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  1. The cruise we'd like to take in November 2021 travels through the Caribbean and spends 6 days on the Amazon River area of Brazil. Currently Brazil has the second highest number of deaths attributed to Covid19 (You know which country is #1 ?!!😪). If the vaccine isn't widely available by late 2021 what is your opinion of the possibility that O would reroute the cruise? (Quite frankly this may be a moot question as we probably will cancel the cruise)
  2. Playtennis


    Thanks to both Fran and Daisi. This is why CC is always a 'must use' - great info from experienced river-cruisers! One of the challenges that I have with guided tours with a bunch of people is hearing. I'm hoping that the tours use audio transmitters with ear pieces for the gang. Otherwise I have to try and be as close as possible to the guide.
  3. Playtennis


    Daisi, Thanks for your suggestions on river cruising 'does & don'ts'. Assuming that the cruise will have the same tours available as this year's we will probably repeat our bundle again. Out of 12 of the days that one can do tours we will use included tours on 6 days, 3 days we will do optional tours and 3 days will mostly likely be DIY. The one tour that is included has been on my bucket list for years - Normandy Beaches. Shipboard entertainment is not a significant draw for us. Both of us are early risers and typically in bed by 9:30. Since, as you've said, dinner ends abou
  4. Playtennis


    Hi Daisi, This is our first river cruise and we look forward to seeing how it fits with our likes & dislikes. Diane & I do like ocean cruises but don't consider ourselves rabid fans of just that type of travel to foreign places. For most vacations we are DIYers tending to go on private tours and wander the streets amongst the locals. That said, I eat up the wonderful blogs that are on CC and have gleaned much information that have made our trips much more interesting. I have been tracking Fuelscience's blog...thanks Keith
  5. Playtennis


    Well, with the lack of entries here (last one November 2019) it's apparent that river cruising t'ain't happening' right now...or the near future. We've gone through the process of cancelling the May 2020 Grand France Cruise and used the money (and FCC) to book the same cruise next May. As most cruisers, the entire process was a nail biter but got completed in about 4 months. Our sailing next year is from June 8th to the 22nd and we are just as excited about this one as the 'erased' one from this year. Prefacing the cruise is a week in Paris (get to spend a a day at Roland Garros -
  6. We lagged 1 day later in refund than Belfastman - 90 days. Just received
  7. Confirmed by Oceania - the dining pref of Late seating is strictly for the specialty resautants and doesn't indicate when you need to dine.
  8. ToxM It was from our TA. I will advise her to mark ours "Open Seating" Thanks all!
  9. I thought it was strange too especially since I hadn't seen anything suggesting that from O Here's what I got:
  10. Since is was the last P-3 suite on the Riviera available we booked it. It stated on the invoice that the view was "Partially obstructed" (something to that effect). If it is a significant blockage we'd switch to a P-2 or P-1. Does anyone have experience with suite 10002 (port side forward just next to the Vista suite)? Thanks! Keith
  11. Just having booked a cruise in December I noticed on our invoice that there is a "Dining Pref". We are arbitrarily listed as "Late seating"...which we do not want! Can anyone clarify just what this means? Are we going to have assigned seating and time of dining? I'm assuming that applies to the Grand Dining Room and only for dinner. Keith
  12. If you have the prestige beverage package it seems to be limited to the listed wines-by-the-glass. If you see a wine that you would like to order but it is only by-the-bottle, is there a discount for that bottle?
  13. The June cancellation was also posted on their website yesterday.: avalonwaterways.com. Click on "Travel update and Policy" just below the header. Keith
  14. Lois R, Thank you for your thoughts. We have "planned" our trip to have plenty of time off for spontaneity. However, there ARE things which must be planed ahead. For example: as soon as they come available, we will book tickets for the French Open (tennis), book tickets for the day & time to visit the Eiffel Tower, a Palais Garnier tour must be reserved in advance, day and time to go to the Lascaux caves must be booked as early as possible as the spots go quickly. That said, we do have 3 out of the six days in Paris unplanned (we have places that we will probably visit then but it
  15. Thanks to all for their replies, I appreciate them all. Unfortunately if I waited until I got onboard before signing up I'd be a quivering blob of jello. (BTW - can a booked excursion be cancelled? Would optional excursion costs be reimbursed?) After reading the great thoughts, I certainly won't be paranoid about missing a day or two (OMG - I JUST BLASPHEMED!). One of the big reasons to book early is that we research each of the places we dock and see if there is anything local going on: a play, bazaar, show, etc; we'd like to know the start time and the duration of the excursion so tha
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