (more than 1200 less per person!) than if we were to have purchased an Assigned Cabin! Happy here! But YMMV! 😎
  5. Only mentioned status because someone elsewhere had stated that upgrades are more likely for those with loyalty status...not true? Booked directly with our Celebrity Rep who has been great in the past...so, we will see. Plan to make final payment regardless but still interested in others and their experiences...understanding that YMMV!
  6. Understand the above and thanks for responding...was more interested in when you found out and what were the results...failed to mention that this is on Celebrity and we are Elite there! More responses?
  7. Question--Today payment is due for us and we have an unassigned guaranteed veranda as of this writing. Does anyone else have an unassigned guaranteed cabin? Do we make payment, cabin unknown? We have never done a guaranteed cabin before! Gracias. J n J
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