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  1. Agree it was a very fun cruise, and meeting you all was delightful. Hope to meet up again.
  2. I'm SIP'ing in the Greater Walnut Creek area. Feel free to PM me Thank you for your kind wishes for my son; yesterday was his birthday, so I sang The Song to him over the phone.
  3. This makes complete sense. My son is a manager of a 500 room hotel in San Francisco; he's also on an unpaid leave of absence until operations resume. He told me it was done this way to preserve his benefits, particularly his medical benefits; and to keep his seniority intact. He was able to file for unemployment. Sandra will be back; Azamara understandably needed to create some cash flow. On another note, Bonnie- if you're in the SF area, maybe we can get together for lunch after our Governor lets us all meet again. My treat, and I won't do any arm twisting 🙂 Stay well
  4. Not sure if this is the right place to post, but it IS a cruise question. 😃 My cruise, due to sail April 5, was canceled about 10 days ago. After all the price difference wrangling on rescheduling, I decided to take the full refund, about $7k. The Cruise line told my TA it’ll be 60-90 days to see the refund on my credit card. I’m wondering if I should file a dispute with the credit card company to place the charges in a hold status while the refund is processed. Thoughts please?
  5. Last summer there was an extensive thread discussion about moving shampoo, conditioner and shower gel into wall mounted dispensers or into larger bottles instead of the little bottles in the past. Whatever became of that? Can someone who has been on AZ recently fill me in? My most recent AZ was about this time last year. What brand is in the CC suite, any idea?
  6. What a great thread! Thanks for the tip about the Abeo shoes; I'll go try some out at the Walking Company. My all time favorite shoe is actually my riding boot with a birkenstock orthotic inside: Ariat Terrain Boot. Not cute, but terriffic support and comfort. They've saved me from turning my ankle many times. I'll probably take them for shore excursions. For on ship, I just bought some Munro Pisces and Taos Rita. Thank goodness there are actually shoes with built in arch support that look nice these days
  7. Hi Phil, I think we were on the Costa Rica voyage with you on the Quest; and you did have one of those big suites. Nice cabin!
  8. I'll be staying in a CC Suite on Pursuit, and the Specialty Restaurants are included. Can I also order In Cabin Dining from these restaurants as I can from the MDR? Anyone done this?
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